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5th Feb, 2020 02:12:30 PM

Does it really count as a "Dismantled" MacGuffin?

6th Feb, 2020 02:11:22 AM

If the orbs function independently, no.

8th Feb, 2020 10:23:43 AM

the "people of the era" would be Precursors, possibly also Benevolent Precursors, Neglectful Precursors, or Abusive Precursors, depending on whether the orbs can blow up a city or something, and whether or not the "people" intended for them to blow our cities up.

8th Feb, 2020 02:01:30 PM

I guess I'm only looking for the 2nd bolded part now.

10th Feb, 2020 02:27:43 PM

Bump, because I believe the Poneglyph of One Piece is also an example

Willbyr MOD
11th Feb, 2020 06:08:38 AM

^^ Akashic Records, maybe? Or one of the other tropes mentioned in its description?

11th Feb, 2020 07:20:49 AM

Tried looking @ Information Desk, found nothing...

13th Feb, 2020 05:24:20 PM

Fling a Light into the Future if the orbs were made as intentional way to preserve knowledge of the past

13th Feb, 2020 06:17:21 PM

^ it's not intentional in this case, though. Sometimes the infos may be misinterpreted by the future people as well.


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