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19th Nov, 2020 12:26:39 PM

Gushing About Shows You Like, kiiiinda. It says at the top that gushing is forbidden on the main wiki.

Not sure offhand if there's an actual policy page that addresses it.

19th Nov, 2020 12:34:10 PM

Alright, thanks. That should be good enough.

19th Nov, 2020 01:18:26 PM

A policy page wouldn't be a bad idea, but gushing is much less risky (and arguably less prevalent) than complaining, which might be why it's not as enforced. The policy page for complaining only mentions Gushing as a counterpart to Complaining, not explicitly saying it's frowned upon.

Edited by mightymewtron
19th Nov, 2020 01:21:58 PM

I understand that troping a work is often in its own way a form of gushing, although perhaps there's a place in the editing guidelines about maintaining a certain tone.

19th Nov, 2020 02:37:51 PM

Maybe there should be an Administrivia.Gushing About Shows You Like page, with SugarWiki.Gushing About Shows You Like covering the subject itself while the Administrivia page covers why it's forbidden on non-SugarWiki pages.

Edit: I posted about it in the Outdated Pages thread.

Edited by GastonRabbit
19th Nov, 2020 02:53:32 PM

I toned down some of the gushing on the pages we discussed this week.

19th Nov, 2020 06:09:23 PM

There is a clean-up thread for removing gushing from the wiki in the Long-Term Projects forum.

Removing Gushing from the Wiki


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