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30th Jun, 2020 09:52:18 PM


Although your entry does not fall into Natter territory, falls into an error that in retrospect also made the other entry that deleted in the other article, a counter argument to one side of the divided fan base (in this case Wallflower Blush),

"Common Knowledge" is for displaying common errors in the fanbase in general, not for counterarguing in divisions, since these are fandom divisions, not fandom errors.

30th Jun, 2020 11:00:53 PM

I don't understand who "they" is meant to be here. Is the writer using both "she" pronouns and "they" pronouns about one person?

1st Jul, 2020 03:10:10 AM

The criticism is mistaken anyway; the story never implied Wallflower used the Stone since third grade, it's a misinterpretation. She's just always been a Forgettable Character.

And why would she have used it in her introduction? That's trying to flanderize the character beyond what the actual story is showing.

All in all, I seriously doubt it is a "common criticism" since it's so easily debunked, more of a dumb nitpick or headscratcher. "Common Knowledge" certainly doesn't fit here, removing it for "misuse" was the right move.

Edited by StFan
1st Jul, 2020 11:28:36 AM

My impression was it being incorrect as to be "so easily debunked" was what made it this trope. I seem to be missunderstaning something.

Hereís the "Common Knowledge" example that led me to assume this trope was common but untrue knowledge.

  • One fandom rumor surrounding the Ultra Beasts spread like wildfire just after the games were leaked online, namely that the Ultra Beasts had destroyed multiple universes (including alternate universes that Gens I-V were set in, as alluded by Zinnia during the Delta Episode). Many take this as fact in order to play up the horror factor of the Ultra Beasts, and even many tropers on this wiki took the information to be true (it did not help that this theory had the most followers during the post-leak period, when few people would even have the game due to risks associated with hacking, as well as during the early weeks of the games' release, when few people would have reached that point of the game). Within the games themselves, these rumours are only vaguely implied, and while the Ultra Beasts are said to be very dangerous they are not anywhere near the level the rumor stated. The closest thing to them attacking other universes is one of Anabel's (who is strongly suggested to be from the original games' universe) vague memories of defending Battle Tower against a threat before she fell through a Wormhole. Even if the Ultra Beasts were the threat in question, attacking the Battle Tower (and by extension, the Battle Frontier) is a far cry from being capable of destroying an entire universe.

Is this a valid example unlike Forgotten Freindship because:

  • It explains how the misinformation became widespread.
  • The objective wrongness transcends any Broken Base over the issue. (BB means itís not widespread enough to be common.)

Edited by Ferot_Dreadnaught
1st Jul, 2020 01:27:31 PM

I see your point. In this case, I can't tell just how widespread this misinterpretation is. Personally, it's the first time I hear about it.


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