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Aug 15th 2010 at 10:12:24 AM •••


  • The cursed pieces of eight from the first Pirates Of The Caribbean movie; the nine pieces of eight in the third movie might count too.
    • It doesn't count because the whole point of the nine pieces was not to collect them but to let everyone have only one.
Hence, it's not an example.

How is it an example? Okay, Ghostbusters catch ghosts; gathering ALL the ghosts isn't a part of the film plot at all (and would be an exercise in futility). Perhaps it was referring to some video game adaptation?

Hence, it doesn't belong here, but to Gotta Kill Them All.

  • In The Fifth Element you had to get all elements together to save the universe.
    • But you get the first four as a box set, and the fifth falls into your taxi at the beginning of the movie.
Hence, the box of elements is a MacGuffin, and the Leeloo is a MacGuffin Girl. Not an example.
  • Thinking about it again, Leeloo doesn't really fit the description of MacGuffin Girl - is there some other trope that's a better match?

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