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4th May, 2019 12:19:19 PM

It's more accurate to say everything ever made can have a page on this site. The page itself still has to be made by someone. The most likely reasons that show's page doesn't exist is either nobody has made it or they did and it ran afoul of The Content Policy and the 5P Circuit.

If it were the latter there'd likely be a note on WesternAnimation.The Lollipop Dragon saying so. Since there isn't, I'm betting it's just nobody made the page.

You're welcome to do so if you wish, just be mindful of How to Create a Works Page and Grammar.

Edited by sgamer82
4th May, 2019 12:34:36 PM

HA HA HAŚ No. :-)

There are countless books, movies, tv shows, theatre plays, ads, legends, jokes, songs, musicians, bands, webcomics, comics, comic strips, fanfics, videos, pictures, illustrations, both old and new, high-class and pulp, good and bad, created in various languages. All of these are tropeable, but there has to be at least one troper being interested in it and willing to do the job and actually create a page for it.

So no, not everything ever made has a page.

4th May, 2019 02:19:52 PM

For something to have a page we have to have at least one active troper that knows about it and cares enough to make one. Looking at Google this movie is obscure as hell to the point only 16 people have rated on IMDB so it's not surprising that hasn't occurred yet.

If you can be somewhat neutral and not make it come off as just a platform to complain you're welcome to make one.

5th May, 2019 01:47:54 AM

The summer of last year, I estimated that there are five hundred times more fanfiction works on than there are on this site, a similar ratio of literature works of fiction ever published to those that we have pages for, over 50 times as many films exist as have work pages on here, and almost five times as many videogames are catalogued in an apparently very selective website called MobyGames than have a page here.

TV Tropes is really incomplete.

Edited by SeptimusHeap
6th May, 2019 01:09:07 PM

Are you counting solely works in English or translated in English in these statistics? Because I feel that if we go for foreign language works, those numbers rise up even more.

6th May, 2019 01:17:51 PM

okay okay i get it. i honestly thought more people knew about it. i guess that and seabert are going to die in obscurity.

6th May, 2019 01:39:22 PM

Why not make the page yourself? As long as you follow all the rules, why not?

6th May, 2019 01:59:28 PM

Hold on a minute! Why is it "Unholy Cancer"? Does it have pedo porn? Does it have something objectionable?

6th May, 2019 04:41:02 PM

According to IMDB it's just a pretty bog-standard, super-low-budget direct to VHS animated movie.

6th May, 2019 04:44:09 PM

Oh. Ok. Then go wild! You can trope it topic creator!

6th May, 2019 11:26:12 PM

St Fan: As far as books is concerned, yes, I am not counting non-English literature. For the curious, the data are Video Games, Films, Literature while the list of articles we have is here. Note tough that as Fighteer noted in the internal discussion, book series are usually troped on one page even if more than a book was published.


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