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Sep 14th 2010 at 5:22:14 AM •••

Regarding Five-Man Band: It was asked that the argument get taken to the discussion page, although there's really nothing to discuss.

I shouldn't have to explain why it doesn't fit, since it's pretty obvious to anyone who has actually played the game, but since a certain someone refuses to accept reality, here it is in a nutshell.

The Five Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way.

In the first chapter, Russell is Jimmy's enemy and ZoŽ isn't even there. It's Jimmy, Gary and Petey as a Power Trio (if that). Gary isn't even Jimmy's friend. He plays Jimmy and Russell against each other, and thus, leaves Jimmy's ensemble. For the rest of the game, it's Jimmy and Petey as on-and-off Hero and Sidekick, with Russell only occasionally helping with missions, while Gary does his Big Bad act, behind the scenes, not a member of Jimmy's group.

Even when Jimmy meets ZoŽ, these five characters are never all seen together. Gary is The Villain of the game. He is not Jimmy's friend, not his sidekick and is defiantly not Jimmy's lancer.

In short, they arenít a Five-Man Band. By your logic, you might as well just say that all the school's cliques form one when counted together.

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Sep 28th 2010 at 10:05:07 PM •••

From the article itself.

:Don't take the title too literally ó it's the roles more than the numbers that matter.

So... yeah. Wikilawyer about "they're not all on the screen at the same time" all you want - it's a red herring on your part.

Now take your smug condescension and abuse of bold and italics, leave the article to those who know about the game tropes in general.

Edited by McJeff
Sep 29th 2010 at 10:06:04 AM •••

Look, Mc Jeff, I think we've all had just about enough of this e-drama. You are the one with the smug attitude, with all your "Read the trope and tell me why I'm right!" and "I'm right and everyone else is wrong!" and "You're an idiot if you dare to question my knowlage of this game!". A classic case of Small Name, Big Ego.

I've looked over the edit history of this page and, while Samurai Jerk's Take That at you was uncalled for, you haven't exactly proven yourself any better. Others have given good reasons and logical arguments as to why it doesn't fit, while all you've done is stamp your foot, treat people like idiots and give them this "My way or the sky way" attitude. Not to mention of the fact that you treat other people's use of Itallics and Bold as a bad thing, and yet you use them yourself just as much. So why is it okay for you, but not for others?

You're sort of losing credibility here.

True, we shouldn't take the trope too literally, but Gary isn't Jimmy's Lancer, as others have said. Edgar or Petey, maybe, but not Gary. You claim that the people who disagree with you don't know anything about the game or tropes in general, and yet you refuse to accept that Gary is the Big Bad and not The Lancer.

This wiki is meant to be fun. It Isn't Serious Business. Nobody's really right in this little flame war , so I've put in, what should be, a fair compromise, but if you get all butthurt about it, because Gary's not in the line up, and start causing more drama it'll only prove that the one who really should "read the trope or get lost", is you.

Edited by MasterChef
Sep 29th 2010 at 1:13:50 PM •••

I think someone failed to pick up on the fact that my attitude - and for that matter, my use of bold and italics - was intended as a mockery of Samurai Jerk, not as my standard form of discussion.

I am perfectly happy to discuss things with people who are willing to speak reasonably. However, I do not feel I am called upon to treat with respect, someone who swaggers into an article he's never edited before, rewrites a bunch of entries that have stood uncontested for months and accuses those who disagree with him of being "fangirls" and proceeds to be a smug condescending douchebag. If you care to review the history, you will find I said nothing that was not said to me first, excluding my suggestion that he "get lost", which was, considering he started both the edit war and the incivility, a reasonable suggestion.

As for Gary, I admit he is a stretch, because of the whole turning on Jimmy early in the year thing. But take Gary out of the equation and concentrate on just Jimmy, Petey, Russell and Zoe, and they fit too neatly into the respective Hero, Smart Guy, Big Guy, Chick roles for it not to be noted. Petey and Russell especially fit into the Smart Guy and Big Guy tropes like hands into a glove. And that's four out of five perfect fits right there, which is usually considered enough to make a group listable as that trope.

As for Gary, it's not that I don't "acknowledge that he is the big bad", it's more that I don't see why becoming the Big Bad post-Chapter 1 prevents him from having the role in Chapter 1. Certainly he has several Lancer-ish traits, and I've seen many worse examples of groups that don't fit the dynamic having one member (or more) hammered into a slot that he doesn't fit into.

I'll stop edit warring on the article - in fact I'll remove the entry until we can form some kind of agreement as a sort of acknowledgment that I handled this badly.

If there's general agreement on Jimmy, Petey, Zoe and Russell fitting the mold, then what to put about The Lancer and Gary can be discussed.

Sep 29th 2010 at 2:43:18 PM •••

Well, since compromise is the order of the day, I suggest we just put Petey as both Lancer and Smart guy, since Red Oni, Blue Oni is a popular combo for Hero and Lancer.

Jun 19th 2010 at 10:35:58 PM •••

It does exsist in the game, since you can get panty shots from any female you can knock down. Especially noticeable with Ms Philips the art teacher, her panties are bright red, in stark contrast to her brown and blue outfit. It's also noticeable that Mandy wears blue panties, while the other girls wear white.

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