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20th Nov, 2020 05:21:15 PM

As harsh as it may sound, the page has been up for a year. If anyone cared about it it'd probably have been expanded by now.

20th Nov, 2020 05:27:31 PM

Not to mention that the creator of the page is named "liz" and the author is named "Elizabeth." I'm not saying the page was created as an ad, but I'm not saying it wasn't.

20th Nov, 2020 05:40:59 PM

I donít even know if itís a published novel or an online fic.

20th Nov, 2020 05:54:45 PM

Published novel. I read the free sample on Amazon just now. Repetitive phrasings, but the characterization was pretty good.

20th Nov, 2020 05:57:57 PM

More accurately, self-published. I could toss up a trio of indexes and maybe dig around for a trope or two, but I can't get it out of NWML myself, so I'd prefer we cut it as a stub until someone is willing to do the work to make the page correctly the first time around.

20th Nov, 2020 06:05:08 PM

I already messaged the page creator Lizstar asking them to expand, but they've only had three total edits and haven't responded. I was literally typing the cut reason before I decided to give it a last call to see if someone could save it, since it at least has a solid description.

Edited by rjd1922
20th Nov, 2020 06:07:45 PM

See, I only really worry about saving stubs if they were created recently. There's no use in sweating this.


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