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What do you need to know?

I'm male, now, aaargh, in my early fifties, and resident in the North of England. Welsh-born, left of politics (but hopefully capable of editing the politics out, as most of the time this isn't the place for that sort of opinion) and must check to see if Pobol y Cwm gets any listings here.

Capable, up to a point, of dealing with stuff in Welsh, French, Afrikaans/Dutch, and one or two others - functionally illiterate in several world languages.


After a year or two here: most of the time I can see why any edits or deletions of anything I've written have happened. I can concede that 95% of the time they improve the article, so I won't get too precious about it or try to restore. although I have occasionally retrieved my contributions from History, deleted from the Main Page by others, and re-entered them on the relevant YMMV page. (After all, it clearly says on the tin that Your Mileage May Vary)

Things are deleted, changed or edited for good reasons and it usually improves the look of the thing, so I do not tend to argue. But just occasionally I cannot see WHY an edit has been made, and then I'll start asking. Bit pissed off when a whole works page I wrote got axed, but this has only happened twice - on one occasion I saw the reasons were good and rewrote/represented, and it's still here; on the other... well, see "Ground Force" below. But I'll not argue with that, life's too short and everything else has not only survived, it seems to have thrived. One disagreement won't have me founcing off in a huff!)


Lessons learned: I got my fingers burnt for letting a deep-seated personal loathing of one particular celebrity get in the way of objectivity and Rule Of Cautious Editing Judgement. An error I will not repeat and which I learnt from. But ye Gods, I still utterly detest Russell Brand note  and consider him to be a waste of good oxygen.

I also edit for the Terry Pratchett L-Space Wiki and write fanfic in a mainly Pratchett mode. Apparently it's quite good, according to readers. Advice is, I have discovered, contradictory depending on where you look, but I've put up one of my best - and I KNOW it's good - for consideration on the Good Omens Fanfic Recommendations page. (Depending on where you look, you CAN reccomend your own works; looking elsewhere, you CAN'T recommend your own stuff. All very confusing, but I'll take it down - or preferably leave it up - if somebody comes up with a definitive answer). But the Good Omens fanfic gained not a single bad review on FF and was highly praised, so I commend it to Tropes. I don't publish crap.


Issue solved: the rules were updated to exclude self-recommendation, but not every vestige of the previous rule (that said you could) was deleted. I can buy that: I edit/admin another wiki myself and I know sometimes you can't do everything, or after a change in outlook there will still be pesky little bits of original text lurking in odd corners that suggest differently... Ah well. I'm loathe to lose this, so I'll post it here for now.

The Viennese Job by A.A. Pessimal

  • Recommended by Ag Prov
  • Summary: In turn of the century Austria, Crowley is ordered by Hell to befriend a struggling young artist. Whose mind had already been prepared for Hell by a hideous upbringing and the tender affections of Hastur and Ligur. Features Nostradamus and Agnes Nutter.
  • Comments: In the opening years of the twentieth century, in a Europe that has been at peace for forty years, what storm could possibly disturb the idyll of the fin-de-siecle? Hell knows... a well-researched historical fanfic that garnered very good reviews.

The troper known here as AgProv is also active as a senior contributor and admin on the Terry Pratchett L-Space Wiki and other sites.

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