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Aug 11th 2016 at 8:17:08 PM •••

I realise why this page is edit locked but I just want to fix up a few formatting errors that are really bugging me so... would a temporary unlock be possible? If not I understand completely.

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Aug 11th 2016 at 9:45:04 PM •••

You can list all the changes you want done here and the Mods will make the edits for you

Jul 31st 2015 at 9:30:11 PM •••

Are there still no copies available? It seems like there should be, the fic seems like it was fairly popular...

Dec 9th 2014 at 1:49:17 PM •••

Not a trope; pulling to discussion:

  • Jack The Ripper: Referenced; Kyubey hints that the Witch's Kiss Lewis Carroll has on him will eventually drive him to murder prostitutes in the West End in a misguided attempt to protect little girls...Jack the Ripper's MO.

Sep 17th 2014 at 4:16:16 PM •••

Does anyone have a copy of this fic? It sounds amazing.

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