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The Crisis of Infinite Worlds

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SmilyTrope112 Stand Name: Seiso Cult from ??????
Stand Name: Seiso Cult
Feb 12th 2021 at 4:00:30 AM

Iida takes notice of the noise being caused nearby, and turns to see the giant beast walking around the street. He decides it's best to see what the London Eye Guard does, before taking any further action.

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kaalban Schrodinger's Human from everywhere and nowhere Relationship Status: Singularity
Schrodinger's Human
Feb 17th 2021 at 2:29:59 AM

London Eye:

"I wish it were a dream," I retorted to Shultz, while thinking about possible candidates. Norman Osborne, just like what Hermann proposed, but I never saw any pumpkins around here, and his only sick interest lies with Peter Parker. My cre... Jackal. Even a thought about him tenses my body and makes my heart beat faster than normal. No, his obsession is cloning, not teleportation. That damned octopus, "Beyonder" (what a pompous asshole), hell, it could even be a no-name from London who got lucky with the superpower lottery.

There were too many possibilities. And, as much as I preferred for not a single soul to get involved in my business, I did not have anything at all. I sighed at the thought of this, but I continued:

"Well, you don't seem to be a mastermind behind this shit, but all of us here seem to be completely lost in the middle of fucking London. So why don't you and I work together and find the asshole behind all this." I tried to convince myself that this was the best way to keep him in check, but my lips were still curled while thinking about this collaboration. "And..."

Something appeared on the streets. Great, now what? That shit looked like someone wanted to copy Frankenstein's notebooks and succeeded too much. No, that doesn't matter to me, that does not matter to me at all...


Fuck this.

As I swung from the Eye to deal with the monster, I shouted one more time to Shocker: "If you ever try anything funny right now, I'm going to kill you!"

Well, that should put a rest in those people's doubts.

I landed near the monster and shot the webs in order to restrain his hands. Damn. He was strong. My arms strained while i tried to contain it, but I might just fail if not careful.

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Darkomega245 from The Zone Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Feb 17th 2021 at 9:00:42 AM

River Thames

What he must assume must be a person of authority of this city came near them and asked them what they were doing here. Hopefully he is reasonable.

"Why yes, it appears we were taken from our planets to this 'Earth'. If you please lend us a hand, that would be most excellent." He said to the officer. Hopefully he is of the reasonable kind.

such is life in the zone
Feb 18th 2021 at 6:59:56 AM

London Eye

"Spidey seems cranky today. Didn't you change yer diaper yet today?" Herman shouted as the blue & red figure swung off towards the scene of a disturbance nearby. Without any better idea and nearing the bottom of his bottle, Shocker followed him.

The first thing he saw was a leggy blonde running from the scene in fear. After a few long moments, the second was the hulking monster tearing up the street. What the %#!$ is that? The bloody Frankenstein's monster? Is it a robot or something? Of course, Spider-bloke's already on the scene and trying to restrain it. Glancing about, he noticed that the front window of a jewelry store had been broken and the owner fled.

Halfway through stuffing his pockets, however, Herman felt a pang. Not guilt though. Irritation. I'm an idiot. The Spider's right there! I ought to beat feet! Grabbing a few more items, he hustled out the front in time to note that the big guy seemed about to break free of the webs. I guess there's no point in making the Brits hate me too. Rolling his eyes, Herman dug a few bits of change from his pocket and sent them blurring at the monster's chest with a quick vibro-blast.

LizardOfAus Toa of Anarchy from an Island Kingdom
Toa of Anarchy
Mar 2nd 2021 at 1:47:39 PM

River Thames

The Sith Lord earned himself a double-take with his asking about Earth. After a moment or two, the officer scratched the side of his head and replied. "Well, let's see. Y'r in the City of Westminster, London, off the side of Victoria Embankment in the Thames, and from the look of you, y'r either leftovers from some costume party bender, or y've got something to do with all the appearin' and disappearin' of late. Now, before I give you a hand, how about you all hop out the water before a boat runs y' down?"

Monster Fight

A look over from Hinata's Byakugan revealed plenty of weak spots, mostly in the haphazard stitching and stapling across random muscle lines. The creature's chakra flow was broken, incomplete, though surging with far too much power. When the kunai hit, the beast whipped about, its arms flapping loosely, before giving a bellow and charging in Hinata's direction.

The bystanders screamed and fled at the sight, the London Eye guard included. But one blast from Shocker and the thing fell flat on its face. When Scarlet Spider came down to restrain it, the thing began wriggling and grunting, before hopping back to its feet again. It began running about aimlessly as it struggled to get loose, threatening yank the Spider right from his perch. As it got more and more worked up, the metal spikes on its back crackled, and sparks of tesla lightning danced between them.

A closer glance would reveal something strange about these electrical bursts. When the beast passed through certain spots, the lightning would catch on the air, as if arcing between invisible points, and something seemed to bend, distorting the image of whatever was passed it, then fade away again after but a moment.

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Enirboreh AKA Nixer from the domain of infinite floof. Relationship Status: Non-Canon
AKA Nixer
Mar 2nd 2021 at 2:13:41 PM

Hinata Hyūga

This was bad. Really, really bad. Thankfully the beast seemed to have a large amount of weak spots, though its bodily composition confused Hinata to the point where she didn't even realise at first that it was charging at her. Panicking somewhat, she quickly substituted herself with a nearby wheelie bin—stumbling a moment as she switched places with it before gawking in shock at the others nearby.

Is that... webbing...?

Sensing that the spider-like figure was about to be in trouble, Hinata darted forward as fast as she could—slamming her foot against the ground in front of the beast as she bravely stood in front of it and envisioned a yin-yang symbol beneath her feet.

“Eight Trigrams: Thirty-Two Palms!”

Her foot cracked into the tarmac as chakra surged through her systems, and she began to aim palm after rapid palm strike at as many of the creature's weak points she could possibly hit; using her Byakugan to calculate the exact which way to strike them to cause as much lingering paralysis in the beast as she possibly could.

“Four Palms! Eight Palms! Sixteen Palms! Thirty-Two Palms!!”

She didn't dare attempt the 64 Palms on the thing, as she'd likely be too burnt out to avoid a retaliation from it. The 32 Palms was half the effectiveness of the full technique, but it'd hopefully give her enough stamina to potentially jump away—she didn't want a need to prove herself to be the cause of her downfall.

She hoped the others were on her side too, as much of a stretch this was to consider. At the very least they seemed to have a common enemy at the moment...

Edited by Enirboreh on Mar 2nd 2021 at 10:15:13 AM

Skooter910 Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
Mar 2nd 2021 at 3:59:23 PM

River Thames

Zagreus didn't really understand anything that the police officer was saying, but as long as they were getting help, he didn't care too much. He did blink a few times in surprise when reminded that he was still in the river; he really thought he'd stepped out of it.

Smiling sheepishly, he did as instructed and called over, "probably a good idea, mate. I, well, I've never heard much of this 'London' before. Is it close to Greece?"

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Bored_Man Relationship Status: Abstaining
Mar 2nd 2021 at 4:52:54 PM

Yzma (River Thames)

Step out of the...oh. She'd thought things were wet. Doing as suggested, only because she wanted to and for no other reason, the sorceress regarded the officer of the law with a raised eyebrow.

"So, something is amiss, is it? Disappearances, you say?" Yzma asked. Disappearances. That she wasn't the cause of. That spelled trouble...but maybe it was trouble she could make something good out of.

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TheGeekArtist08 Parotia sefilata from Japari Park Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
Parotia sefilata
Mar 2nd 2021 at 8:11:14 PM

River Thames

..leftovers from a costume party bender. Not an insult Michael hears every day, but eh, can't blame the officer for thinking that. He listens to what the cop have to say at the moment.

Then the cop tells them to hop out of the water.

Huh. Surprised he hadn't notice that already.

He walks out of the river proper, still carrying the items he brought along. "Appearances and disappearances, huh?" He muttered. "That's odd. Found anything related to the case, Chief?"

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SmilyTrope112 Stand Name: Seiso Cult from ??????
Stand Name: Seiso Cult
Mar 2nd 2021 at 10:36:26 PM

Iida facepalms at seeing the guard flee, but now he has a chance to help deal with the monster, so, after determining it to be an emergency (Due to his Hero License only allowing him to act as a Hero during times of emergency), he zips right over using his quirk, and tries landing a few hits on the beast.

Just a Tako Priestess who can curse you. Literally.
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