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Hi there, Tv Tropes. It's me, Secret Fan 14. Real original name, I know, but in my defense, I wasn't even 14 when I came up with it.

I come up with ideas and post them on the Darth Wiki here.

I created the pages for Know Your Mare and Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Different Story, and I'm very excited that other people are adding to them.

I can usually be found fiddling around in the subpages of Needs Wiki Magic Love.


Thanks for clicking!

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     Tropes that apply to me 

     Things I recommend 


With Reservations/Acknowledging Flaws

  • Kill la Kill: An excess of fanservice might put some viewers off, but it's otherwise a very funny action show.
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Functionally Anime South Park, so stay away if you don't like toilet humour and copious fanservice.
  • YumeNikki: Very slow-paced. Very. Very. Veeeeeeeerrrrrryyyy slow-paced.
  • Steven Universe: A lot more filler than anybody asked for, so you better like slice-of-life, unanswered questions, and watching Steven develop a guilt complex.
  • BoJack Horseman: Don't let the talking horse fool you. This show is freakin' dark, man. I dropped it after Season 2 because I have hangups about interpersonal conflict, so if you like secondhand social anxiety, have fun.
  • Made in Abyss: The show's ideas about appropriate punishments are... interesting, and it drags a bit in the middle, but the show makes up for it with the gorgeous backgrounds and soundtrack, lovable characters, and the unadulterated suffering that are episodes 10 and 13.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: This franchise is an inconsistent mess, both in quality and tone, but I love it anyway. There's something for everyone in here, even if that something is ironic enjoyment.
  • Fate/Grand Order: The entire game is based around the luck of the draw, and it may give you an aneurysm if you like historical accuracy, but you can date Marie Antoinette's enormous floppy hat. Sort of a trade-off, really. An auto-battle button would also be good so the endless farming wouldn't slowly kill my brain cells.
  • Skullgirls: This game has a metric fuckton of fanservice, but the animation is gorgeous, the character designs are ingenious, and it's just a fun time. And for people with no experience with fighting games, there's a simplified mobile game where you can learn the ropes. Also, Peacock, Big Band and Beowulf exist.
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