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Discussion Recap / MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS5E12AmendingFences

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Jul 5th 2015 at 3:49:01 PM •••

I'm wondering if Twilight's comment of "having three big events in one week" isn't a bit of Leaning on the Fourth Wall — this episode and the two previous have been broadcasted in a shorter timeframe than usual.

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Jul 5th 2015 at 1:12:04 AM •••

I understand that Ontological Inertia is indexed specifically as a time travel trope, but the No Ontological Inertia page describes it simply as "the tendency stuff has to continue being stuff", and it seems the animators made a deliberate choice to not have Moondancer suddenly well-groomed with a well-kept house at the end of the episode. Is this really Too Meaningless To Trope?

Would Offscreen Inertia fit?

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Jul 5th 2015 at 12:57:00 AM •••

Before anyone else mentions it, I'd just like to say that Spike waking up with a book on his head looks similar to Twilight making a pillow from books in "Princess Spike" or pancakes in "Castle Sweet Castle".

Jul 4th 2015 at 5:25:12 PM •••

It looks Sequel Hook-y to me.

I suspect she is surveilling Twilight; ever since the season premiere I've thought she'd be an Arc Villain, and I wouldn't be surprised if she plays a major role in "The Cutie Remark". Frankly I'm surprised this is the first time we've seen her since the premiere.

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