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Netflix's Twelve Forever.

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Sep 2nd 2019 at 1:22:34 AM

"It's not nonsense if it's relative to the show and it's quite rude to demand a change in topic just because you don't like the current one."

It is nonsense considering A) its bullshit as it was made by a person who has a history of these types of accusations and open, proud association with people who use pedo accusations to attack LGBT creators, B) again it doesn't affect the show or its qualities, C) its literally causing disruptive edits on this very wiki to the point that Ask The Tropers had to be consulted and apparently the YMMV page has to be on close survellaince now.

GamerSlyRatchet Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
Sep 2nd 2019 at 8:32:15 AM

It isn't. I literally saw that post with my own eyes before the Tumblr blog went under. And there's also legal documentation that shows complaints against Vickerman were filed.

I know the source sucks, but that doesn't automatically invalidate the news.

Sep 18th 2019 at 2:27:23 PM

Shadi Petosky, executive producer for Twelve Forever, said the show is cancelled. Coincidentally, the Amazon show she (Shadi) created, Danger & Eggs, was also cancelled after 1 season, but not because of controversy.

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Sep 18th 2019 at 4:19:13 PM

That sucks so much. I do think the pedophilia accusations are far too overblown but the misconduct I can’t let slide. So upsetting that we don’t get another season due to her poor decisions.

AyyItsMidnight Ordinary Corrupt Android Love
Ordinary Corrupt Android Love
Sep 18th 2019 at 4:20:26 PM

Well. That's a bit of a shame.

GamerSlyRatchet Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
Sep 18th 2019 at 9:10:29 PM

Damn, what a shame. Shadi's comments are interesting, though. She seems to hint someone's decisions ended the show, rather than just Netflix yet again cancelling another one.

Sep 18th 2019 at 10:37:17 PM

Shadi Petosky finished what had been started (and everybody working on it got paid for a full season), but it was Julia Vickerman's idea. My guess is that it was a bad experience and no one wanted to continue it.

Petosky probably has her own show ideas she'd rather be working on.

VengefulBale Spooktober Day 18: Chernabog from Bald Mountain Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Spooktober Day 18: Chernabog
Sep 18th 2019 at 10:41:49 PM

Well, this sucks. Yet another show with potential lost to cancellation.

A God of Darkness
BigMadDraco Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Sep 19th 2019 at 5:23:27 AM

[up][up]Her tweets give me an impression she'd rather be running a show she didn't create than be out in the wilderness. I'm guessing she's talking about the show creator's decision to stalk an underage boy as the choice that canceled the show.

Sep 19th 2019 at 5:41:07 AM

Even before the scandals Netflix did shit to advertise this show. Even then, the ratings are pretty good and the scandal just added to viewship.

I'm just so fucking pissed. Netflix and Cartoon network executives have earned my hatred.

Edited by Keshali on Sep 19th 2019 at 5:41:36 AM

M84 Such heroic nonsense from Our little blue planet Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Such heroic nonsense
Sep 19th 2019 at 5:43:34 AM

Seems Netflix wasn't to blame. Heck, Petosky seems to be really annoyed due to repeatedly correcting people on the matter in the tweet chain.

While she was proud of the show itself, it seems like actually working on it wasn't a particularly fun experience. That might have been a factor in the show ending.

Edited by M84 on Sep 19th 2019 at 8:47:00 PM

Disgusted, but not surprised
Sep 19th 2019 at 6:23:29 AM

[up][up]How do you know the ratings were good? Netflix doesn’t release their ratings data.

Even if the ratings were good, Netflix cancelled House of Cards (US) over allegations like this, and that show was a critical darling and ratings smash. Twelve Forever never stood a chance.

"That's right kid. Never play an ace when a two will do."
XMenMutant22 The Feline Follies of Felix the Cat Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Sep 19th 2019 at 12:24:20 PM

[up] The thing is, Vickerman was already kicked out of Season One's production very early. Keep in mind we've (sadly) had similar situations from two 2010s cartoons already, with both either outliving the existence of their creator's presence (Skyler Page - Clarence) or continue to remain popular and spawn a spin-off (Chris Savino - The Loud House).

We also have to consider that one of Twelve Forever's production companies (Puny Entertainment, which happened to be Shadi Petosky's own production company) shut down, and as alanh pointed out, it seems that Petosky is moving on to live-action works.

Sep 19th 2019 at 2:25:45 PM

That might be what Shadi meant by it wasn’t Netflix’s fault - if the animation company shut down, Netflix may not feeling like finding another company unless it was a huge hit.

Sep 19th 2019 at 2:37:38 PM

"How do you know the ratings were good? Netflix doesn’t release their ratings data."

Some staff members reported on that, and overall it tends to follow consistently.

Ratings was never the issue here. Netflix already hated the show beforehand, barely advertised it, postponed it twice. The show never had a chance regardless of Julia's actions because there was always an unspoken loathing Netflix had for it.

Sep 19th 2019 at 2:42:42 PM

[up]Some shows have a single major issue that brings them down.

This show had ALL the scandals. Although I question why Netflix would loathe it unless they felt like they were sold a false bill of goods.

Edited by Beatman1 on Sep 19th 2019 at 5:44:24 AM

"That's right kid. Never play an ace when a two will do."
M84 Such heroic nonsense from Our little blue planet Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Such heroic nonsense
Sep 19th 2019 at 7:05:56 PM

[up][up][up]Shadi mentioned in that Tweet chain that the show would have had to be much more popular to make it worth the effort to find new people to work on it. That's probably what she was talking about.

One can blame Netflix for a lot of things. But not this.

Edited by M84 on Sep 19th 2019 at 10:08:12 PM

Disgusted, but not surprised
BigMadDraco Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Sep 21st 2019 at 9:23:03 AM

[up]One of the studios behind going bankrupt was always going to be a big issue because animation has so much spin up time. Even if they could find a new studio immediately it would probably be 2 years before a second season could be released (as happened with Hilda), that would be a hard sell for Netflix as they've been trying to shorten the gaps between episode, especiallyfor their animated programming. That's the reason you hear about shows getting a second season before the first is out.

Sep 22nd 2019 at 6:31:46 PM

I liked the series very much, it's a shame that it was cancelled but I honestly saw it coming after the creator controversy, since I don't think anyone would want to touch something made by an individual who expresses the kind of interests Julia did (pretty sure The Loud House would've been cancelled on the spot if Chris Savino had harassed a minor). Also, she has blocked numerous Twitter users such as TRAFON for merely discussing the controversy, so she's probably guilty as hell.

PrinnyRamza Ice to See You
Ice to See You
Sep 25th 2019 at 2:27:42 AM

Wait stop.

She said that she didn't meant it was canceled.

BigMadDraco Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Sep 25th 2019 at 4:38:53 AM

That doesn't necessarily mean what you think it means. In Television canceled has a very specific meaning, that a show has been ended despite future episodes being ordered. A good example of a cartoon that was canceled would be Invader Zim which was actively in production at the time leading to the voice over only episodes.

If a show has 13 episodes ordered and all 13 air, the show is not considered to be canceled if no further episodes are made.

M84 Such heroic nonsense from Our little blue planet Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Such heroic nonsense
Sep 25th 2019 at 5:49:57 AM

And they couldn't make new episodes since the animation studio went under.

Edited by M84 on Sep 25th 2019 at 8:50:17 PM

Disgusted, but not surprised
Sep 25th 2019 at 8:48:23 AM

[up][up][up]I took that as meaning that those working on the show didn't want to (or couldn't) continue producing it. They weren't fired, they quit.

Sep 28th 2019 at 1:17:50 PM

Petosky said: I am bummed we don't have future seasons... therefore it means that there won't be anymore of the series, that's it. Shame, but after knowing what Julia did it was to be expected, and sadly that will be the only reason it will be remembered.

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