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05/24/2010 13:31:36 •••

Amy's Choice


After a five year Time Skip, we join the now-pregnant Amy and her husband Rory in the sleepy West Country village of Upper Leadworth as the Doctor pops around for a visit. Then they wake up in the TARDIS to find that it was All Just A Dream.

Or Was It A Dream? So begins the plot of one of the most bizarre episodes of the new Doctor Who to date, in which the Doctor and his companions are menaced by the sinister Dream Lord. The episode takes place in two worlds - one real, one imaginary - and the only way out is to die in the dream. But which is which?

Whether it's due to the setting, the humanoid villains, the dodgy special effects or some combination of the above I don't know, but I feel that the episode has quite a retro flavour. It kind of makes me wish it was filmed as an arc consisting of multiple 25 minute episodes, rather than a single episode.

The aforementioned villains are not particularly scary, but that's not much of an issue, since this is absolutely a character-driven episode. As the title implies, there's a lot of focus on Amy, and we get to see a side of her character that we hadn't seen before now. However, it's ultimately the Doctor whose character shines through the most.

All in all, good fun, and the premise is interesting and inventive. Definitely recommended viewing.

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