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Have a question about how the TVTropes wiki works? No one knows this community better than the people in it, so ask away! Ask the Tropers is the page you come to when you have a question burning in your brain and the support pages didn't help. It's not for everything, though. For a list of all the resources for your questions, click here.

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20th Feb, 2020 02:27:24 AM

Questions involving comparisons between tropes usually go on the Trope Talk forum.

20th Feb, 2020 06:05:24 AM

Moral Myopia is usually along the lines of "they honestly don't know they're doing something others would consider wrong".

20th Feb, 2020 07:01:49 AM

Moral Myopia is NOT only for villains. It can apply to any group of people: good, evil, or anything between.

20th Feb, 2020 01:41:58 PM

I feel like Moral Dissonance is a more specific form of what most people mean when they call somebody a hypocrite — "it's okay when you [the hero] do it but bad when someone else [the villain] does it." While our trope Hypocrite seems to be more general, the supertrope(?).


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