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Long time reader & stealth contributer, but I only recently made a contributor page (September 2009). TV Tropes actually got me interested in Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Neon Genesis Evangelion and others. You can probably guess my profession from my handle.

Favorite series include:

  • Angel
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Doctor Who
  • Fringe (The best show on TV right now.)
  • GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex
  • Kings (May NBC wise up and bring it back)
    • Here's my brief rant on Kings: Why is it that every show on network TV is about cops, lawyers, doctors, or so-called "reality"? Why is it that networks feel the need to create endless spinoffs of the same show? There's a zillion CSI, Law & Order, or Survivor shows. Kings was finally a breath of fresh air. It's innovative, amazingly well-written, well-acted, interesting, and visually beautiful. So naturally NBC decides to can it.
  • Star Trek (Especially the seasons where Next Generation and DS 9 overlapped, the even-numbered movies with the original cast, and J.J. Abrams's reboot)
  • Star Wars (But only the original trilogy. The prequels can die for all I care)
    • I'd actually like to write my own version of the prequels, where Anakin Skywalker is a good guy, the Jedi aren't Xanatos Suckers, and the Clone Wars were fought for a reason.


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