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Dec 9th 2014 at 2:04:11 AM •••

  • Shout-Out. A strange one, which is why it's here to arouse discussion, and not in main. In Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel Feet Of Clay Fred Colon, a long-time copper (a Sergeant) coming up to retirement and hoping he makes it in one piece, is placed in a difficult situation with an escaped bull on the city street and discovers it can still out-run him. In Everybody Loves Raymond episode Robert's Rodeo, Sergeant Robert Barone is a New York police sergeant coming up to his last year before he can legitimately retire on a pension. One day he has to pick up the pieces following an ineptly-run street rodeo where the animals escape. He discovers he cannot outrun a bull called Nestor, that gores him in the "upper thigh". Hmm. The problem is, that episode of ELR aired four years after the release of this book. Is it just possible that the scriptwriters of ELR were trawling for an unlikely and embarrassing injury to Robert that they could adapt, and one of them reads Pratchett? Which makes this a "Reverse Shout-Out"....

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