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11th Jul, 2019 12:22:11 PM


  • Brain Uploading: One of the things they research are Augmentation Chips, which comes up in the second and third games. It accounts for the continued existence of the dead students. They were supposed to record patient data (which includes memories, personality, and appearance) to a Backup System Grid, but in Black/White, the BSG had the unintended side-effect of giving the data sapience in the event that the patient died.

  • Body Backup Drive: One of the things they research, which comes up in the second and third games and is offered to the survivors in the ending as a possible way to bring back the dead.
    • The Augmentation Chips uploaded to the Backup System Grid in Black/White had the unintended side-effect of giving the patient data sapience in the event that the patient died. During the ending, it was teased that this data could be inserted into bodies to effectively revive that person; it nearly happened with Black's Mastermind during the escape, but another student killed her clone's body instead of awakening it. The students of both games escape with the data, although it's not known if they ever find appropriate bodies.
    • The ankle bracelets in Alpha/Omega/Epsilon were an intentional way to preserve that data and put it into a cloned body, with the sapient data staying safe in Elysium. An alternative is inserting the data into a humanoid robot, something that Alpha's Mastermind is forced to use; he then mentions that there are numerous other robot bodies in Gaia and suggests that others upload their data into them, although no one accepts his advice. Several students instead stay in Gaia for three months to clone human bodies for the deceased, allowing the whole class to walk out alive.

11th Jul, 2019 12:25:40 PM

^ Looks good to me! Thanks Tabs ~


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