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Netflix's Twelve Forever.

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AegisP Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
Jul 29th 2019 at 5:14:09 AM

All new 25 episodes are out on Netflix! I hope this show will be awesome.

Too late, I'm already judging you. Here I go judging. Ahem. "That person spells 'Mmm' with seven M's. What a weirdo."
Jul 29th 2019 at 5:39:28 AM

Whoa. I saw the trailer but didn't realize it would be out this quickly. I've been looking forward to it since the pilot way back when.

BigMadDraco Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jul 29th 2019 at 4:35:45 PM

I'm really liking it so far.

Jul 30th 2019 at 7:30:47 PM

Spring Break Forever: Me before this episode: "Haha, Dr. Champion is from Kentucky. What a funny joke." Me after this episode: "Oh nooooooo. Don't like that."

BigMadDraco Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jul 30th 2019 at 7:42:57 PM

Of the pilot shorts that Cartoon Network released in the 2015 season this was the one I wanted to see as a series most, but that was mostly due to the weakness of the other two pilots. This show has exceeded the pilot in every way imaginable.

This is an absolutely fantastic show with heart and despite the absurdist setting of Endless has it's strength in it's realistic characters. Reggie fears growing up and can't relate to here mom, brother, or most of the people around her. Todd has a chaotic home life with an irresponsible father and young siblings. Esther has a lot of pressure on her to succeed. And these problems are what draws them to endless island.

Here are some more spoilery thoughts:

The setting in the early 2000s seems kind of arbitrary at first, but if the show gets more seasons I think it's going to play a bigger role due to Reggie's crush on Conelly. Coming out as gay in the early 2000s and today are fairly different, and watching the episodes I'm not entirely sure that Reggie understands her feelings. Also I expect it to set up something because Judy was expecting dating boys to be common ground she could share with Reggie.

I like the myth building they are doing with Endless Island as while it responds to the the people that visit it, it's also clearly not created by Reggie as was implied in the pilot as it's been around since at least the 50s.

Edit: Also of the residents of Endless Doctor Champion is my favorite. If we get a season 2 I'm 50/50 on him having a heart-breakingly tragic backstory.

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BigK1337 Comedic Super Troper from Detroit Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Comedic Super Troper
Jul 30th 2019 at 9:39:04 PM

Wait! This shit is out already!?! Fuck. I thought it would at least come out near the end of August or something.

Don't Judge me, need more views: | |
BigMadDraco Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jul 30th 2019 at 9:48:56 PM

Yep, and for some reason it dropped on a Monday rather than a Friday like most Netflix cartoons.

Jul 30th 2019 at 9:48:57 PM

“Stranger Forever” was probably my favorite episode if only because Elmer’s backstory was so interesting. I hope we get more of how the endless has effected people in season 2... fingers crossed.

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BigMadDraco Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jul 31st 2019 at 8:09:50 PM

I know this is a stretch and theories like this are a dime a dozen, but Does anyone else get a vibe that Reggie might be Ft M transsexual? Part of what set her off about the puberty books wasn't just the gross details, but the line (paraphrased) "inside every girl there's a woman waiting to bloom", and has a strong desire to not change physically i.e. going from the largely gender neutral prepubescent body into a fully feminine body. And of course that's without bringing up her general tombish qualities and seemingly active disdain for female clothing (both for the wedding and for the dance her personal picks involved a dress shirt). I'm probably reading too much into it, and it probably wouldn't have brought it up at all if not for the already present LGBT themes

Jul 31st 2019 at 8:24:24 PM

Well not necessarily. You can be a tomboy and not like the changes puberty brings to your body and still be a cis girl (periods suck).

Granted i'm not one to debunk that theory since i'm trans and wish i was 12 forever.

Jul 31st 2019 at 9:01:48 PM

The shoes Reggie always wears having the trans flag colors definitely got a *thinking emoji* out of me.

Jul 31st 2019 at 9:18:26 PM

Are such behaviors common among young trans people?

AegisP Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
Jul 31st 2019 at 9:34:14 PM

I dont know, but its an interesting detail that the writers and animators put there.

Too late, I'm already judging you. Here I go judging. Ahem. "That person spells 'Mmm' with seven M's. What a weirdo."
Aug 7th 2019 at 10:53:33 PM

Just watched this series.

There were a couple of real surprises I didn't see coming:

First, Reggie turning out to be kind of a jerk. Reggie seems to exemplify both the positive and negative aspects of childhood. Yes, she's creative and free-spirited, but she was also very selfish, egocentric, and emotionally volatile in several episodes. To me, it seems like the show was deconstructing Reggie's desire to remain "twelve forever," which is really surprising considering the initial premise made me think the show is about RELISHING childhood. When you compare how Esther and especially Todd were taking their first steps into adolescence with mostly positive experiences, Reggie's stubborn behavior and aggression/aversion to any suggestion of maturity comes off as very...not good.

To be clear, I don't think Reggie's a bad person, I'm just really surprised with how much honesty the writers portrayed her flaws.

Second, Endless turning out to be less than sugary-sweet. Compared to the pilot implying the whole thing is just Reggie's subconscious-turned-reality, this version of Endless is lot more mysterious and bizarre. I loved the implications regarding the mental/physical warping it did to people and objects from the 'real world.' Also, the Buttwitch's passing references to how the island used to be, not to mention the reveal that there are more islands, REALLY make me intrigued. Though, that one episode where the kids try to figure out how Endless work and get nowhere makes me worried if the writers are really invested in telling us just what Endless IS.

Edited by Leaon42 on Aug 7th 2019 at 12:55:05 PM

AegisP Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
Aug 8th 2019 at 3:02:12 PM

A flawed main character? BURN THE WITCH!

...Im sorry! If it helps I didnt think of you when I said that.

Too late, I'm already judging you. Here I go judging. Ahem. "That person spells 'Mmm' with seven M's. What a weirdo."
Aug 12th 2019 at 3:27:43 PM

I hope the series doesn't end with Reggie embracing adulthood/maturity. Because so far (I'm on episode 8) when a conflict comes up between Reggie and her mom, I'm 100% on Reggie's side lol.

Blueace Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Aug 12th 2019 at 3:39:43 PM

Better for Reggie to figure out how she wants to grow up, even if it doesn't go with the usual ways.

Matchingbone from Somewhere between here and way over there. Relationship Status: I'd need a PowerPoint presentation
Aug 12th 2019 at 5:17:00 PM

I am enjoying this show but sometimes I worry I may be too old for it as evidenced by Reggie. I agree that maybe she is supposed to represent the positives and the negative sides of youth. But often because of herself attitude I often don't like her. I also notice how many of the older onscreen figures Reggie has in her life aren't quite the people she needs. Mr. Flemming comes out the best being the most supportive of Reggie's creativity and being a really great role model for her, I worry Kathy may be a bad influence but she mostly is there for Reggie's mom and no other character, I can't put into words what's up with Reggie's and Todd's dads. Also I am disappointed in how underutilized the Butt Witch is as a villain as when she isn't the antagonist in an episode, the characters often don't feel right. I would say my favorite episode currently is Secrets Forever because it makes the three have to confront their flaws and grow in someway.

Excelsior123 The Unknown User from Boxwood Terrace Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
The Unknown User
Sep 1st 2019 at 4:34:43 AM

It has come to light that Julia Vickerman was actually fired from Twelve Forever. Not only did she harass other crew members, but she is a pedophile, she made a now-deleted Tumblr post about how she stalked a 14-year-old boy at a fair.

She was replaced as show runner by Shadi Petosky, who created Danger & Eggs.

That's rough buddy
Sep 1st 2019 at 5:08:32 AM

I can't remember, was she the original creator of Twelve Forever or was that somebody else?

Ultimatum ◕ ◡ ◕ Disasturbator from England Relationship Status: Holding out for a hero
◕ ◡ ◕ Disasturbator
Sep 1st 2019 at 5:12:04 AM

It says she was original creator,yikes

My Discord | My 🎨 blog|
Sep 1st 2019 at 5:30:45 AM

We have one of the rare cases where it's the woman who caused this controversy rather than being the victim. Well, let's hope things sail smoothly from here on in.

AegisP Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
Sep 1st 2019 at 5:50:49 AM

If Toonzone is to be trusted Petosky doesnt want to continue Twelve Forever either... The show is doomed.

Too late, I'm already judging you. Here I go judging. Ahem. "That person spells 'Mmm' with seven M's. What a weirdo."
VengefulBale Spooktober Day 14: The Beldam from The Other World Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Spooktober Day 14: The Beldam
Sep 1st 2019 at 6:48:26 AM

Well, this sucks.

"Gosh, I have no idea where your "old" parents are. Perhaps they've grown bored of you and run away to France."

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