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8th Nov, 2019 07:42:10 PM

I think tropes need a narrative to be Played With, so I don't think a real-life example could be "zig-zagged".

8th Nov, 2019 07:45:55 PM

So it's pretty much "played straight", in this case?

9th Nov, 2019 03:07:43 AM

Considering that Kyo Ani is a Japanese company I dont think that we should be applying US based guidelines to them even as a trope.

9th Nov, 2019 04:53:28 AM

The building was fine under the Japanese building code, so it can't count.

9th Nov, 2019 05:01:19 AM

Are we really doing this? Trope a tragedy in a crass at best way?

9th Nov, 2019 05:03:44 AM

We didn't trope 9/11, so why should we trope any other tragedy?

9th Nov, 2019 05:35:33 AM

I thought no real life examples was the rule ?

9th Nov, 2019 05:47:34 AM

Not for No OSHA Compliance, which still allows real life examples

9th Nov, 2019 07:31:55 AM

Perhaps it's time to run No OSHA Compliance through the Real Life maintenance thread if it hasn't been done already?


Edited by Ngamer01
9th Nov, 2019 07:43:53 AM

^x5 100% Agreed. This is in incredibly poor taste.

^ Probably a good idea. Considering that this trope is actually about elaborate Smoke and Fire Factories, I don't even get why there's a real-life section in the first place. Those aren't real.


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