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Rummaging around for tropes not on the sandbox page that are candidates for Japanese Tropes (aside from the Useful Notes ones):

Listed on Anime Settings (which is apparently common settings, not anime-specific settings):

And potentially some of the tropes on Anime Hair:


Took a look at the UsefulNotes.Japan page; there's a whole bunch of different kinds of pages.

There's historical/background information about people/ places/events in Japan (marked UN according to my impression)

There's "notes about Japanese culture that would be matter-of-fact in Japan but causes foreigners to go huh?" (marked "trivia" according to my impression).

There's stuff that is used in Japan as a trope, particularly Japanese cultural stuff that gets exaggerated or portrayed inaccurately in fiction for plot purposes or to make it more interesting (marked "trope" according to my impression)

And a lot of them overlap.

I'd suggest moving the ones that are clearly tropes onto index pages like Japanese Tropes or Stock Japanese Characters, etc, and linking the UN/Japan page to the indexes as See Also; that would clean things up immensely. There might also be value in a "famous Japanese people" index.