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3rd Mar, 2021 07:54:25 PM

The naming convention and poor grammar checks out. Plus, their page here says they've been around since March of 2019, yet their first edit was eight days ago.

3rd Mar, 2021 08:05:18 PM

They've also been flooding ATT with duplicate requests.

3rd Mar, 2021 08:10:34 PM

Time for an IP check?

3rd Mar, 2021 08:11:06 PM

I wasn't sure if their edit history added up, but I already felt suspicious and still am.

Edit: Yep. Edit history checks out as suspicious. Somebody hasn't washed their socks.

Edited by SkyCat32
3rd Mar, 2021 08:30:10 PM

Yikes. We may need to have those edits looked at on the Ban Evasion Cleanup Thread, if it's indeed confirmed to be a ban evader.

Edited by gjjones
3rd Mar, 2021 08:31:12 PM

If it's true, the mods may also have to wipe their contributions to this discussion page. (My bad for linking them there, I guess.)

4th Mar, 2021 05:08:39 PM

I, for one, consider this query resolved.

Edit: Their edits do overlap.

Edited by SkyCat32
Willbyr MOD
4th Mar, 2021 05:12:56 PM

^^ IP overlap confirmed; Tropefan 2020 was only suspended before, but they're now bounced as well.

Edited by Willbyr
4th Mar, 2021 06:41:41 PM

Question: was Leiky a ban evader for Tropefan 2020, or vice versa? I want to know which account came first to figure out which edits to revert.

Edited by mightymewtron
Willbyr MOD
4th Mar, 2021 06:55:11 PM

Tropefan 2020 is the newer account, if I'm reading the records correctly.


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