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22nd May, 2020 03:55:04 PM

Bump? Anyone have any idea?

22nd May, 2020 05:17:59 PM

Have the full rules been published outside the story, like on a blog? Or even within the story, but separate, like in an appendix? Would you be able to put together and play the game without reading the story itself?

If so, I could see a case for Tabletop Games. Otherwise, I'd put it in Literature.

This brought to mind The Elder Scrolls In-Universe Books. I checked some of the wicks to see how they were sorted, and they mostly went under Video Games; there was one in Literature.

I think it's fine keeping them separate on the work page itself. Like if a video game had a fully-playable Game Within a Game, I could see that being split into its own list if it had enough examples to justify it.

22nd May, 2020 08:49:43 PM

I'm not aware of a full rulebook having been published anywhere yet, no.

22nd May, 2020 09:50:50 PM

I'd wick 'em under Literature, in that case.


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