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28th Nov, 2017 10:47:47 AM

Generally yes, moving unrelated works that share a name is a good idea because otherwise subpages for said works will end up colliding. As for what to move it to, usually they're disambiguated by year of release, but that's not a hard rule, any name that logically fits should do.

28th Nov, 2017 01:02:07 PM

Ok. I will move it to WebComic/DNATheWebComic

28th Nov, 2017 08:54:04 PM

Just IMO, that title is... goofy. Maybe just DNA (Web Comic) or DNA (year) would be better

29th Nov, 2017 12:43:37 AM is the website that the comic is located on, although the title of the comic is just DNA. On some other websites it is also called Project: DNA but not on the main website. I don't think that DNA (year) is right. I could also move it to DNA (author's name).

29th Nov, 2017 01:59:49 AM

DNA (webcomic) is right. I don't think that authors of webcomics are common knowledge.

29th Nov, 2017 03:16:26 PM

Under normal circumstances, duplication of the namespace for disambiguation is a very bad idea. However, because the URL itself uses "DNA The Web Comic", it's certainly an option in this case.

With that being said, I object to WebComic/DNAWebComic specifically, because the URL uses the "The" and so should we.

30th Nov, 2017 09:23:46 AM

^ Not in Main namespace obviously, but yes.

30th Nov, 2017 01:14:31 PM

So should I move it to WebComic/DNATheWebComic or WebComic/DNAWebComic?

30th Nov, 2017 01:25:51 PM

Since the URL of the site is, I think our page being DNA The Web Comic makes more sense.

30th Nov, 2017 02:03:54 PM

Please note that the namespace is Webcomic/, not WebComic/

And is the subpage collision so grave that it needs this split? Unless there is two webcomics by the same name, splitting to a different title is not encouraged. Subpages can just be divided in sections, one for the webcomic, one for other works...

30th Nov, 2017 02:35:01 PM

Now I am even more confused about what to do. I am getting so many different responses telling me different things.

Also I thought it was WebComic not Webcomic. I have seen it done both ways but I thought that the former was the correct way.

30th Nov, 2017 02:40:18 PM

Oh, ok. I read the link. I will remember to capitalize it correctly if I move it.

30th Nov, 2017 04:07:17 PM

^^^There's the annoyance factor when it comes to renaming pages. If I'm reading about Web Comic Alice and Bob Ride the Dragon, I personally Do Not Like running into examples for the completely different work Literature Alice and Bob Ride the Dragon. And vice versa.

Edit: that includes properly folderized and separated examples. I'm picky that way.

Edited by Candi
11th Jan, 2018 07:51:32 PM

I have been distracted for a while with other things for a while but I am finally going to move the page very soon. I think I am going to move it to Webcomic/DNATheWebcomic although I am not sure yet. I may also move it to Webcomic/DNAWebcomic

Edited by legendaryweredragon
12th Jan, 2018 02:29:30 AM

^ I still believe the "the" should be included.

12th Jan, 2018 06:17:37 AM

move it to Webcomic.DNA The Webcomic, which keeps consistency in the spelling of webcomic and consistency in the title with the URL of the comic in question. Sandbox.Pages In Accidentally Miscapitalised Namespaces will tell you what the correct capitalisations are for namespaces.

Edited by TheOneWhoTropes
13th Jan, 2018 05:21:44 AM

Alright then, I will move it to DNA The Webcomic very soon.