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I'm a very private person, so I won't be giving out a lot of personal information about myself in this description. I'm a woman in my late-20s, born and raised in the U.S. I became aware of, and interested in, TV Tropes around Autumn 2011, but I didn't become a Troper until March 2017.

12/23/2017: After I complete a few things from my To-Do List, I will be taking a hiatus from being a troper/editor. My personal life has been going down the drain lately, and I need to take care of myself for a while before I can recharge and come back here as a competent, fair and just troper, as I know I have not been recently.


1/11/2018: I am back here briefly to check off some things from my To-Do List, but I expect to be going back on my hiatus soon, because I'm still going through a lot of personal issues.

4/16/2018: I will be taking another hiatus due to personal reasons. Unlike my first hiatus, I do not have any personal issues this time; rather, my personal life is getting busier and more hectic. Once things calm down, I'll be back.

7/18/2019: This is a belated note, but I wanted it to be known regardless. I haven't been as active on here lately due to my job. I'm still a Troper, but just don't expect a lot of edits by me from now on.

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