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14th May, 2019 02:53:47 PM

Eh, bad cases of Character Shilling suffer from a bad case of telling instead of showing, which include Informed Attribute. Other than The Chew Toy and Butt-Monkey (which is when the character suffers misfortunes), I wondered if there was a character of the characters talking about of it for no justifiable reason.

Edited by Tomodachi
14th May, 2019 05:58:26 PM

There's Offscreen Villainy and Informed Flaw, which are somewhat related. I don't know if Character Loathing should be a separate trope, do you have any examples that stick to mind?

14th May, 2019 06:07:12 PM

There's also Take Our Word for It, for when the characters talk about something particularly awful (or awesome) that's either already happened, or happening just offscreen. Either way, the viewer only gets to hear about it.

Edited by MiinU
14th May, 2019 06:56:19 PM

Are you maybe looking for Creator's Pest and/or Take That, Scrappy!? (Creator considers a character The Scrappy, or at least acknowledges that the fandom does, and has the character suffer or be disliked in-universe)


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