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Mar 18th 2015 at 9:10:16 AM •••

I think there's another version where you can change fate but the world will adjust itself to be equally as bad overall, like in that Gravity Falls episode where Dipper couldn't be with Wendy unless Mabel lost Waddles, to the point that the base ball defied physics when Dipper tried to throw it differently without Mabel's help.

And if the trailers are any indication it looks like the next Flash episode is headed that way too.

Nov 11th 2012 at 9:36:34 AM •••

how is Law Abiding Citizen not mentioned here??

Oct 9th 2010 at 5:18:36 PM •••

Deleted the Minority Report example. It was getting Nattering, and it really isn't an example of this trope. The very premise of the film and book was that by knowing your destiny you can change it. Agatha says as much herself. "You still have a choice," she says.

The point of Precrime is to predict murders and then stop them before they happen. Chief Anderton even makes the choice not to kill Leo Crow when he has the opportunity, even though the precogs predicted that he did. That makes this an example of Screw Destiny.

Jun 6th 2010 at 1:59:07 PM •••


  • This is the whole point of pinball games!
That's Endless Game.

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