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Oggy123 Hiii! from Jakarta, Indonesia
Aug 13th 2019 at 3:27:51 AM

The newly-awakened combat android, still confused after it's awakening and trying to understand what's going on, watches her reflection on a mirror. She screams. "Wh-what did you do to me!?"

Marx: "I have awakened you, my servant."

King K. Rool: "Will this scrap metal be our key for the Crystal Coconut!?"

Marx: "Probably, and domination too. If we win, i'll get that coconut for you!

Marx then shows the T-Doll a picture of Kirby.

Listen, i have a big job for you. I need you to help me beat that Kirby."


K. Rool then asks if just one of these things is enough to take down Kirby and/or turn Panem upside-down, and most importantly, retrieve the Crystal Coconut.

Marx: "Don't worry. There's more where that came from. The real question is where i'll get these... these... weird magic egg things."

Meanwhile after a long wait, Kine turns up with what appears to be a young girl.

Susie: "Uh..."

Kine: "That's a battleship!"

Susie: "That is one weird ship. Are you sure this thing can help us?"

Kine: "You can count on her!"

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IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 13th 2019 at 3:30:39 AM

Power's Art School

"Clone, it is, then. And, well, thanks for the awesome watch party, Power. I'll talk to ya once I get home and test out my new toy."

Smiling as he ruffles Power's raven-colored mane, Ichigo walks out of the art school, then takes out his phone and makes a call to his bunker.

"Alright, warp me back. I'm expecting a couple new guests sometime soon-ish, and I'd be a poor host if I weren't there to greet them."

"Yes, sir! Locking onto your position now..."

After a moment, he's teleported back to his home base.

Underground Bunker

Upon returning, Ichigo heads into the computer room, sits down upon the chair, then fishes his newly-acquired/drawn-up crystal ball from his coat and places it on his desk. True to his word, he rubs the orb to contact Power while resisting the urge to do his best Saruman impression.

As he waits for the artistic unicorn to pick up, he briefly glances at Lobo and Ghost Rider on his monitor before receiving 6k1- or rather, 6k2's latest email. Curious, he opens it and studies her new pet before replying.

Can't say I've ever heard of a... Starble before. What is it, exactly, something from the Kirby 'verse?

Calling two droids into the room by snapping his fingers, he explains to them that Power's clone would require assistants at the art school, and they were just the bots for the job. Once he's finished briefing the pair, the automatons make for the Teleportation Room and warp themselves into the art school.

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Oggy123 Hiii! from Jakarta, Indonesia
Aug 13th 2019 at 3:55:18 AM

Just before the next season starts, Marx checks the arena for something to salvage. He then spots two of these magic egg-things. One of them is yellow with a flower-shaped symbol, the other is purple with a candy-shaped symbol. Marx then detects some shady people setting up the arena for the new tributes. Marx then escapes without being detected.

Marx then shows this discovery to King K. Rool. "Must be leftovers from a previous season. Wait, i do remember a season where two girls with those motifs show up. Must be from that season. Question is... where would we get more of these Dolls?"

K. Rool: "Hmmm..."

Later, as Susie and Kirby walk home, with their shipgirl in tow, several truck appear, bearing the words "TD" on it. Kirby points out this.

Susie: "Oh, Kirby, that's just a truck of Tactical Dolls! The reclusive scientist created them for combat, and he must've sent them to someone for some reason. Wait, isn't that..." On the roof of one of the trucks is King K. Rool and Marx. They, without warning, climb down and hijacked the truck, kicking off the driver before driving away.

Susie: "Kirby, you stay here. I'll follow them and find out what they're up to."

At Marx's pad, Marx and K. Rool collect their hoard of weapons, CP Us, and Ribeyrolles units.

Marx: "Okay, we got these battle-androids and the two magic gems. I'm certain that these gems are what gives those girls form that season their magic powers, and if i can use it on these units, they'll be unstoppable!"

K. Rool then says his goodbye, wishing Marx luck. Marx then inserts the two egg-gems into two of them. The two units wake up.

"Where... where am i? What happened?"

"Morning! I'm hungry. You have cheese?"

Marx: "You're my newest members of my army! I brought you to life from a combat android and magical gems. And with you and my army in tow, we'll be unstoppable!"

"Can you get me some cheese?"

Marx: "After we finish installing the CP Us to the units, you can have your cheese. Oh, my little friend, i brought you some pals!"

Susie, seeing the whole thing outside, runs off to tell others.

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Mhazard ff from Hong Kong Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Aug 13th 2019 at 5:06:32 AM

Hassel's District 1 Outpost

"Driver, can you hear me? Report for duty immediately!"


"You again? This time, I've rigged remote control receivers and trackers into each doll. You can't stop me this time. I've made clear that you can buy our products, but you chose to rob them? I'll make sure you wouldn't mess with me!"

"Anyway, Driver Number Two, send another 50000 Ribeyrolles units to our client first, we've lost the first shipment and we cannot afford to lose our reputation. We have plenty of dolls, but if we lost the trust from our clients, Hassel's hard works will be all for nothing."


"What the heck is Umu? I say send the units to my new client."


"Can you even talk like a normal person?"

"Umu! Umu! Umu! Umuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"


Another batch of Ribeyrolles units are being sent to Billy's clone, also with the identical content. At the same time, she activates the remote control function and tries to sic the 50000 Ribeyrolles units in the hijacked truck against Marx...

And yet, the units don't get activated as Ribey intended, the CPUs seem to be not installed.

"Nope, I forgot to install the CPUs for the first batch, there's no way for me to recover them. I should've installed the CPUs instead, my paranoia has finally become my undoing..."

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Cute girls are cute.
TroperNo9001 Pinkie and the Brain from Sugarcube Corner and the Castle of Friendship Relationship Status: Brony
Pinkie and the Brain
Aug 13th 2019 at 5:12:44 AM

Outside the Underground Bunker

6k1 and Ally step out of the portal. The former knocks on the door.

"Ally, I'd like you to meet a good friend of mine. He's going to show us around his home, then give you the upgrades and training."

The Databot nods. Affirmative. You have 2 unread emails.

6k1 facepalms.

The Database Library, Basement

6k2 receives the email from Billy and replies:

Thank you very much for the offer. I would like flyers to be handed out to the tributes; we need 327 million and 47 in all. Additionally, I would also like recruitment ads to be distributed across the entire multiverse. Power Stroke is searching for art teachers of varying fields and species.

After sending it, she receives Ichi's and replies:

No idea. All that GC said when he gave me the egg's that they're friendly and make good pets. Also, they have a voracious appetite, given that Mimi swallowed my Goblet of Fire book whole. And they also shoot lasers from the stars on their antennae.

Once she's done, she goes to the first floor of the library to withdraw some money from the ATM: just enough to fund Power's school. She puts the cash in an envelope and mails it before going back down to finish packing.

Power's Art School

Power smiles at her masterpieces as she finishes the last of the posters. She was about to head outside to deliver them to Billy's school when the droids come in. Both of them are holding envelopes.

The unicorn opens them and receives the money and the photo of 6k1 and the Starble. As she packs them in her bags, she sees her crystal ball glowing and magicks it.

"Hey there, Ich! I'm glad that this comm. system's working out! The droids have arrived, and I'll be delivering these posters to Billy's school in exchange for him funding mine! Also, I myself will be handling the school this season. I'll summon my clone once it's over."

The purple one's a genius while the pink one's insane!
Oggy123 Hiii! from Jakarta, Indonesia
Aug 13th 2019 at 5:38:08 AM

As Marx installs the CP Us to the units, the three newly-awakened units protest to Marx.

"For the last time, i am not a combat android! I'm a..."

"Helper. That's what you are."

"I'm also surprised when i first woke up in this body, you know. Just do what he says."

"I'm hungry."

He manages to activate 100. Marx's army is partially complete.

Meanwhile, Susie spills the beans about Marx's plan to Kirby and his friends.

Adeleine: "So... Marx is bringing some combat machines to life... using magical egg-gems?"

Magolor: "Purple and yellow gems? I recall a season where i got involved with two girls with those motifs. Me and Zan, in fact."

Zan Partizanne: "If i didn't know any better, i think those gems gave those girls their powers. Marx must've salvaged the arena and stole them for his own nefarious plans!"

Susie: "Just like you?"

Zan Partizanne: "No, not really. I sense something fundamentally different from their and my powers. As if their powers are detrimental for them."

Magolor: "Point is, we got to stop them at all costs. But how?"

Susie: "Kine has some shipgirls at our service. Oh, and our powers are not to be underestimated. Magolor, Taranza, the Mages and Adeleine have their magic, i got technology and robots in tow, the Animal Friends, Daroach, and Gooey have an arsenal of powers, and of course, Kirby, Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Dee are the ultimate quartet with an arsenal of weapons and powers.

Meanwhile, Marx perfects his new army, with the three gem-powered units at the lead.

Marx: "Welcome, my new army. I've gathered you all to defeat this enemy. *Shows them Kirby* I want you to eliminate that Kirby! And after we finished, we'll topple the president and his bone-headed sidekick, and be the king of Panem."

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TheGamechanger Unicron from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 13th 2019 at 6:26:54 AM

The Database Library, Basement

Mimi suddenly leaps onto 6k2's shoulder and nuzzles her face, the Starble's fur feeling very smooth and nice to the touch.

Fren! Fren!

ITT: World of Supers
TroperNo9001 Pinkie and the Brain from Sugarcube Corner and the Castle of Friendship Relationship Status: Brony
Pinkie and the Brain
Aug 13th 2019 at 6:32:42 AM

The Database Library, Basement

6k2 feels tickled by Mimi's fur. She picks her up and cuddles her for a while.

The purple one's a genius while the pink one's insane!
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 13th 2019 at 6:45:02 AM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

Pleased that his crystal ball functioned properly, Ichigo offers Power a grin.

"Alright! I hope your school finally starts getting some long overdue attendees, Power," he replies. "Hell, maybe once your clone's been put in charge, we could see about having a watch party at your place, like, a couple seasons or so from now. In the meantime, don't be afraid to let me know if you need anything and, y'know, stay safe in there."

He checks his email, makes a mental note to ask GC about these bizarre Starble creatures sometime, and remembers hearing Alley constantly notify 6k1 whenever she had any unread emails. Figuring that she'd probably appreciate not having to deal with something that annoying anymore, he adds it to the list of modifications he intended to make.

At the sound of knocking on the bunker's door, he picks up the crystal ball in order to maintain his conversation with Power, grabs his wolf-headed cane, and rises from the chair before making his way to the door. He opens it, then greets 6k1 and Ally with a smile.

"Welcome to the bunker, 6k1, Ally. C'mon, lemme show you two around my humble abode."

Leading the pair inside, he begins a tour much like the one he gave his previous guest, showing them around the various facilities (i.e. the computer room, science and tech labs, armory, teleporter room, garage, training room, shooting gallery, etc) and explaining how each of them works as they progress.

"Sure, it might not house the Database for damn near every single tribute who's ever been nominated thus far, but I'm still glad to call it home. Any thoughts or questions?"

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TheGamechanger Unicron from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 13th 2019 at 6:51:27 AM

Det. GC's Base

The detective responds to the email.

I don't actually know. As I said there's not much known about this new species, so you're gonna have to find out by trial and error.

The Database Library, Basement

Mimi, thirsty, wiggles out of 6k2's grasp and leaps onto a table with a big glass of water. The Starble drinks the entire glass, which is bigger than her. She then starts hiccuping, bouncing up and down a bit. Soon the bouncing escalates into a full-blown deranged game of ping-pong, ricocheting off of every wall and surface in the room at quick speeds.

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ITT: World of Supers
Billy5545 from Indonesia
Aug 13th 2019 at 6:56:38 AM

Eagle's Hawk Corporation HQ

Billy's clone, seeing the response from Power, responds that he will do her requests. Immediately after that, he sees that he received a reply from Ribey about his order. Apparently, the money he sent is enough for 50.000 of them. While Billy intended to send that amount for Power's school, at least, he has huge amounts of wealth, so it shouldn't be too much. Answering Ribey, the clone said that he wants most of them being maid units, specifically 40.000. Meanwhile, the secretaries will be 1.000, while the combat ones 9.000. After finishing it, he immediately thinks of trying to reverse engineer some of them secretly.

Back to his deal with Power/6k1, the clone orders the managers of his corporation to pass an order to the workers in Advertising Division, Art Division, and Literature Division to work together, making appropriate advertisements in the form of brochures in many millions, mass produced but with high quality, as well as distribute them across the universes. To add to the advertisement, Billy also orders some television, internet, and newspaper ads too. Those are the recruitment ones, though some are also made for tributes.

And talking about recruitment, Nidorohan seems to be interested, despite of him being one of the tributes sent to the Voidlands at later date, as well as having a Manga to work on. He contacts the appropriate person directly after seeing the phone number, saying he wants to teach in the school. He also starts thinking of preparing for the interviews and other important stuffs.

Oggy123 Hiii! from Jakarta, Indonesia
Aug 13th 2019 at 7:39:20 AM

Magolor sends an email to the facility robbed by Marx earlier.

"This is Magolor, an ally of Kirby's, and i believe i know who is responsible for that robbery earlier. The archnemesis of Kirby, Marx, stole some your T-Dolls and makes his own army to attack us. I want you to deliver some of those T-Dolls to us, and make it snappy!"


Marx calls King K. Rool about his army.

"Is our army ready!?"

"You bet! And after we're done, we'll help you get the Crystal Coconut! You can even call your own troops for help!"

"I'm hungry!"

"Here's your cheese, Marx Jr. *Gives her a cheeseburger"

"Thanks! *Munches cheeseburger* But my name's not that. I'm Nagi..."

"Marx Jr. That's your name, or else."

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Mhazard ff from Hong Kong Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Aug 13th 2019 at 7:49:41 AM

Hassel's District 1 Outpost

Upon receiving Billy's clone's reply, Ribey sends another shipment to Billy's clone. The shipment contains 40000 delicate maid outfit, 1000 secretary outfit, 9000 decorative military uniform, 50000 modified hospital gowns and 50000 frilly swimsuit. It also contains 50000 additional CPU cores tailored for their purposes. Some for the maids, some for the secretaries and some for combat. These cores are interchangeable, allowing the users to switch their programming easily.

"Thank you for your purchase, I hope that you'd love it. Enjoy Ribey."

All the outfits are well-made, perfect for cute maids who can both fight and serve their masters. Ribey even goes out of her way to sew hospital gowns and frilly swimsuits for them, even though it's completely unnecessary for her to do so. To Ribey, these units are just like her precious dolls, and she's going to give them the best she can offer to them.

Those stolen by Marx probably wouldn't even have a chance to get those beautiful clothes.

Cute girls are cute.
TheGamechanger Unicron from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 13th 2019 at 7:59:26 AM

The Capitol

Before Snow can launch the next episode of Future of Panem, an assistant bursts in.

Sir! There's an unauthorized clone of you in the arena!

   What!? Show me!   

The assistant leads snow to the security room and shows Donald Sutherland on the monitor.

According to the scans we done on him he's not from this universe. Still waiting for the full results...

Scientist Hal walks in.

The results are in. According to some probes we sent to his universe he's Donald Sutherland. He's an actor that played you, President Snow, in films about the Hunger Games.

   What!? So he's just some guy that looks like me then? Give me copies of those films so we can broadcast them across the arena, I want to see if this guy is up to snuff to portray me!   

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TroperNo9001 Pinkie and the Brain from Sugarcube Corner and the Castle of Friendship Relationship Status: Brony
Pinkie and the Brain
Aug 13th 2019 at 8:49:18 AM

Underground Bunker, Training Room

"Hey, you're just like me in the planning and preparedness department!" says 6k1 as they stop at the Training Room. "However, I feel that the next season's starting soon, so we'll have to make the upgrades and training fast."

She turns to Ally. "Ready?"

All systems operational.

The Database Library, Basement

6k2 just watches the blue furball bounce around like crazy, zooming straight into her office and breaking several clocks and calendars and knocking down more books in the process. After some time, Mimi bumps into the time machine and falls down, dazed.

"Are you okay?" she says as she picks her up and pats her. "Taking care of you's gonna be tricky..."

6k2 orders a small cage to be delivered. It's instantly teleported into her office, and she puts Mimi inside. She puts the cage in one corner of the room then emails Ichi: GC has no idea either, so I'm on my own. All I can say is... don't give Starbles water.

She asks Dupe to keep watch of Mimi and avoid the temptation to clone her while 6k2 finishes packing in her sleeping quarter. After double-checking her backpack to make sure she didn't forget anything, she proceeds to change to her vacation clothes.

Power's Art School

"A watch party? Let me think about that, and I'll let you know."

Power deactivates the crystal ball and puts it back in her bags. As fun as inviting Dave or Ichi to her house as it sounds, she'll have to consider her aunt. While Aunt Miranda was willing to let her join the Nominator Games and just be the fanmare she is, she's still cautious towards strangers.

She gives the droids the posters and orders them to deliver them to Billy's school and also put them up around the Arena. After which, she hears the school's phone ring. She answers it.

"Welcome to Power's Art School! This is Power Stroke. How may I help you?"

The one on the other end says it's Nidorohan, and he wants to teach in this school.

"Alright! Meet me at the teacher's lounge for the interviews. Don't forget to bring your resumes and art portfolios."

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The purple one's a genius while the pink one's insane!
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 13th 2019 at 9:25:05 AM

Underground Bunker

"What can I say, a little preparedness never hurt anyone before. Now then, onto the upgrades..."

After storing the crystal ball in his coat pocket and making a mental note to try continuing the watch party talk with Power at the end of this season (unless she decided to contact him first, of course), Ichigo snaps his fingers, prompting two droid assistants to bring him the necessary materials before he gets to work on upgrading Ally.

"Okay, there's the razor feathers mod installed, plus a missile launcher as a nice bonus in case things get really hairy; just gotta iron out this little bug first, and... voila! Now she should finally stop blurting out that you have unread emails, as well."

Once his tinkering is complete, he points Ally in the direction of the Training Room, checks 6k2's latest email on his phone, and sends a reply.

Hoo boy... maybe you oughta consider sending this Starble to someone who's good with animals, like Fluttershy, and see if it can't be tamed or not before it destroys your entire lab.

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TroperNo9001 Pinkie and the Brain from Sugarcube Corner and the Castle of Friendship Relationship Status: Brony
Pinkie and the Brain
Aug 13th 2019 at 11:16:51 AM

Underground Bunker, Training Room

6k1 examines the upgrades. "I wonder if she can shoot magic missiles." She laughs to herself. Looks like Power Stroke got her doing it!

Ally unfolds her wings to examine them as well.

"Looks like she likes them, too!"

6k1 then waits for Ally to notify her of an email yet again. Nothing happens.

"Finally. I'm better off with just getting notifications on my phone/computer."

She turns to Ichi. "Looks like she's ready. Don't forget to recharge her once she's done."

Power's Art School

While waiting for Nidorohan, Power watches the Games unfold. She winces as soon as Pelican!Nigel is zapped with dark magic by the Fairy Godmother while he's resting on a chair.

She gets her crystal ball and tells Ichi the sad news of 6k1's only tribute this season. She adds that she'll still keep tabs on the cockatoo because his Villain Team-Up with Shen looks interesting.

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The purple one's a genius while the pink one's insane!
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 13th 2019 at 12:49:33 PM

Underground Bunker, Training Room

Pleased that his modifications were a success, Ichigo brings up some holographic images of Snow for Ally to test her new weapons on, then nods to 6k1.

"Will do. Enjoy your vacation, by the way; Lord knows you've more than earned one. Just remember to send me a postcard from wherever ya go, alright?"

Using the app that connected his phone to his computer's surveillance system, he watches as the season begins, shaking his head when Ghost Rider ends up getting worfed by the Left Shark, of all tributes, during the Bloodbath.

"Lobo, do not blow this for me..."

Noticing that the crystal ball in his pocket was glowing, he takes the orb out and rubs it to hear what Power had to say, then replies that he knew how she felt, having just watched the Spirit of Vengeance get offed by a meme right out of the gate; he adds that at least Lobo was still in the fight, which he could take solace in.

TheGamechanger Unicron from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 13th 2019 at 4:28:01 PM

The Capitol

Snow appears on screen throughout the arena, including the arena force field so the tributes can see him.

   Hello there everyone, I hope you're doing well. There's only a few episodes left of Future of Panem until the season finale, so we're doing a special double feature: a movie about the Hunger Games to go along with today's episode!   

The next episode of Future of Panem then airs.

A group of kids and some of Snow's soldiers are at some business buildings.

   Today kids, I'll teach you how to do a hostile takeover when it comes to business. First is the peaceful way...   

He has his businessmen take over one of the nearby buildings the corporate way, bringing the building under Snow's ownership. Snow then grins.

   And here's the way you take if the corporate way doesn't work!   

Snow's soldiers storm another nearby business building, and sounds of gunfire and bloodcurling screams can be heard. Accompanying that wonderful scene is images of the dead employees: one died by having the water cooler shoved down his mouth hard enough it broke his face, another died by having his head bashed through his computer screen, another died by being forcibly suffocated in a toilet, another is bashed to death with a picture of the worker's family. Several more are shown dead with so many bullet wounds they're hardly recognizable.

But what topped it all off is what they did to the boss of that business: tying him up alive in his spinning chair and shoving him through his office window, sending him screaming to his death several stories tot he ground below.

Snow then turns to the camera.

   And once you clean out the garbage all you have to do is staff the place with your own employees and you're done! See you next time!   

The episode ends. Then the movie starts playing a moment later. It's not just any Hunger Games movie, it's the Hunger Games movie the nominators would be familiar with, starring Donald Sutherland.

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ITT: World of Supers
Oggy123 Hiii! from Jakarta, Indonesia
Aug 13th 2019 at 6:44:16 PM

Kirby and his pals watch the Hunger Games on their television. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door. Kirby opens it, to reveal a a nice-looking girl.

Dedede then storms in, saying "Aww, what a cute little one!" Suddenly, she pulls out a gun.

"Master Marx told me to eliminate you in a jiffy, and here i am. Surrender."

Two identical characters pop up, also wielding guns.

"Its.. its adorable!"

"Don't trust adorable things! I trusted one, and it didn't worked out!"

"But this one seems genuinely nice!"

"Less talking, more shooting."

Then they took aim at Kirby. Kirby frantically runs, avoiding the gunshots. One does this so frantically that she drops one of the guns. Kirby inhales it, and he transforms, gaining her gun and white hair. Kirby then takes aim at them. They run out of ammo and retreat.

Kirby discards his ability. Magolor arrives and tells him that there's probably more where those came from.

Behind a rock, Marx is hiding. The trio arrive and tell Marx about the ordeal.

"So i forgot to tell you about the whole "copy ability" thing. I'll figure something out. I'm going to buy some cheese."


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TroperNo9001 Pinkie and the Brain from Sugarcube Corner and the Castle of Friendship Relationship Status: Brony
Pinkie and the Brain
Aug 14th 2019 at 1:48:52 AM

Underground Bunker, Training Room

Ally locks her eyes on a Snow hologram, or "Snowlogram" as 6k1 jokingly suggests.    Target acquired.   

She flaps her wings and shoots her razor feathers at the hologram, instantly causing it to fade away. More holograms appear, some of them even moving. Ally flies around the room shooting more feathers at them. She also launches the missiles at a few more, disintegrating them.

One hour later, the training is finished. Ally's eyes glow orange as she folds her wings.

"Great job, Ally!" says 6k1, patting her fiber optic mane. "Let's have you charged before we leave."

Ichi leads Ally to the nearest outlet to do so. After her eyes turn green, 6k1 thanks him for the help. She asks him to lead the two of them to the Teleporter Room so she can make the final preparations.

The Database Library, Basement

6k2 steps out of her sleeping quarter in her vacation clothes. She's wearing a light purple long-sleeved shirt made of breathable cotton, a pair of long pants, and blue hiking boots. She briefly considered wearing a blue-and-pink striped shirt to flatter her host, but decided against it.

She checks her email and replies to Ichi: You're right. Guess I'll have to have Fluttershy petsit this rambunctious furball while I'm out. Don't want her making a mess at where we'll be going. The host might kick us out.

She writes the letter to Fluttershy regarding the Starble, along with what she has discovered about it so far. She attaches the letter to Mimi's cage and sets it on the teleport pad, which will be sent to Sweet Feather Sanctuary via the post office. She also emails GC about the change of plans.

Suddenly, her crystal ball glows. She rubs it.

"6k1— I mean 2! I saw the latest episode of 'Future of Panem', and it was brutal!"


"Snow taught the kids how to raid businesses! While I have several paintings of Equestrian wildlife that I can summon at intruders, I need extra security measures!"

"Okay, I'm on it. That Snow would do anything for money..."

6k2 rubs the ball, then emails Billy: Power Stroke needs reinforcements for her school in case of raids. Hire security guards and build an invisible forcefield around the school. Attached here is the payment for all of these.

She sends the email, gets her backpack, and calls Dupe to accompany her to the entrance hall.

The Database Library, Entrance Hall

6k1 and Ally enter the doors, greeting 6k2 and Dupe. The two DMs stand near each other as Dupe merges them and their phones. 6k1's now wearing the vacation clothes, and she also remembers trying to take care of a Starble.

She kneels down to Ally's eye level. "Scan this smartwatch so that you can alert me if anything goes wrong while I'm gone."

The Databot does so. Database has been synced with 6001's Watch.

6k1, Dupe, and Ally go down to the basement, where the DM assigns Ally as guard. 6k1 kneels down to hug her, taking care not to be wounded by her razor wings.

"I'm going to miss you, my child."

The Experiment joins in on the hug. "You too, Dupe."

She says goodbye to her assistants before going back up to await her beloved guest.

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The purple one's a genius while the pink one's insane!
Billy5545 from Indonesia
Aug 14th 2019 at 2:59:48 AM

The Arena

The Game has started. As Sakuya and Hat Kid are standing on the Podium by themselves, they are among the ones who get out early. Hat Kid, running quickly first, immediately goes to the Cornucopia. Apparently, the Liandri Mining Corporation is interested in her, alongside Dale for some reason, as a representative, getting into the Arena, awaits them both in the Cornucopia's entrance to give them the invitations, before leaving. Meanwhile, Sakuya, running normally without her knifes, but with her stopwatch, encounters Rage Shenron once she's inside the Cornucopia. She responds by stopping time and taking a pocket sand, before opening it and restarting time, blinding Rage Shenron with sand and allowing her to escape.

Shortly after that, Sakuya encounters Kumatora while wandering around the Arena, trying to build her camp. Kumatora immediately threatens her and the day, before leaving, causing Sakuya to become confused. She does become more cautious though for other tributes trying to attack her. Meanwhile, Hat Kid is also building her camp when she made a mistake in the construction. She is anguished by that, before Bonny de Famme come over and comfort her.

Eagle's Hawk Corporation

Across the corporation's factories in Kendor and other smaller nations in the galaxy, the ones that produce advertisements churn out recruitment ads in all forms for Power's Art School. Once the fitting designs are settled on and made by artists, the machines churn them out at extremely quick rate, due to the tech and magic of Kendor. After they are made, they are distributed across Kendor quickly, as well as other universes.

In storages with a multiversal portal, the advertisements are sent there for physical ones. For internet and television ones, they are broadcasted instead. Also, those storages receive the shipment of Ribey units.

In Billy's office meanwhile, Billy's clone accepts Power's request. He replies in kind, before ordering the constructions of intelligent, but obedient defense human and ponylike androids to serve as the guards of the Art School. He also sends engineers, magicians, and workers to Power's school so they can build the invisible forcefield. It will also repel invaders, throwing anything hitting it, but anything from inside the forcefield can pass to outside of it freely.

In the Teen Titans Go universe, one of the deliveryman is sent to promote Power's Art School there. The man, a human like android, has distributed some brochures after exiting from a portal, when he sees a group of weird people looking around in the city. He also sense something of evil from them.

In the Pokémon!Jojo universe meanwhile, where Nidorohan is currently now, he continues talking with Power. He said that he will send her the required stuffs, before making them. He also takes some examples from his manga, Pink Dark Boy, as well as his illustrations, handpicking the best ones in quality.

Outer Space

Meanwhile, Billy himself has seen the new episode of Future of Panem, and he is disgusted at what he saw. He sees how brutally President Snow's men took over the business, as well as the horrible and painful fates of everyone inside. He also bet that their bodies are disposed in a rather indignifying way and their families punished in some way. He then sees the Hunger Games movie being broadcasted, so he turn off the screen immediately as he has already watched all of them.

Zanreo Years ahead of a certain game
Years ahead of a certain game
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Zanreo looks over the info. "Hm... I see... a puzzle, huh? Well, I've always liked puzzles!" she says with a grin. "Just give me a moment to pack for the trip and I'll be ready..." She leaves to pack some necessities, along with a few newly developed laser weapons, including a "Double Laser" that shoots two beams at once and a beam sword. "Ok, that should be it..."

Before she leaves, she looks at the tributes she submitted earlier once again... and the latest update revealed they both died early deaths. Meito Anizawa by getting tripped into a bear trap, and Kotaro Tatsumi by somehow accidentally grilling himself... Oh well...

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...except having a decent library of games, apparently
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Hassel's District 1 Outpost

"Thank you for your order, each Ribeyrolles unit would cost approximately 20 Panem Dollars. Please send us the money so that we can complete the order."

Ribey sends a reply to Magolor. She then resume to discuss something with her colleagues.

"So, the thing that attacked us was an alien entity who can conjure a black hole? No, not even Nero in the Neo Zeong could take Marx down. But i think Hassel has an asset capable of fighting the creature: a colossal bio-weapon capable of destroying planets after planets, but we are yet to be able to control it. He called it "ENDE NIL". Honestly, what makes it different to those strange viruses labelled with different English alphabets in those survival horror video games? I've no idea. Shall we deploy it?"

"Not yet. Such thing is more dangerous than witches, and I don't think we could even restrain that thing should we release it. I guess just send the Tactical Dolls first. Honestly, I just found the whole drama lame. Why don't you just deactivate those hijacked units?"

"I tried, but the thief changed the signals and removed the trackers I placed."

"Fair enough. Keep that colossal mess as the last resource. I'm already having deep troubles hunting magical girls, I don't want to see anything worse right now."


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Cute girls are cute.
Oggy123 Hiii! from Jakarta, Indonesia
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After Magolor sent Ribey his money, Kirby, King Dedede, and Meta Knight settle down in a snack shop, buying burgers. As Kirby eats his burger, Meta Knight talks to Dedede about Marx's plan.

MK: "I am worried about the safety of Kirby and his friends. Marx's army may be too strong even for him."

Dedede: "As long as we get all or friends together, there's nothing we can't do! Is Magolor sending those units? I heard that Marx's leaders are powered by funky stones that can do magic!"

"I have watched these units and gems from behind the scenes, and as silly as my conclusion may be, it's the one that makes sense. I believe that these gems are not so much the sources of their powers as they are disembodied souls within rocks, influencing their bodies from outside."

"So you're saying that these things are more like ghosts inside rocks?"

"Absolutely. And two in particular appear to have belonged to a certain two girls from an earlier season, salvaged by Marx for his own plans."

Adeleine turns up, buying burgers, before seeing her friends. She sits and joins their conversation.

"Hey guys, anything interesting?"

"Yup! We're just talking about magical gems that could influence girls!"

"That sounds cool!"

"It is far from being beneficial. While they may benefit from slaying monsters, it seems that despair can influence them badly, tainting their gems. And the only way to restore it is to use the cores of slain creatures."

"And what if their gems are tainted enough?"

"We do not speak of that. And i have watched the activities of that facility behind the scenes for a long time. It seems that the reclusive scientist is no longer in command. It is one of these T-Dolls, hijacking the scientist. And it seems that this one is influenced by a gem as well, that of a similar girl familiar with early seasons."

"Interesting. So you're telling me that being magic is suffering?"


"I really lucked out with where i got my powers."

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