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Willbyr MOD
7th Apr, 2020 04:59:36 AM

Unfortunately, their edits can't be reverted without killing what looks like several other legit edits. I'd say restore the commenting and send them ZCE notifiers for each page, and if it happens again, further action can be taken.

7th Apr, 2020 08:10:58 AM

Ok, I've sent notifiers with a special note about uncommenting the examples without fixing them. The examples have once again been commented out, so I'll post here again if anything more happens here.

Edit: I just noticed they did it again on Characters.Digimon Mega Digimon. I don't know if it was before or after they saw my notifiers, but I sent them another one. I'll work on recommenting the examples now.

Edited by Serac

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