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4th Mar, 2021 08:12:09 PM

Do you think this is the way to go about this?

4th Mar, 2021 08:17:03 PM

When you added tropes, were there at least three of them, and did they have the proper context? If not, that still would have made it a stub. You can recreate the page if you have a good description and at least three tropes with proper context. Or at least you can work on the page in a sandbox until it has that much.

v I checked the cut list and it only had that cut reason listed.

Edited by mightymewtron
4th Mar, 2021 08:17:53 PM

If this page was cut once before, then the Cut List will only show that first cut reason. It's a known bug. The page may have been cut for a different reason.

4th Mar, 2021 08:20:47 PM

Well, he should AT LEAST give me a draft copy of the edits I made for a sandbox, but he just deleted it like trash.

4th Mar, 2021 08:22:30 PM

^ If you ask nicely, the mods usually agree with that sort of thing.

4th Mar, 2021 08:24:11 PM

Mod's message description:

"Subject: Your recent edit for: Colonia Contra Ataca

Please do not add Needs Wiki Magic Love to pages. Even adding the Administrivia/ link is right out if it's not on an official policy page. The page and its subpages will be cut due to having no tropes for two years."

Well, I can agree for his NWML argument, but in other words, he acted like "forget your crappy contributions, do a way better article next time."

Edited by Cenourinha
4th Mar, 2021 08:28:31 PM

I think you're reading way too much into this. You expect him to know that you planned to add more tropes even though you didn't make a sandbox for the page, and you seem to be taking this way too personally. You're getting angry at people who are trying to help you.

At this point do you actually want assistance or do you just want to rant?

4th Mar, 2021 09:10:22 PM

Berrenta is a woman.

But anyway, yeah, linking to Needs Wiki Magic Love as soon as you create the page is generally seen as lazy; it comes off as you wanting other people to do the work for you. If you want to mark a page as a work-in-progress that shouldn't be deleted as a stub, you can make it in the Sandbox/ namespace, and there's a forum thread you can use to get feedback on it before you properly publish it. You could even take it to the Trope Launch Pad if you want.

But once you post a work page to the wiki outside of the designated work-in-progress areas, it is subject to the same standards as every other works page.

Edited by Serac
4th Mar, 2021 10:51:22 PM

Also, it's frowned upon to publicly show private messages. It's okay to paraphrase them as long as it's really necessary.


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