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Mar 7th 2012 at 3:48:56 PM •••

I don't think this applies. Misao is not Tsundere, snarky or otherwise hostile towards Kyo; she's very passive and more of a Love Martyr type. The "fighting spirit" has to be from both sides to qualify for Belligerent Sexual Tension.

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Apr 24th 2012 at 10:51:34 AM •••

Isn't she tsundere a little bit? She hits Kyo when he goes too far. And wasn't there a scene where she just started throwing stuff at Kyo?

Jul 6th 2013 at 2:32:45 PM •••

Lebrel, this trope is at least discussed. Kyo calls her a Tsundere in Chapter 27 (giving evidence for why), and then Misao thinks about how their relationship works: they argue, he's mean to her, then they make up and fall deeper in love than ever.

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