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Jul 21st 2014 at 9:14:45 AM •••

I started a Trope Talk about this trope, because I think it needs clarification. Feel free to join in.

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Jul 1st 2014 at 2:23:45 PM •••

" Dark Sun Gwyndolin from Dark Souls is the only god in the setting who managed to avoid suffering a horrible fate, and is in the best position to help fix the Crapsack World. Instead, he selfishly manipulates everyone else in a bid to increase his own power."

Changing the end bit only because there's not enough in-game evidence to suggest that Gwyndolin does what he does to make himself more powerful. If anything, he creates his illusions out of (a misplaced) devotion to his father and sister, and of course, The Age of Fire.

Sep 5th 2012 at 12:29:52 PM •••

Pulled this from the bit about Nuggan

  • This is only in Borogravia, mind, where he can't thrive because his followers now worship the religion rather than the god (this is also what happened to Om, see below). Elsewhere on the Disc he's alive and kicking, as a minor god of paperclips, small things in their correct places in desktop stationery sets, and unnecessary paperwork.

Nothing in Discworld mythology suggests a god can be dead somewhere and alive somewhere else. Nuggan is clearly alive as of The Last Hero, but he also still considers himself to be worshiped in Borogravia, suggesting that the religion hasn't yet lost its connection to him. But by Monstrous Regiment, it's Morporkian priests who notice he's gone, and Vimes then has to relay this news to the Borogrovians, who haven't noticed.

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Aug 18th 2012 at 12:42:40 PM •••

Under the Myths and Religion section ther are some things that are left out in the Chinese Mythology section and it only mentions things from the Journey to the West' when there is more to Chiense Mythology than the Journey to the West' not to mention that Sun Wukong is not a god, and at the end of the novel he becomes 'the Virtuous Fighting Buddha' and a Buddha is not a god they are beings whom have attain enlightment and achieved Nirvana although the part about the Jade Emperor punishing General Juanlian for breaking a vase could remain on this page. Also defeating gods does not make you a god as in another Chinese Myth called 'Vanquishing Evil' the gods in heaven were defeated by monsters so Wukong is not only one to wreck havoc in the Chinese Heaven . Anyway here are some examples of Chinese gods act as an example of this trope, Erlang Shen locks his sister in San Shengmu in Mount Hua in the Magical Lotus Lantern myth. The Jade Emperor forbids any marriages between immortal and mortal. The Jade Emperor killed his sister whom was Erlang Shen mother for marrying a mortal as was as her mortal lover, and in the Cowherd and Weaver Girl myth he or either his wife the Heavenly Matriarch depending on the version of the myth separated the the Weavier Girl from her mortal lover although they took pity on her Weavier Girl sadness and later decided to have them meet up on seventh day of the seven month each year. Also since the Jade Emperor is never punished for killing his sister and brother-in-law that would make him a Karma Houdini. There was another Chinese Myth where the Black Pearl Dragon, the Yellow Pearl Dragon, the Long Dragon, and the Pearl Dragon wanted to help a village of people who was suffering for a drought and they went to ask the Jade Emperor to help stop the flood, but the Jade Emperor lied to him and said that he would do it and not telling them the reason of the drought so the Dragon took matters into their own hands and decide to stop the drought themselves and the Jade Emperor punished them for it and imprison them in a rock, but they broke free the Heilongjiang River, Huang He River Long Zhujiang River, and the Yangtze River and returned to the ocean. The water god Gong Gong caused people to suffer floods just because he lost to the his father the fire god Zhu Rong, but was stopped by the creation and mother goddess Nuwa.

Guanyin Bodhisattva (whom called the Mecriful Goddess in the west) is not a goddess as gods are personifications or controller of different aspects of the universe such as fire, water, wind, earth, sun, moon, sky, creation, death, health, plague, etc and people worshipped and thank them according to what they personified or controlled. Bodhisattvas are englightment beings who help others achieve nirvana.

Also in Mesopotamian Mythology the goddess Innana had a demon handservant and a prositute named Lilith of and who sends her to lend men astray. This could also be add about Innana.

Also in Aztec Mythology the person did not give examples of myths where the gods were jerks. I have read a Aztec Myth like where Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca kills the Tlatecuhtli the monster goddess because she ate all of the animals they created, but it would seem that Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatipoca would qualify for this myth for destroying her as other animal eat another animals so what is the difference of Tlatechutli eating the animals they created as in many religion creation gods are said to create life which is eating by other life.

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Apr 13th 2012 at 6:26:13 AM •••

I think i found a page image, not sure hot to post it, but it the sin fest commic (right here were god sling shots a meteor just for the heck of it.

if that's not a jerkass god i don't know what.

Nov 25th 2011 at 2:15:41 PM •••

  • Arguably, the entire Dragonlance Pantheon. Some of them are Evil and are expected to be jerkasses, but the Good Gods attract their share of "What the Hell, God?" when you think about it. Like how they obliterated an overly prideful country with a meteor rather than coming down and telling the country's ruler to knock it off—which is entirely within the ability of gods to do, and some of them don't suffer fools that much. Instead, they decided to wound the entire planet, cause lots of famine and death and give civilization a definite stepback. Then stayed absolutely quiet for about four hundred years.
    • Even worse, the primary evil deity was able to re-enter the world now that it was no longer whole.
    • The Cataclysm was actually justified — the mortal in question was the theocratic ruler of a continent who was so insanely charismatic that if it came to him versus the gods, the people would have backed him. This means that if they'd just killed him, someone else would have come to power who would have continued his policies. They needed to destroy half the continent to make dead sure no one would ever look fondly on him again. (Omniscient Morality License? You bet, but that is one of the perks of godhood). Also keep in mind that all the gods (including the evil ones) were in on it — they would have demanded something really nasty anyway.
      • Plus, it is implied (if not outright stated) that the gods did try to warn the mortal in question, multiple times. He ignored each and every warning, including some that were so very blatant that people were starting to wonder if the gods were speaking against him; at that point, it became pretty clear to the gods that even if they did go down and speak to him face to face, he wouldn't listen.
      • The most tragic thing about the Kingpriest, he was honestly a good and moral man who just overstepped his bounds. He believed he was a God, but was benevolent and entirely good.
      • Special shout-out to Takhisis, who did a sweep of events so jerkass even the other Evil Gods got pissed at her. (Massive Understatement)

  • In the eyes of some critics of Christianity/Judaism and related religions, the Abrahamic God lapses into this, especially in the Old Testament. More detail is not needed. But your average Jew would just think that He may be a bastard, but He's OUR bastard.

Examples Are Not Arguable

Apr 12th 2011 at 7:09:29 PM •••

I have a doubt here: In Avatar the Last Airbender, the Spirits seem to be the equivalent to Gods in Aang's world, the Avatar being a Physical God of sorts.

If so, we should include Koh the Face Stealer in this page. I mean, the guy steals people's faces, possibly their SOULS along, stole Kuruk's wife's face just because he was annoyed at him being carefree and lazy and was pretty willing to take Aang's face and let the world burn by the Fire Nation's hands. Once again: He wanted to take the face of a (Physically)12-year old boy, who also happened to be The Messiah.

While on the subject, what about Wan Shi Tong? In my opinion, he was a bit of a uncaring jerk, unable to tell apart people's motivations as good or bad when it came to using his knowledge, especially when Aang's team was trying to defeat the government that previously misused his knowledge, and wanted to kill them, keeping in mind again that they're kids. Of course, he may also be subject to Blue and Orange Morality.

ccoa MOD
Mar 30th 2011 at 6:29:23 PM •••


  • Hera and Zeus argued about whether men or women took more pleasure from sex. To resolve the matter they consulted Tiresias, who had been both (long story). Tiresias sided with Hera, and to thank him she struck him blind for revealing women's secrets to a man.
    • ...Um, actually he sided with Zeus, and Hera punished him because she hates being wrong. Which is pretty much in character for her.

Because it's a classic case of ignoring the basic Repair Dont Respond rule. Could someone decide who's right, fix it, and return it to the page if it's still an example of the trope?

Sep 10th 2010 at 4:39:43 PM •••

Argument about the blind seer goes here, if you're going to argue.

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