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Hi! I am neves783.

Feel free to visit my new YouTube account.

Now then...

Tropes that describe me:

Tropes that apply to most of us (of course these have personal touches):

  • Berserk Button: Never insult anime and card games within my hearing range. An unusual case in that the "berserk" part does not kick in until around an hour later.
  • Catchphrase: I have several
    • "Alamin mo!" ("Know it yourself!", uttered when pestered by classmates for questions)
    • "(name of person being talked to), umutot ako!" ("I farted!", still one of the most associated phrases with me)
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    • "Get out!" (I said when someone ran into me while I was taking a dump in the school comfort room)
    • "Saint Gemma Galgani!" (I used to say this on a classmate who said this name in the grandest way possible... only to find out that we are supposed to discuss another saint)
    • Just recently: "I! AM! AWESOME!"
    • "Seriously!" (My written catchphrase)
  • Momentof Awesome: I danced the Afro Gunso as part of our anime club's initiation ritual, and I won the batch's "Most Awesome Entrance Performance" for doing so! Talk about unexpected!


Pages launched / about to be launched:

I happen to be into trading card games... ON MOTORBIKES!!! A side effect of that was, well, I was creating custom cards out of some anime series out there. I have them here, for your viewing leisure.

(NOTE: I am sorting them according to booster packs, from top to bottom, and then according to their number.)

    Spellforce Strike 

Some random trivia about me:


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