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7th Oct, 2019 11:29:31 AM

I wonder why people would be using spoiler-y quotes? Seems a bit weird to begin with.

7th Oct, 2019 11:41:10 AM

Personally, I like having the chapter citations for quotes, since it makes it easier to look it up. With a series as long as One Piece, I think it's helpful information. And ultimately, it's inconsequential to include, since it's just two words (Chapter ____).

I'm not sure what you mean by spoilers. I can understand how the quote itself can be a spoiler, but the chapter reference?

7th Oct, 2019 11:43:06 AM

I think they're saying that a quote may not mean a lot on it's own, but with the chapter number, it might reveal a bit too much information? Maybe?

Either way, if something that big can be spoiled in two words...

7th Oct, 2019 11:59:38 AM

@War Jay 77 I'm having trouble thinking of a situation in which that could be the case, particularly for One Piece. How would the chapter number spoil anything that the quote itself already hasn't, y'know what I mean? Even if that was the case, that can be solved by spoiler-tagging the chapter number, right?

Edited by DeeeFoo
7th Oct, 2019 12:01:52 PM

I wouldn't know. All I know is that spoiler tagging the chapter number isn't do-able, since it's above the example-line.

The only scenario I can see where this makes sense though is if a character was thought to have died or something and then comes back, and the quote used is a quote from after they come back.

7th Oct, 2019 03:54:31 PM

That sounds like a really unlikely and specific scenario though, so much so that I question whether it's worth considering. I think it's fine (and maybe even beneficial) to include citations for quotes, what do you think?

7th Oct, 2019 04:00:44 PM

I agree. Besides, if a quote is a spoiler with a chapter source, it's probably a spoiler without a chapter source...

7th Oct, 2019 04:00:44 PM

I agree. Besides, if a quote is a spoiler with a chapter source, it's probably a spoiler without a chapter source...

7th Oct, 2019 04:13:37 PM

I like citations.

I'd just err on the side of caution if a quote in any way is a spoiler, though, with or without citations. Surely editors can agree that something's spoilery or not with quote + when it happens, no?

As for examples where context + quote can be a spoiler, I can point to another example where it'd be spoilery: When a character shows up saying something generic, but the character showing up at that point at all is a twist. Like every good guy coming Back for the Finale, which is pretty common.

8th Oct, 2019 06:32:44 AM

spoiler thing aside... what would be the purpose of referencing the chapter? so that one could go and look for it? then should we reference the chapter for every trope example as well?

9th Oct, 2019 01:13:47 PM

Trope examples and quotes aren't the same thing in this context, I think. Either way SOME reference to when it occurs in a given story is useful for context.

With examples, a reference to the general arc would probably suffice unless the editor wanted to be very particular.

Edited by sgamer82
9th Oct, 2019 03:21:02 PM

Please, cite the chapter the quote comes from.


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