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  • Quietly Performing Sister Show: The King of Queens. Which every so often needed a ratings boost provided by cameo appearances by the ELR stars, Ret-Conned into having a friendship with the Heffernans. (Kevin James appears in early episodes of ELR as a member of Nemo's basketball team; in Queens, the backstory is re-written to have Doug and Ray meet for the first time and bond over the written part of the driving test.)
  • Rant-Inducing Slight: In "Wallpaper", Marie drives a car through Ray and Debra's house. Debra is understandably upset, but Ray (still in shock) barely reacts to this, frustrating Debra, who wants him to back her up. After the doorway is repaired and the wallpaper replaced, Ray examines the new wallpaper... and loses it, because the stripes aren't the same thickness as the old ones.
    • In "The Sitter", Marie doesn't react well to the news that Ray and Debra have hired a sitter instead of asking her for help. But she chuckles nervously, puts on a fake smile, and says she's happy for them. But then Robert comes in and says he turned down the heat on the stove...
    Marie: Don't tell me how to cook! I know how to cook! I'm not that old! And who are you to turn down my meat?!
    • In "The Christmas Picture", Ray's been dealing with trying to make everybody happy (and failing) the whole episode, and an innocent comment from Lois sets him off:
    Lois: Raymond, I just noticed that this background is blue. Do I have time to change into my gray pashmina?
    Ray: ...Get back in your place!
  • A Rare Sentence: "I'm sorry the check got stuck to the Chubby Hubby."
    Marie: Oh Frank, you never said that to me before!
    Robert: Nobody's ever said that before.
    • In "Luggage":
  • "Rashomon"-Style: "The Can Opener".
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: A rare case where this was done intentionally. Producer Phil Rosenthal has explained in interviews that the vast majority of plots on the show really did happen to himself, Ray Romano, or someone else on the writing staff.
    • The plot where Debra's sister becomes a nun: in real life, Patricia Heaton's sister shocked her family when she announced her intention to take vows as a Dominican nun. note 
  • Real Song Theme Tune: Season 7 used The Steve Miller Band's "Jungle Love".
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  • Real Time: "The Faux Pas". This was even addressed in the audio commentary.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: In "Golf For It", after Ray says that Marie loves him more than Robert:
    Robert: Well you know what? She can love ya all she wants, because I love her more than you do.
    Ray: What?
    Robert: Ya heard me. I love Ma more.
    Ray: Are you insane?
    Robert: Deep down inside, Raymond, you know it's true.
    Ray: Are you saying I don't love my mother?!
    Robert: Not as much as I do. You take her for granted. But me? I cherish every ounce of affection that woman gives me, because I have to fight for it like a dirty dog in the street. But you? You don't even have to try. She makes it so easy for you. You're just a fat kid with his mouth open at the end of a chocolate assembly line. (mimes Ray eating chocolate) You disgust me.
    • In "Meant to Be", Debra gives one to Robert:
    Robert: Could I get some frozen baby peas, Deb?
    Debra: You know what, Robert? You get your own damn peas.
    Robert: What did I do??
    Debra: What did you do?!
    Robert: Hey, look, you're the one who told Amy about Stefania in the first place. You should be apologizing to me.
    Debra: And what you should've done is tell Amy the truth about everything, or better yet, not be such a pig in the first place!
    Robert: That's the worst apology I've ever gotten.
    Debra: Why would you get involved with someone else when you already have a relationship? What, does juggling three women at a time make you cool? You know, if that's the only way that you can build your self-esteem, then you are pathetic, and you don't deserve to be with anyone.
    • In "Somebody Hates Raymond", Jerry Musso (after much goading) reveals how he really feels about Raymond:
    Jerry Musso: Well there's just something about you. I've read your column, I've heard you speak, I look at you and I go, "I don't get it". I guess you don't have to be smart to have a career in this business! Now if you know me, you know I have pretty high standards, and a very low threshhold for dumb.
    • Upon hearing this, Robert (who had been mocking Ray the entire episode) stands up for Ray by telling off Jerry:
    Robert: Hold it right there, ya little twerp.
    Jerry Musso: Who are you?
    Robert: Who am I? I'm someone who can grind you into a fine powder, that's who I am. Now, Ray Barone has more talent in the boil on his neck that won't go away than you have in your entire body, you oily, two-faced hack. You only wish you could be Ray Barone, because you'll never come close as a writer, as a father, as a friend, or as a person.
    • In "Someone's Cranky", Debra goes off on Robert:
    Debra: Okay, Robert, listen. Stop feeling so sorry for yourself.
    Robert: I'm not feeling sorry for myself.
    Debra: Yes, you are. Spouting off at the family and insulting everybody. You just love playing the victim, don't you?
    Robert: OK, thank you, Debra. You can go back to being princess fabulosa now.
    Debra: Hey, you better be nice to me, pal, because I'm the last person in the family that doesn't wanna climb up there and strangle you!
    Robert: Oh, a height joke. thank you, your majesty. Yeah, it's very refreshing after all the bull-in-the-ass jokes.
    Debra: I think you loved that bull. I think you were so happy he found you because he's two-ton excuse for your life! That's right: You were a victim before that bull. You've been a victim your whole life because there's nothing easier than playing the victim, is there, Robert?
    Robert: ...Why are you picking on me?
    Debra: See? Again! "My mother doesn't pay enough attention to me." "Raymond has a better life than me." "Wah wah wah!"
    Robert: I don't say "wah wah wah".
    Debra: You're sounding like that now!
    Robert: That's because I just said "wah wah wah"! Listen, bad stuff happens to me, I don't imagine these things. I'm just reporting the facts.
    Debra: The fact is, you love to suffer. That's why you were so mad about having to leave your parents' house.
    Robert: Are you kidding? I couldn't wait to get out of there.
    Debra: Really? You don't seem so happy here.
    Robert: I have a milk situation.
    Debra: You love being at your parents' house because that's the holy land of self-pity! You weren't unhappy because you had three more weeks to stay there; you were unhappy because you only had three more weeks to stay there! (at this point, Robert breaks down and cries loudly)
    • In "Blabbermouths", the whole family gives one to Amy simply because she wasn't open about her feelings about Ray saying that her and Robert's marriage didn't have a chance in hell.
    Debra: Ray's right; how am I supposed to know I upset you if you don't say anything to me? I'm supposed to be your best friend!
    Robert: I'm supposed to be her husband! I'm your husband! Don't you know, after all these years, to tell me immediately when Raymond screws up? YOU PAGE ME AT WORK!
    Marie: I must say, Amy, before you came into the family, we were all just open with each other. We'd say whatever was on our mind. And now... We have to tiptoe around your feelings.
    Ray: That's not fair, Amy!
    Frank: Yeah, see what you did, Amy? (Amy cries) Oh jeez, there she goes again.
    • In "A Date For Peter", after Ray (seemingly) ruins Peter's chances with Peggy:
    Robert: It's bad enough you had to ruin my life, but you had to do the same to my brother-in-law? You are a selfish ass, who walks among regular humans. But now it's time for everyone to see, that YOU. ARE. ASSSSSSS.
    • In "Not So Fast", Ray gives one to Marie and Frank:
    Ray: I think I know what the problem is. Part of me always thinks why can't mom and dad get along with Debra and me? And Robert and Amy? And I say to myself, maybe it's us, because they're the parents and we're supposed to respect them and, and honor them, like they're Chinese or something. And we don't. We don't always. Maybe it's us. (pause) But today, after forty years, I think I've actually figured something out. (looks at Marie and Frank) It's not us. It's you. People, from your own World War II world, have spoken, and IT'S YOUUUUUUU!!!!
    • In "Let's Fix Robert", Debra gives one to Robert, albeit slightly less harsh than the one in "Meant to Be":
    Ray: Don't give up. The right lady is out there somewhere.
    Robert: Thanks.
    Ray: I mean it.
    Debra: What a load of crap. "The right lady is out there." Well guess what? You're never gonna find her. You know why? Because you don't want to; you're alone because that's what you want.
    Robert: I believe you're looking for the meeting across the street.
    Debra: Let me tell you something. You've created an image of this ideal woman, so that when regular women: Regular, wonderful, real women, fall short, you reject them.
    Robert: No.
    Debra: YES, yes, and that way you never have to settle down, and everyone can still feel sorry for poor lonely you.
    Robert: Look, I may not be the greatest catch in the world, but I don't think I should just settle.
    Debra: I'm not asking you to settle, Robert, but you're not going to be happy if every time you discover a flaw in somebody, you go to somebody else. Because that somebody else is going to have her own flaws. Nobody's perfect.
    • Marie gives one to Frank in "Frank's Tribute" when he can't think of anything nice to say about her:
    Marie: You want to know why people don't love you, Frank? You want to know? Because you offer them nothing. That's right. You have to give love, Frank, to get it, and you have never, ever been willing to do that. You just take and take and take, and you expect everyone to accept your obnoxious horse's ass of a personality, and everybody has to put up with it, because it's you! You know what the sad part is? You are surrounded by family who happen to love you anyway, and you push them away. You push us all away! (pause) You don't have to push anymore.
    • In "Debra at the Lodge", Debra gives a short and sweet speech to the old men who ogled her and talked about her body when she wasn't around:
    Debra: I thought you were gentlemen. I thought you appreciated the work I was doing. And I thought men from your generation would have a little class. I guess I was wrong. I have to say, I'm very disappointed.
    • Frank gives one to Sam in "The Mentor" when Sam is distraught about all the renovations needed for his store:
    Frank: Oh boo hoo, woe is me. You know what I think? I think you need to get off your pity pot and act like a man. I mean, gimme a break, Nancy! (...) What did I always tell you?
    Sam: (quietly) Quit crying and suck it up.
    Frank: WHAT?!
    Sam: (loudly) Quit crying and suck it up!
    Frank: That's right, quit crying and suck it up, you whiny baby!
    • In "Big Shots", a smug Robert gives one to Ray, who's pissed that he had to wait in line to get an autograph from Art Shamsky instead of getting to cut because he was a reporter:
    Robert: I just want to preserve this moment. I mean, how often do I get to see the "Ray-Doesn't-Get- Everything Show"?
    Ray: Okay, I know what this is. "Oh, it never ends for Raymond! He has everything, I have nothing! Oh, mopey, mopey, pouty, pouty, snooty, snooty."
    Robert: No, no, I admit that there may have been times when I might have mentioned in passing that I possibly envied you. But not anymore. And would you like to know why?
    Ray: Yeah, no, not really. Where the hell is the waitress?!
    Robert: Everything you have: Successful career, great family, free hot dogs, has made you lose touch with reality. You, are spoiled.
    Ray: Oh yeah, and I guess all those years sponging off Mom and Dad have made you a better person.
    Robert: It certainly did. I may have a thankless job, be divorced, pay full price for a hot dog, but I happen to have something you'll never have.
    Ray: A tail?
    Robert: Character, Ray.
    Ray: Oh yeah, yeah. You're very superior.
    Robert: Yeah, you see I am superior because I'm humble. (to waitress) Excuse me, uh, Lisa, may I have some some water, please?
    Lisa: Sure.
    Robert: And some dipping sauce for my little brother here. Thank you, dear. (to Ray) You see, it's nice to be important. But it's more important to be nice.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Debra is the red oni to Ray's blue, moreso in the later seasons.
  • Reset Button: "No Fat" ends with Marie giving up on her "healthy food" diet and chowing down on some Thanksgiving turkey.
  • Rhetorical Question Blunder: In "Ray's Journal":
    Ray: Why would you read my private journal?
    Marie: Because I wanted to know what was in there.
    • In "Cousin Gerard":
    Ray: Why do you gotta be so negative all the time?
    Gerard: Because I'm not very happy.
    • In "Six Feet Under":
    Debra: Ray, look at me. I am rubbing lotion on my hands. Do you know why I rub lotion on my hands?
    Ray: Because it's... hand cream?
    • In "Jealous Robert", after it's revealed Debra and Marie set up Gianni and Amy to make Robert jealous:
    Debra: Sorry, Robert. We didn't mean it to go this far.
    Robert: Oh, really? How was it supposed to go, huh?
    Marie: Well, I'll tell you.
  • A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma: Robert once described himself as "an enigma wrapped in a mystery." Ray promptly replied that Robert was more of "an idiot wrapped in a moron."
  • Right Behind Me: In "Sister-in-Law", Ray tries to get Robert to stay after he insulted Amy:
    Ray: Come on, don't go, Robert, stay! Come stay and watch the game! Come on! You want to say something bad about my wife, you can! Aw, come on! Say it, say it: "She's a bad cook, and she's mean!" (Debra is standing behind Ray; Ray turns around and acknowledges her) Yeah, hi. One second, one second... (to Robert) And you may think that, Robert, but you'd be wrong, dead wrong! Debra is a caring, beautiful, skinny person!
    • In "Faux Pas", Amy walks in and sees everybody but Marie, and after finding out that Michael and Jeffrey's friend's dad didn't want to come back in for his keys, says: "What, did your mother come in and make things worse, as usual?" It's revealed that Marie was hidden behind the door. Amy fearfully turns around and Marie gives her a disapproving look as the episode ends.
    • A variant occurs in "Thank You Notes": Once Debra starts trying to get Amy on her side in her fight against Marie, Ray runs over to Frank and Marie's house, where Frank is sitting at the table. Ray tells him that Debra and Amy are trying to overthrow Marie, and asks what he should do. Marie suddenly comes from the other room and says, "I'm not sure yet." Ray is startled and asked Frank if he knew she was there the whole time. He replies, "Yes."
  • Road Trip Plot: "Big Shots", from Season Three, has Ray having to let Robert accompany him to meet the 1969 New York Mets, much to Ray's chagrin.
  • Rousing Speech: Debra gives one in "Season's Greetings" to pick up everybody's negative feelings.
    Debra: (after Frank complains that he didn't accomplish any of his resolutions ten years ago) Make a new list, and start on that. You can do it! You're not dead yet, Frank! And Robert, come on! You're smart, successful, handsome, no matter what Ray does or doesn't do. You're not a loser. You're a lieutenant in the New York City Police Department, for God's sake!
    Ray: What about me?
    Debra: You're FINE, you're married to me! All of you! Come on!
  • Rule of Funny: A simple, honest discussion with the elder Barones about boundaries probably would have eliminated 99% of the conflict presented in the show. This is exactly why such a discussion never took place.
  • Rule of Three: In "The Bet", Sal the barber responds in similar ways three times:
    Sal: Fifteen years, you never sprung for a shave!
    Sal: You have a son?? Fifteen years, you never told me you had a son!
    Sal: You're Ray Barone's father?? Fifteen years, you never told me your last name!
  • Running Gag: The weird pimple on Ray's neck that won't go away.
    • Uncle Mel is not gay.
    • The awful fruit of the month club gift Ray gave to his parents.
    • If Robert enters a room and everyone stops talking to look at him, he often asks, "Is this about me?"
    • Debra being offended if someone compares her to Marie.
    Ray: You're trying to make me feel guilty.
    Debra: No, I'm not.
    Ray: You're just like my mother.
    Debra: Why do you have to insult me? We're talking.
    • Another recurring gag with Debra: If she's overly happy, another character will ask if she's been drinking. Seen in "Who's Side Are You On?" and "Debra's Parents", among others.
    • Episode-specific example: Stefania's love of hot dogs in "Stefania Arrives".
    • Another episode-specific example: Everyone praising the deceased Rose Caputo's pies in "Who's Next?" From the way people only talk about Rose in terms of how good her pies were, you'd think that's all she was good at!
    • In "Cruising With Marie", the activities director repeatedly assuming Ray and Marie were newlywed lovers instead of mother and son. (see "Not What It Looks Like").
    • Marie has frequently called Frank's mother "a horrible woman".
    • In "Alone Time", Ray's constant stream of jokes about Debra's "mustache" (really just peach fuzz that she bleaches).
  • Sassy Black Woman: Robert's partner on the police force, Judy, fits this trope. This led to the classic episode where Robert starts hanging out with Judy and her friends and ends up trying to act stereotypically "black" to fit in with them. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Scout-Out: The Frontier Girls, in place of the Girl Scouts.
  • Secret Diary: Ray's journal from when he was a teenager.
  • Seduction-Proof Marriage: This causes Ray Barone serious angst. First when he loses his wedding ring and a woman comes onto him at the airport; second when he (mistakenly) thinks Peggy the Cookie Nazi has made a pass at him. Both times he stays faithful to Debra.
  • Self-Deprecation: Debra attempts this in "No Thanks", as she believes that the reason Marie keeps criticizing her cooking is because of how badly she reacts to it. However, her plan backfires when Marie mistakes Debra's self deprecation for rude sarcasm.
    • In "The Canister", Debra wants Marie to come into the kitchen with her so Ray will be able to ditch Marie's canister somewhere in the house without her knowing. After a couple failed attempts to get Marie into the kitchen, Debra blurts out: "Marie, I am a terrible cook. I really need you to look at these potatoes; I didn't know what the hell I was doing!" This finally gets Marie to leave with her.
  • Series Continuity Error: The Season 1 finale, "Why Are We Here?", flashes back to when Ray and Debra first bought the house across the street from Marie and Frank. Debra was pregnant with the twins, and Marie and Frank lobbied for the younger Barones to buy the house. Debra is portrayed in the episode as completely oblivious to the elder Barones' obnoxiousness and intrusiveness, and it was actually she who convinced Ray that living across the street from his parents would be wonderful. The Season 5 finale, "Ally's Birth," focuses on the birth of Ally. In this episode, however, Debra is portrayed as having the same problems with the elder Barones that she has in the present day. With the twins being younger than Ally, Debra's enamor with Ray's parents in "Why Are We Here?" makes no sense given her annoyance with them in "Ally's Birth."
  • Shaped Like Itself: In "Homework", Marie asks if Ray ever read Tom Sawyer as a child. Ray says he did, but when Frank asks him what the book's about, Ray replies, "It's about a boy, named Tom Sawyer. Eat your pie."
  • Shipper on Deck: Marie and Debra were both this for the Robert/Amy ship.
  • Shockingly Expensive Bill: Subverted; The "Where's Lunch?" Vanity Plate for the last episode is a bill reading "No Charge." It can be interpreted as Thanking the Viewer.
  • Shotgun Wedding: It's revealed in "Good Girls" that this is how Frank and Marie got married. They had sex one time before they got married, which resulted in Marie becoming pregnant with Robert.
  • Shout-Out: This show wasn't big on parodies, but there have been a couple exceptions:
    Andy: Hey, I had a sex dream.
    Ray: Oh, yeah?
    Andy: And you were there, and you were there-
    Ray: (amused) Okay. All right.
    • In the show where Debra's sister Jennifer reveals she is following her vocation to become a nun, Frank and Marie begin an argument, realise they are in the presence of holiness, and bite it back, substituting faked hand-holding and saccharine expressions of blissful devotion that fool nobody. Contrast this to the unhappily married couple in Father Ted.note  John and Mary hate each other with a passion and are forever fighting and swearing - except in front of the local priests, where they make a suspiciously similar pretense of being happily married. The Barones are Italian-American and practicing Catholics - they would fit in very well in an Italian Craggy Island. (La Falesia Isola?)
    • In "The Dog" (1997), Ray the sports reporter is interviewing an ice-dancer in the ladies' locker room. His interview becomes more uneasy as she casually undresses in front of him. Compare this to the scene in The Day Today (1994) where sports reporter Alan Partridge is trying to interview a sportswoman in the ladies' changing room - and is similarly brought to a stuttering halt as she conducts her side of the interview whilst undressing and changing clothes.
    • In "Cookies", Peggy's instructions to the Frontier Girls are "Always Be Closing".
  • The Show Must Go Wrong: The school play in "Fairies". Michael and Geoffrey (playing fairies) just run around, screaming, and kicking over the scenery.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Raymond and Robert. In spades. Mainly fueled by Robert resenting Raymond for being the favorite son, and the fact that, well, everybody loves Raymond, and not him. The title of the show is at least partly a reference to their rivalry, and in the first season credits, Robert is the one who glumly does the Title Drop as he passes by.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: Robert and Amy in "Misery Loves Company"; they're celebrating their three month anniversary of their marriage and act all lovey-dubby towards each other, eventually prompting Debra to accuse them of laying it on too thick.
  • Sick Episode: "Debra's Sick". Also "The Sneeze".
  • Silent Credits: While nearly every episode featured upbeat ending music during the "Executive Producer" credits (right before the main credits roll), a few episodes featured silence in this spot, such as "How They Met", "Robert's Divorce", and "Misery Loves Company".
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Ray has one in Peggy, the mother of Ally's best friend and leader of her scout troop.
    • Marie gets one too (at least in her own paranoid imagination) in the form of Harriet Lichtman. Marie is convinced that Harriet is trying to steal Frank away. Though, it should be noted that when we finally met Harriet on-screen in one episode, she seemed mostly bewildered by Marie's accusations (though admittedly, we only saw a snippet of that conversation, as there was a lot going on with the other characters in that scene).
      • Also the Barones have a rivalry with their slightly wealthier neighbors the Parkers. Ray seems to despise Bill Parker in particular. What makes Ray's rivalry with Parker so funny is that the actor who plays Bill Parker, David Hunt, is married to Patricia Heaton in real life.
  • Sixth Ranger: Amy, as she officially joined the family in the later seasons.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: The Frank-Marie relationship was this to a tee. They argued with each other a lot...but it is heavily hinted in most episodes that they enjoy the witty banter, and really are deeply in love with each other. Ray and Debra get this way as the show goes on, and Marie states that it's normal for marriage.
  • Sleep Walking: Marie tries to eat healthy food on Thanksgiving, but in the middle of the night, she sneaks into the kitchen for a turkey drumstick. After being caught in the act, she tries to act like she was sleepwalking. Nobody believes it for a minute.
  • Smelly Feet Gag: Ray frequently accuses Robert of having smelly feet.
  • Snowball Lie: The premise of "Liars". Eventually Marie unravels Ray and Debra's lie.
    Ray: It just snowballed from one tiny little lie!
    Marie: So when you lied right to my face, you consider that a tiny little lie?
  • Snowed-In: "Snow Day".
  • Soccer-Hating Americans: Debra Barone's father has pretentions of being a well-travelled polyglot. During one Thanksgiving visit, he switches the TV to a futbol game between two South American sides and waxes lyrical about Association Football. This disgusts Frank, irritates Robert, and, strangely, bemuses the professional sportswriter Ray. (Who, given his profession as newspaper sports journalist, should at least be able to recognize a game of football as most of the world knows it.)
  • Somebody Doesn't Love Raymond: Trope Namer. The episode was even called "Somebody Hates Raymond".
  • Something Completely Different: "Cruising With Marie", for a couple reasons: Debra isn't in the episode at all, and Ray/Marie's plot is completely separate from Frank/Robert's plot. It's also one of the few episodes to feature a brand new location; that is, the cruise ship.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: In "The Kicker":
    Frank: Luck is the residue of design.
    Ray: ...What?
    Frank: Shut up.
  • Sore Loser: In "The Author", Ray finds out he lost a book deal, while Robert was promoted at work. While they weren't really competing, Ray is usually the one who comes out on top, so he doesn't take Robert's news well; he barely congratulates Robert, slams his hand on the table, and leaves the room.
  • Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: Played straight in "Robert's Wedding"; Marie stands up and says, "Excuse me, I need to say something." End of part one. However, it turns out she wasn't against the wedding, but merely wanted to make sure Robert wasn't getting married just for her sake (of course, this doesn't make it any less of a faux pas, as she still interrupted their wedding).
  • Speed Sex: In "Sleepover at Peggy's", Peggy says that her husband never paid attention to her, except during sex; for those eight minutes, she was number one. To which Ray replies: "Eight minutes... that's bad, right?"
    • In "Angry Sex":
    Ray: Does the term "angry sex" mean anything to you? (Bernie and Gianni exchange sly "yeah" remarks)
    Bernie: You mean like when the wife is mad because we wrap it up a little too soon?
    Ray: No. (Bernie looks disappointed)
  • Spoiled Brat: Spencer, the titular character from the "Annoying Kid" episode.
  • Spoof Aesop: In "Favors", Debra unknowingly threw out an autograph by Muhammed Ali to Ray, and spent the whole episode lying to save her own skin. Finally, she revealed the truth and Ray told her, "You learned something, didn't you?" Debra nodded. You think Ray is going to say something like, "Lying only makes things worse", but instead he says: "Don't touch my stuff."
  • Squick: Invoked in "Peter on the Couch", Robert mentions how very soon after he got his own place, his parents put a hot tub in his bedroom. Peter thinks that Robert's parents are cool (unlike his), but Robert replies: "Come look at 'em use it. Not so cool."
  • Stag Party: "The Bachelor Party", where Ray's idea of a good bachelor party is sitting in Robert's apartment playing cards with Gianni. When Debra, Marie, and Amy find out that was his party, they force Ray to throw a better one.
  • Stealth Insult: Marie is quite good at this and employs it quite a bit on Debra. Though it should be noted that Debra quite frequently uses it too.
    • Ray used this technique in "Be Nice" when he was asked by Debra if he liked the sandwich she made for him. He responded that it's great that she tried. Debra caught on right away: "Wait a minute, that's not nice, that's fake nice, that's your mother." After a brief back-and-forth where Debra just wants Ray to be honest with her and say he hates the sandwich and Ray refuses, Ray makes a deal:
    Ray: I throw this out... and you can call me an idiot.
    Debra: (Beat) ...Deal. (Ray hesitantly walks over to the garbage and throws the sandwich in it) Idiot.
  • Stop Helping Me!: In "Working Late Again", Andy keeps trying to "help" out Ray by saying it's easy to get set up to work from home, annoying Ray, who wants to keep working at the office.
  • Story Arc: Robert and Amy's on-again, off-again relationship, ultimately culminating in marriage at the end of season 7.
    • Robert being gored in the butt by a runaway bull, and his road to recovery in season 4.
    • Debra and Marie's feud/standoff at the end of season 6/beginning of season 7, and the various ways that Ray, Robert, and Frank try to cope with the tension.
  • Stereo Fibbing: Played with in "Liars". Ray and Debra lied to Marie about going to a hotel, and when Marie suspects this, she askes them, "What is the name of the hotel?" Before either can answer, Marie gets an idea: "Why don't you whisper the name to me, and then we'll see what Debra says." After taking Ray across the room, Ray loudly whispers, "RA-MA-DA."
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: In "Home From School", both Ray and Ally ask, "Why? Was the teacher yelling?" in response to Michael saying he accidentally called the teacher "mommy".
    • In "The Power of No", Robert and Amy both say Ray usually follows Debra around with his tongue hanging out.
  • Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion: In "Ping Pong", Ray never seems to rhyme like Frank does:
    Ray: (to Frank) Zero serving six, you're fat and you smell.
    Ray: (to Robert) Zero serving zero, you experimented at camp.
  • Sugary Malice: Marie often makes insulting comments to Debra while pretending to give friendly advice.
  • Sustained Misunderstanding: In "The Letter", Ray uses a hypothetical scenario and Marie and Frank think he's being literal.
    Ray: You guys get your mail yet?
    Marie: No. Why?
    Ray: Because I was just wondering because we didn't get ours either, you know, and sometimes we might get something of yours, and you might get something of ours.
    Frank: What do you get of mine?
    Ray: You know, I don't know, just junk mail.
    Frank: Like what?
    Ray: Whatever. uh, flyers and coupons.
    Frank: Where are they?
    Ray: I throw them out.
    Frank: You throw out coupons? That's money!
    Ray: Look, I'm just, all I'm saying is that you might get some of my mail.
    Frank: Well, how much were the coupons for?
    Ray: I don't know!
    Frank: Jeez-a-loo! Did you get the one for carpet cleaning?
    Ray: I don't know. Maybe.
    Frank: That's a $10 coupon! I was looking for that one!
    Ray: Look, dad, I'll give you $20 if you stop talking about this!
    Frank: You think I won't take it. I'll take it!
    Ray: I'll give it to ya!
    Frank: It would teach you a lesson! Come on!
    Marie: No! no! you're not taking Ray's money!
    Frank: I'm gonna take it because how else is he gonna learn? He's gotta stop throwing out people's mail!
  • Tag Line: In "Lucky Suit":
    Robert: It's like a new chapter in my life! "Robert Barone: Part II".
    Frank: "This time, he's fatter."
  • Take Our Word for It: Stefanie sans clothes in "Stefania Arrives". Robert's expression of what he could've had is priceless.
    Robert: There better be a Heaven.
    • In the syndicated version of "The Model", the supposedly poor quality modeling photos of Robert (taken by Ray). The pictures are present in a pre-credits epilogue on the DVDs, however.
  • The Talk: In "Talk To Your Daughter", Ray is about to give this to Ally, but it turns out she isn't interested in discussing how babies are created, but why God has put us on earth. This throws Ray completely for a loop ("I studied for the sex talk!").
    • In "Driving Frank", Ray says that telling Frank he can't drive the kids anymore is just the beginning, that he and Debra have to be the parents now. Ray adds: "I'll tell you one thing: You're giving him the sex talk."
  • Thanking the Viewer: The "Where's Lunch" vanity plate for "The Finale" is a plate with a bill on it rather than food. As a show of gratitude for our support and loyalty, the bill simply reads "NO CHARGE."
  • Thanksgiving Episode: Practically an annual tradition for the show: "Turkey or Fish", "No Fat", "No Thanks", "Fighting In-Laws", "Older Women", "Marie's Vision", "The Bird", "Debra's Parents".
  • That Came Out Wrong: Ray, full stop.
  • That Liar Lies: In "The Disciplinarian", Ray reveals to Marie and Frank that as a teenager, Robert would drink peppermint schnaps and argue with anyone who didn't agree that "Bungle in the Jungle" was the best song ever written. Robert responded: "That's a great song, but this is LIES!
    • In "Jealous Robert", after Ray is accused of always wanting to hear about Gianni's latest erotic escapades:
    Ray: What are you lying for, liar? Don't drink our coffee and lie.
    • In "The Thought That Counts", Robert recommends that Ray get Debra To Kill a Mockingbird for Christmas. He does, but Ray never mentions that Robert gave him the idea. After Ray keeps getting positive attention from Debra, Robert finally snaps:
    Robert: IT WAS MEEEEE!!! You should be happy with me, I told him to get you that book. It was my idea, not Raymond's, me, mine, all me!
    Ray: Oh, Robert-
    Robert: Oh, you never even heard of "To Kill a Mockingbird"!
    Ray: Oh yes I did!
    Robert: You did not. You never read the book, you never saw the movie. I bet you didn't even know there was a movie about it! Huh? Who was the star of the movie, Raymond?
    Ray: Well what does it-
    Robert: GREGORY PECK, Gregory Peck! He played Atticus Finch, Gregory Peck! "All right, Scout, step aside while I shoot this rabid dog." He won the Oscar in 1962, ya MORON!!!
    Ray: ...What's this guy talkin' about?
    • Debra, to Ray in "Move Over" after she finds out Ray lied to her about sharing a fold-out couch with Robert when they would visit Nonny Barone as kids:
    Debra: You made up that whole story, didn't you, Ray?! Nonny Barone, the apartment, the pull-out sofa bed. You never slept with Robert, did you, Ray?! It was all a lie! You liar!
  • They Don't Make Them Like They Used To: Frank's attitude towards jazz records. He greatly prefers vinyl over CDs, something which baffles Ray greatly in "Jazz Records".
  • The Thing That Would Not Leave: Peter, to Robert and Amy in "Peter on the Couch".
    Peter: I gotta tell ya, that sofa is more comfortable than my own bed.
    Robert: Mother of GOD.
    • Ray was concerned that Robert would become this in "Robert Moves Back" when Robert wants to stay at Ray and Debra's house temporarily (since he and Amy had unknowingly had sex with the blinds open, making them an embarrassment to the building).
  • Through His Stomach: One of the main reasons why Frank decides to stay with Marie.
    • Not a minor consideration in Ray and Debra's courtship was his sincere appreciation of her lemon chicken. He discovers after the wedding it's practically the only dish she can cook well. note 
  • Title Drop: The title sequences of the first two seasons:
    Ray: Now, not every family would {something the family was doing in the background while Ray is explaining the premise} for you, but mine would because—
    Robert: Eeeeeeverybody loves Raymond....
    Ray:* rolls his eyes and continues sweeping* Yeah, yeah, yeah.
    • In the pilot, one of Robert's first words is "Eeeeeeverybody loves Raymond." when he sees an award that Ray won.
    • Episode-specific examples: Robert frequently says "meant to be" in the episode of the same name. Ray and Robert "Golf For It" to see who gets Marie when Frank dies. Robert thinks "She's the One"; that is, Angela.
  • Title Montage: Season 7.
  • Title-Only Opening: Seasons 8 and 9, as well as random episodes from earlier seasons.
  • Title, Please!
  • Toilet Humour: Frequently occurs with Frank:
    • In "Cruising With Marie", it's implied that some bad food gave Frank some diarrhea. Robert got Frank (who had a bad leg) to the bathroom just in time, but just as Robert put Frank back on the couch...
    Frank: Hey Robert... you're not gonna believe this...
    Robert: Again? (Frank nods) All right, come on... (Robert helps Frank back to the bathroom)
    Frank: Bring the newspaper.
    • In "Debra's Parents", Frank remarks that he heard Lois sneaking out of the house, because he was up for his third pee of the night.
    • In "Traffic School", Robert says the word "binding", and Marie immediately says, "Shut up, Frank." Frank is confused, and Marie was sure he was going to do a bathroom joke about "binding".
    • In one episode, Debra accuses Ray of parodying children's rhymes with toilet humor:
    Debra: "Jack and Jill went up the hill... something something poop and pee."
  • Tongue-Tied: In "The Shower", Debra had a little too much to drink so she called Ray from the car:
    Debra: (drunk) Okay, I think I had a little too much to drink because of your mother. And Amy drove her mom back to Pennsylvania, so you gotta come get me. So as soon as you pick up this message, call me on my phell sone— cell phone. Shut up.
  • Token Black Friend: Judy, Robbie's black partner on the police force, was this for him. We didn't see her often on the show, but when we did, she was often trying to help Robert be more confident.
  • Token Minority: Andy invokes this, particularly in a Deleted Scene from "Ray Home Alone," where Ray shoots him with Nerf balls, to which he says, "Oh sure, shoot the Jewish guy."
  • Too Kinky to Torture: In "The Author":
    Debra: You know, if you break your promise, I'll know.
    Ray: (seductively) That's right, and then... you'll have to punish me.
    Debra: Oh I'll punish you.
    Ray: (smiling) Yeah?
    Debra: Seriously; I'll hurt you. (Debra leaves, and Ray tries to follow her) Work, Ray!
  • Too Much Information: Ray and Debra react this way when Marie and Frank discuss their sex life.
    Ray: Don't take this personally, but for the next six months, no eye contact.
    • In "Brothers", Robert asks Ray about he and Debra's first time, because he wants to know if his feelings for Debra changed after he had sex. Ray just nervously stares at Robert, refusing to answer. However, after a guilt trip from Robert, who claims he knows nothing significant about his brother, Ray snaps and answers:
    Ray: You asked about the first time I had sex with Debra. I'll tell ya: I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe someone like her would have sex with somebody like me. So you know what I did? I cried. I cried, I was so embarrassed! I couldn't let her see me, so for the whole time, I never looked at her once, okay?! (after a brief pause, Robert gives an incredulous "...Wow." look and turns the TV back on)
  • Tough Love: Frank's philosophy. "Ping Pong" revealed that he teased Ray when they played ping-pong to toughen him up, because the real world is tough and you have to be tough right back. It's also revealed in "The Mentor" that a young man he knew at the office, Sammy, responded positively to his "Quit crying and suck it up!" taunts, viewing that as rising to the challenge rather than verbal abuse.
  • Turn Out Like His Father: In "Bad Moon Rising", Marie slaps Ray twice, claiming that he's turning out just like Frank (that is, not being helpful and understanding during Debra's PMS days).
  • Two Decades Behind: Despite the series running through 2005, nobody in the cast seems to use a computer for anything other than word processing or the occasional gameplay. It seems as though the internet was never invented in the ELR universe.
  • Two Men, One Dress: Averted in "Surprise Party"; Lois wants Frank and Robert to share a dragon costume. But Robert declines:
    Robert: Sorry, Ray, I'm the look-out. You'll have to find someone else to be your dragon's ass.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Ray may not be hideous, but his giant nose and various other aspects are played for laughs. This difference in their attractiveness is played for laughs in the scene where both try to seduce the other in underwear. Debra provokes cat calls and hollers from the audience. Ray's satin boxers provoke laughter.
    • Ray brings this up in "P., T. & A.", saying that while Debra is always attractive, no matter what he does, he'll always be "this". In a rare act of kindness, Debra tells Ray that he is in fact, quite handsome.
    • Patricia Heaton stated she had an edge on the role in the audition process because she was one of the few actresses who was willing to kiss Ray. And in How They Met, one of the things that attracted Debra to Ray was that he was "a good kisser".
    • Patricia Heaton said, only half-joking, that one thing she would really miss after the show ended was the opportunity to legitimately make out with Ray Romano. To which Ray suggested they could come to some sort of an arrangement, maybe once a week? Without missing a beat, Patricia said "make it twice..."note 
    • Interestingly inverted in the episode "Ray's Ring", in which Ray is hit on by another woman shortly after Robert loses his wedding ring. When Debra finds out, she gets angry at Ray, even though he tells her he set the woman straight. Jealous, Debra takes off her wedding ring and goes to the supermarket, which Ray secretly follows her to. When Debra finds out that Ray is watching her, she tries to get other men to flirt with her, but to no avail. Debra angrily confronts Ray and tells him "You're obviously married to an old hag."
    • Also their friends, the overweight Bernie and the slim attractive Linda, would qualify.
  • The Unfair Sex: After the first few seasons, the show began using this trope a lot. Used in-show by Debra as a justification for her vindictiveness. Debra and Marie were often able to "win" arguments they had no business winning (Marie over Debra, since she was the pro), and the men were forced to deal with it.
    • Also used on a Crossover episode of The King of Queens, where Ray and Debra guest-starred. At one point in the episode, Debra and Carrie declare that men should be forced to wear an electro-shock collar around their neck to keep them in line (this joint declaration ends up being the event that makes Debra and Carrie become friends: the discovery that they share a mutual condescension towards men).
  • The Unfavorite: This trope could be renamed The Robert.
  • Ungrateful Bitch: Debra can certainly fall into this at times. While Ray may be lazy at home, Deb conveniently seems to forget that he works hard enough that she doesn't have to. Her life also isn't the laborious hell she sometimes makes it out to be, as it is made clear that she has plenty of leisure time when the kids are in school and even had enough time to catch an afternoon nap in "Talk To Your Daughter." Marie is not above pointing this out on a couple occasions when she insinuates that Debra has it a lot softer than she did.
  • The Un-Smile: Ray tries to get cousin Gerard to smile, but Gerard can't make it look natural.
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: Pretty much everyone in the main cast is this. You have Ray, a whiny, lazy momma's boy who constantly lies to get out of sticky situations. Debra is a shrieking, long suffering verbally abusive housewife that can never catch a break. Robert is a selfish and often cruel Manchild, with only a Freudian Excuse to back him up. Marie is a manipulative bitch who uses guilt, food, and her old age to get everyone to do whatever she wants, effectively making her the "Queen" of the Barone family, and could arguably be considered the root of every conflict of the show, because of how she raised her two sons, and how she treats her daughter-in-law. Frank is a loud and rude Jerkass, who constantly belittles everyone in the family, and treats his wife analogous to a slave.
  • Unusual Euphemism: In "Stefania Arrives", when Ray and Robert are talking about Stefania:
    Ray: Did you two do, uh... (has a sly look on his face)
    Robert: Do what, Raymond?
    Ray: ...The "huckle buckle"?
    • In one episode, Ray describes sex with Debra as "Hava nagila". As in, "have-a a lot of nagila".
    • From the episode "Sex Talk:"
    Frank: Look, pal - if you're having trouble making the whee-wacky-woo-hoo, you did not get that from me!
    • In "Peter on the Couch", "friendly" is a euphemism for having sex:
    Robert: We're never alone anymore! I mean, you and I haven't even been "friendly" since he (Peter) got here!
    Amy: Robert!
    Robert: I'm sorry, I just wanna be your friend!
    • Later:
    Robert: No, Amy, you are not driving all the way to Pennsylvania tonight. You're gonna stay here and be my friend!
  • Unwanted Gift Plot: In one episode, Marie gives Ray and Debra a sculpture that she made in a class. The sculpture is unintentionally very suggestive, leading the family to try various means of getting rid of it without telling her why.
    • "The Toaster" and "Jazz Records" both feature this as well; pretty much any gift that Ray gives Marie and Frank for Christmas is either sold or stashed in the basement.
    Marie: Would you like a popcorn popper?
  • Upper-Class Twit: Debra's parents, Warren and Lois, were the epitome of this trope.
  • Vacation Episode: The two-parter "Italy".
    • This was one Vacation Episode that actually had further ramifications for the plot, as it introduced the recurring characters of Marco and Stefania.
  • The 'Verse: Everybody Loves Raymond is set in the same universe as fellow CBS sitcoms The Nanny and The King of Queens. In real life, Ray Romano went to high school with Nanny star Fran Drescher and has done standup comedy with The King of Queens star Kevin James. All three shows are set firmly in the New York metro area, with Raymond being set in a Long Island suburb just outside the city, The King of Queens being set (of course) in the NY City borough of Queens, and The Nanny being set largely on Manhattan Island itself (although the action frequently moves to Fran's parents' apartment in Queens).
    • The Ray Barone character appeared in an episode of The Nanny where it was revealed that he and the fictional Fran Fine both went to Hillcrest High School, just like their actors, Romano and Drescher. Doug Heffernan from The King of Queens made a few appearances on Raymond, and the Raymond characters had several guest appearances on The King of Queens.
    • Interestingly, the final appearance of the Ray Barone character was on the The King of Queens episode "Raygin Bulls," as this episode aired in the fall season after Everybody Loves Raymond had ended. From what we heard Ray saying to (offscreen) Marie over the phone at the beginning of that episode, life apparently hadn't changed much for Ray Barone since the series finale of Raymond.
    • The Ray Barone character was also the only character to appear in all three shows. Ray appeared on an episode of The Nanny, and several episodes of The King of Queens, in addition to, of course, being in every episode of Raymond. The characters from The Nanny didn't appear in the other two shows, and the Doug Heffernan character from The King of Queens made a couple of guest appearances on Raymond. Ray Barone's buddy Gianni also made an appearance on The King of Queens, as did Frank, Marie, Robert, and Debra.
  • Vertigo Effect: Seen in the season 4 intro when Ray sees Marie, Frank, and Robert heading towards the house. The camera does this effect on Ray's horrified face.
  • Viewers Are Geniuses: the Series Four intro is set to Ludwig van Beethoven's Song To Joy performed in the original German as it appears in the Ninth Symphony. A Bilingual Bonus is offered to those who know the German words translate as a hymn of hope that all peoples will become a loving family where all bitterness and argument is set aside. But as Marie, Frank and Robert make their determined way across Fowler Avenue, the sound cuts off and becomes discordant electrical static on the line alle Menschen Brüder werden... - All mankind shall become as brothers. Which neatly symbolises the Barone brothers' family dynamic....
  • Volleying Insults: Happens in nearly every episode between Frank and Marie.
  • War Is Hell: Often, when the characters would complain about something in their lives, Frank would retort "You think that's bad? Try being in Korea during the war! We didn't have [Insert Modern Convenience Here], we had to tough it out!"
  • Watershed: Channel Four in the UK screens ELR on a repeating loop in the early part of the morning (between eight and ten am). This appears to be designed so that it can be recorded and replayed later in the day by people getting ready for a day's work who are too busy for TV. But two Series Six episodes have never been screened by C4 for what are presumed to be pre-watershed reasons: the content of"Marie's Statue (suggestive artwork) and No Roll! (Ray and Debra's sex life) are deemed too extreme for daytime viewing by British audiences.
  • Waxing Lyrical: In "Super Bowl", Robert is annoyed that Ray didn't ask him to the Super Bowl:
    Robert: Hey, why don't you get one of those big "number one" foam fingers and wave it in the air? 'Cause you're number one, Raymond, YOU'RE NUMBER ONE! But remember this: One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.
    • In "Meeting the Parents", when Amy has locked herself in a room after she discovers that her parents want to take her away from Robert, Ray comes to the rescue:
    Ray: You two love each other! And all you need is love! Love is all you need! Love, love, love! Okay?
    • In "The Tenth Anniversary", during Ray's improvised renewed vows:
    Ray: I am so happy to be here at this occasion... Love is in the Air.
  • Welcome Titles: The family was introduced while passing by on a conveyor belt for a while.
  • Westminster Chimes: In "The Sitter", Ray goes to the Parker's house and rings the doorbell, which plays this melody. He eyerolls at how protracted the chime is.
    Ray: (annoyed) Parkers...
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: In the episode "Liars", after Ray lies to go to a golf game, Ray catches Debra lying about her doctor's appointment... TWICE! However, she isn't interrogated any further (like, as to where she went, or why she lied about it...) But Ray still got yelled at for her for doing the same thing as her. It's not a big deal but still... where did she go?
    • Debatable. It's unclear as to whether she was lying or if Ray was just being paranoid.
  • What Is Going On?: In "The Bird", Debra is understandably confused why the Barones and the McDougals are at each other's throats when she returns from the kitchen, when both families were just fine a few minutes ago. (the reason: Pat put an injured bird out of its misery and the Barones thought she was a thoughtless animal killer)
    • Said nearly verbatim by Frank in "The Mentor" when Marie questions Frank about whether Sammy is an illegitimate son he had with Harriet Lichtman.
  • When I Was Your Age...: Frequently said by Frank. An example:
    Frank: That's the problem with your generation: Everything has to feel good. Do you think World War II felt good? Do you think Korea felt good? In my day, nothing felt good!
    Ray: Why don't you go back to your day and stop ruining ours!
    • An example from Marie in "The Angry Family":
    Marie: This "new psychology", that children are always right, they're being rewarded for every little thing they do with the stickers! I mean, these kids are comin' home full of stickers for doing nothing! "You went to the potty! Here's a sticker!" In my day, you had to earn a reward, and even then, you didn't get one. And if there was yelling in the house, you earned that, too. There was nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Whole Episode Flashback: There's a couple episodes that explore the characters' lives before the pilot episode, from the episode where Ray and Debra first meet, to several episodes of them as boyfriend/girlfriend. Interestingly, these were usually reserved for season finales. The flashback episodes are as follows:
    • Why Are We Here?: Explains how Ray and Debra moved across the street from Frank and Marie.
    • The Wedding Parts 1 and 2: Ray and Debra's marriage.
    • How They Met: Explains how Ray first met Debra (he was a sofa installer).
    • Robert's Divorce: Explores Robert's disastrous first marriage to Joanne "Cinnamon" Glotz.
    • Ally's Birth: Self-explanatory.
    • The First Time: Ray and Debra try to have sex for the first time, but their romantic evening is interrupted by Frank, Marie, Robert, and the priest at their church.
  • Who Will Take the Kids?: The plot to "The Will"; not crazy about Frank and Marie being the legal guardians of the children if Ray and Debra die, they decide to ask Bernie and Linda instead. However, the couple turn them down because they don't want to deal with Frank and Marie.
  • Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Marie said this in "The Author" when Ray and Robert broke the living room lamp during their scuffle.
  • World of Ham: The entire show. With all the yelling, dysfunction and emphatic moments, you'd think they ate ham for dinner every night.
  • Worst Aid: Averted in "Meeting The Parents." Amy burns her hand on a coffee pot and her mother wants to apply butter. Robert correctly says that cold water is the best treatment, so he dips Amy's hand into a pitcher of cold water and tells her to keep it there for a few minutes.
  • Worst. Whatever. Ever!: In "The Disciplinarian", Ray tells Robert, "Worst song ever written: "Bungle in the Jungle"." to piss him off.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: In "Grandpa Steals", Frank reluctantly agrees to return to the supermarket to apologize to Jimmy, the clerk who caught him sampling. During their conversation, Frank apologizes, and for a second, it looks like Jimmy is going to forgive him, because he says "Yeah, I'm sorry too...", only to insult him some more: "...I'm sorry that jerks like you come into my section and take your dirty hands and put it into the food and take whatever you want. And then when I try to do my job, you rant and rave like some red-faced maniac. You want to do me a favor? Go steal from the A&P!"
    • In the last couple minutes of "The Power of No", Debra finally decides to have sex with Ray after 27 days of mutual abstinence. However, just as they're about to go upstairs, Ally, Michael, and Jeffrey scamper downstairs to eat breakfast and get ready for school. Debra reluctantly abandons Ray to tend to the children, leaving Ray without sex yet again.
    • "She's the One" in general. Robert dates Angela, a woman who seems perfect: She's beautiful, intelligent (she speaks four languages!) and nice. Then Robert goes back to her place, and discovers her bedroom is full of frogs in aquariums, and Angela herself thinks that humans evolved from frogs, validating what Ray say earlier when he said Angela ate a fly.
    • "Not So Fast" may be the ultimate example. In the previous episode, Marie and Frank moved out of their house and sold it to Robert and Amy for a mere $26,000. Less than a month later, Marie and Frank are kicked out of their new condo and, having nowhere to go, move back into the house they sold to Robert and Amy. Poor Robert just can't catch a break.
    Robert: My life. What has happened to my life?
  • You Look Familiar: Jon Manfrellotti originally played an unnamed cable repairman in the season 1 episode "The Game"; he would later play recurring character Gianni starting in the second season.
    • In the first two seasons, Kevin James had a recurring role as Kevin Daniels, one of Ray's coworkers. In two episodes of Season 3, he appeared as Doug Heffernan.
  • You Need a Breath Mint: In "Sweet Charity", Ray gets up close to a woman he's supposed to get to take her pills:
    Margaret: (her eyes are closed) If you're the angel of death, I'm ready!
    Ray: ...I'm not the angel of death.
    Margaret: (opens eyes) Then you could use a mint.
    • During Debra's hearing at the DMV in "The Shower," Frank leans close to Ray and speaks to him, and Ray says, "You didn't brush your teeth today, did you?"
    • In a season 1 flashback scene, Ray and his date are in his car, and he's about to kiss her:
    Lisa: Do you have any gum?
    Ray: Yeah. (hands her a piece of gum)
    Lisa: I meant for you.
  • Younger Than They Look: In "Young Girl", Robert dates Erica, a woman who claims to be 22. (making her roughly half his age) However, at the end of the episode it's revealed that she's even younger than that: She's 19. Debra incredulously asks if Erica is even out of high school yet.
    • Despite being cast as the elderly Frank, Peter Boyle was only 60 when the show began production.
  • You're Not My Father: In "The Nice Talk":
    Peter: (to Pat) If you don't read my Zombie Blood Chronicles, you're not my mother!
  • Your Television Hates You: In "Ray Home Alone", Ray and Robert discuss Ray's fear to sleep in the house alone. Ray fears that he'll be attacked. So, while at home alone, he turns on the TV to watch a nature documentary:
    Man on TV: The mother decides to nurse its young under the cooling shade of a nearby tree. Unfortunately, that decision will cost the gazelle its life. The lion will catch her—
    Ray: No, no, no! Thanks, Robert!

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