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13th Jun, 2018 03:20:53 PM

If nothing else, it requires a bit more context on the zootopia angle to qualify. I took the liberty of sending a ZCE notifier.

Edited by sgamer82
13th Jun, 2018 04:09:10 PM

That entry seems like a stretch.

13th Jun, 2018 07:41:47 PM

From what I can tell, all it seems to be saying is... that the protagonist of Zootopia is also a rabbit and a Determinator. To call it a reach for an example is beyond kind. I'd cut it.

13th Jun, 2018 10:05:43 PM

Zero Context Example. It needs to read a lot better than that to make sense.

13th Jun, 2018 10:12:46 PM

"This thing in this work resembles this other thing in a work released later" is commonly listed under Hilarious in Hindsight, but I'm wondering if it's maybe too much of a stretch?

13th Jun, 2018 11:27:15 PM

Yes, and I am willing to bet that most "resemblances" aren't really very similar unless you tilt your head just right.