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12th Apr, 2019 03:16:11 PM

Well, start out with the ones you can list very quickly. As long as you have more than three valid examples (with context) you're good to go, and the rest can be added after the fact.

12th Apr, 2019 03:30:47 PM

Linking the fanfic would help if you want us to read it.

12th Apr, 2019 03:39:42 PM

Listing all the tropes in a story is very likely an impossible task. Nobody is familiar with every single trope we have. There are characterisation tropes, plot-related tropes, body language tropes, language tropes, stock phrases, fanfic-specific tropes and tropes inherited from canon...

Every work page is essentially a work in progress. A decent list of tropes is good enough. If you write a quality article and cross-wick the examples to trope pages, it may even attract other tropers and other readers might add more tropes. (But with fanfics, this doesn't happen that often. My guess is that it would have to be a very influential fic written for a very large fandom.)

I find this article helpful: How to Collect Tropes. If you want help with the article, you can run it through Trope Launch Pad.

Edited by XFllo
12th Apr, 2019 04:01:16 PM

Listing all the tropes found in a story is very likely an impossible task.
Hey, I'm doing my best!

12th Apr, 2019 04:51:01 PM

^ haha, yes, I'm obsessed with tropes myself ;-)

13th Apr, 2019 06:50:37 AM

If you could somehow contact other readers of that fic, you might have better luck. Theoretically you're looking for the same set of people either way — the overlap between "editing tropers" and "readers of this particular fic" — but that set is likely to be more concentrated there than here.


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