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13th Aug, 2019 03:37:31 PM

From what I know, we usually prefer to only have Creator pages for people who have created multiple works with pages on TV Tropes. What works have they published?

Edited by Zuxtron
13th Aug, 2019 05:59:05 PM

Or, at least creators who've made some creative work.

I don't know if an Instagram Star fits that rather simple criteria.

13th Aug, 2019 11:33:28 PM

Also, we don't trope real life or real people (or the sugar-coated version of their life as presented on social media). See Administrivia.Creator Page Guidelines. What could be tropeable from social media... Perhaps there are some Advertising Tropes worth listing, but I'm not very familiar with Instagram.

Edited by XFllo
13th Aug, 2019 11:39:01 PM

The only thing I've seen from social media that is tropeworthy is The Sun Vanished, an Alternate Reality Game told entirely through Twitter. That's a creative work, not a person's pictures and snarky social commentary.

13th Aug, 2019 11:46:45 PM

Ok, so I actually googled the guy.

It appears he's a comedian and contributed to some albums. Tropes from comedy routines, things like stand up performances and tropes from music/songs/narrated material are fair game. :-)

14th Aug, 2019 01:08:18 AM

In other words, trope his works, not his Instagram (not himself).


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