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13th Aug, 2019 04:02:26 PM

I don't think that image was taken through any Image Pickin' thread, either...

They added the image, then Tropers.N8han 11 reverted it to the previous image on grounds that it broke formatting, then the offending troper put it back. Add, delete, re-add. Definitely an Edit War.

Edited by TheNerfGuy
13th Aug, 2019 04:43:41 PM

Oh yeah, I wasn't sure if they misformatted the image in some way or if it just didn't exist in the servers, so I changed it back before they reverted my edit back. As a side note, they don't know how to format tropes correctly: they changed a Panda-ing to the Audience entry to "Panda-ing to the Audience" (formatted like that), I changed it back, and they promptly changed that back the instant I changed it back.

Edited by N8han11
13th Aug, 2019 04:46:45 PM

They've been suspended.

13th Aug, 2019 05:29:46 PM

As they're suspended and the formatting is messed up, I would assume yes.

Still, I do feel the mods need to give the go-ahead first, just to be safe.


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