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Hello. I'm Pannic. I'm a 24-year-old musician from California. I play the piano, organ, trumpet, and voice, which is my main instrument (bass-baritone). I'm currently studying to be an opera singer. I frequent the forums since a friend introduced me to the site, being that I have very little life.

I've started numerous YKTT Ws, but none of them have really taken off, until I decided to make the Badass Baritone page. Which isn't much to brag about. I also started pages for Amahl And The Night Visitors, The Yeomen Of The Guard, The Ghosts Of Versailles, Camelot, Anyone Can Whistle, and The Consul. That's not much to brag about, either.

I also like to pretend I can write. Fanfiction and stuff. One of them involved a boy and lazy, rude, sex-obsessed dragon. That was funny but didn't go anywhere. Now I have other dumb projects.

Please don't hurt me.

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This space for rent.



Vandalize 'cause it's empty in here. - G.

This space intentionally left blank. - G2.

Methinks your vandals are starting a trend. - G3.

A boy and his rude, lazy, sex-obsessed dragon sounds AWESOME. -OOZE

Hi. c:

You seem like a pretty cool guy. - SoberIrishman

(Punches.) Oh, you said don't hurt me!... sorry. Game Chainsaw

Your mother was a elderberry, and your father smelled of hamsters! Rich Reeders

Oh, another trumpet player? Awesome! - Sixth