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1st Mar, 2021 12:27:42 PM

I believe I've seen their username around in projects threads. Not exactly sure what these projects are, but they should probably be in their sandbox. The Gods For Sale one is probably a Pantheon thing, but I hope they're not actually selling them for profit, cuz IDK if you're allowed to do that on here.

Edited by mightymewtron
1st Mar, 2021 12:55:49 PM

Well, you can still access their edit history and they seem to have another account named General Gigan but its tropers page is empty and doesn't describe their project. The redirect seems improper since it crosses namespaces.

Edited by Sirena
1st Mar, 2021 01:35:21 PM

Pantheon regular over here: The "Gods for Sale" page seems to be just an adoption page for ideas, there's no money being thrown around. Gigan hasn't been active in the project for a long while, though.

1st Mar, 2021 02:52:20 PM

Thanks for the link. No edits since August 2020. I think the contents of Homo Varietas and and Gods For Sale can be consolidated in the sandbox. Sounds fair?

1st Mar, 2021 06:04:39 PM

^^ The user is still editing with their other account though, guess you could PM them.

1st Mar, 2021 06:38:23 PM

I might move Varietes off site, not sure where to though.


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