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14th Jun, 2019 05:54:27 PM

They're outta here.

14th Jun, 2019 07:03:19 PM

Could a mod revert their edits?

14th Jun, 2019 07:33:56 PM

They have more than 1800 edits. Pinpoint a few, perhaps?

7th Sep, 2019 03:26:29 PM

~@nombretomado — I know this is so late, but I finally got around to, at the very least, deleting their edit from First Kiss, citing this ATT post. Unfortunately, like you said, it'll be hard to revert all of their edits at this point.

11th Sep, 2019 12:23:42 AM

Btw could they be by any chance Li Li1000. They seem to frequent the same pages plus have the same example / link fix type edit reasons.

Berrenta MOD
11th Sep, 2019 08:01:48 AM

Geolocation checks out. They're gone.


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