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TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 8th 2019 at 9:11:47 PM

The Arena - Update 4

A shadow emerges from underneath Hades' bed.

Valecor:   So how's it going?   

   Wonderful, this is the most fun I've had in a while! I'm glad I decided to go with that detective guy's suggestion to go to this place!   

   So Det. GC summoned you?   

   Yep. Apparently he wanted me to mess with Medusa or something a few seasons ago, so here I am!   

   Well ok then. Anyways I came to check to see how you were doing, so that's good to know. So I'll take my leave then.   

The shadow leaves.

In another part of the arena, the doom Slayer emerges from a portal and slays TXT, who turn out to be a group of terminators sent by Skynet as evidenced by the serials on the metal bodies. Det. GC teleports next to him.

So you must be the Doom Slayer. Right now I'm up against a threat that may very well be worse than Hell itself and doom the world as we know it or worse, so someone like you would be good to have on my team. How about it?

The Doom Slayer silently nods in agreement and the detective teleports the two of them away.

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ITT: World of Supers
KLS2097 Thirteen Time Hunger Games Champion from Sydney Relationship Status: What's love got to do with it?
Thirteen Time Hunger Games Champion
Jun 9th 2019 at 12:39:15 AM

    A Black Swan 

KLS calmly sits down, carrying a folder with evidence, as Vincent Swan calmly waits.

“Hello, Vincent. I’m sorry that you didn’t win the election.”

“It’s fine. It still felt like I was on top of the world when a lot of people wanted to see me run this place. Then again, maybe the whole world just isn’t ready for a guy like me.”

KLS gives a dry chuckle.

“Someday, they’ll be ready for you.”

Suddenly, KLS becomes more serious, as he moves the folder in front of Vincent.

“Now I won’t bore you with all the details surrounding the Article leak, but I will show you some intriguing information.”

Vincent opens the folder, revealing three shadowed figures in the park. Two of them have their backs turned, while the third is completely concealed.

“That was taken the night before the article. First things first… where were you that night?”

Vincent looks at KLS in a calm demeanour, smiling.

“I was having a dinner with my lovely swans… after a hard day’s work, of course.”

“Now Vincent… I know I truly want to believe you, but you’ve had a history of trying to upmarket every customer with double-glazed windows. Which is not the best way to describe ‘a hard day’s work’ in the end.”

Vincent’s smile drops as KLS gets up.

“It doesn’t help that you’ve been wanting to run your own business for a while. I need to remind every Mayoral candidate that it’s not a business… it’s a privilege and an honour.”

“I assure you, I was actually home that night. This isn’t one of those hairbrained lies I peddle every sucker back in the day.”

After a few moments, KLS nods.

“Okay, Vincent. That pretty much means that you’re off the hook once again.”

“Thank you. Is there anything else?”

“Well, to take a page out of Colombo, there’s one more thing…”

Vincent calmly waits momentarily, before KLS points to the three shadows.

“Do you have any idea who they are?”

“Well, since you were oh so kind to ask for help, I’d be much obliged.”

Vincent looks carefully at the picture, before looking at KLS.

“I’d assume that the one in the foreground… must’ve been very spiteful about the result. As for the other two, they could be anyone in your headquarters.”

KLS calmly nods.

“Alright, then.”

“And I assume the interview is over.”

“Pretty much. Now straighten up and fly right.”

Vincent, briefly puzzled, calmly gets up and walks out of the interrogation room. KLS then takes out the list and crosses off Vincent Swan, before targeting Glenn Quagmire’s name with a square.

KLS watches Vincent Swan leave in his Mercedes Benz convertible, with a smile on his face.

“Maybe someday, he’ll be ready for the role. But for now, it’s time to target the man from Quahog.”

KLS turns on the TV, showcasing Day 4.

"But for now... let's catch up a little."

KLS sees the Mawile playing tricks on a Manticore, before cringing after looking at a blinded Whimsicott.

"That's going to feel sore for a while..."

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"Good evening."
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Jun 9th 2019 at 4:29:58 AM

"If you find Medusa's scream that painful, you haven't heard Ridley's loud screeches Valy." said GLados to Valecor.

   "My apologies Valecor. I just cannot believe that this bastard is having a good time right now. I really need to ignore this fool for my next plans. You can speak, we are listening."   

Except that Drawcia was cackling even more as she saw Meta Knight's misfortune and Kirb's death. Annoyed by this, Volvagia unleashed a fire breath at her, that she easily turned into painting. Understanding the message, the witch calmed down and listened to what Valecor has to say.

TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 9th 2019 at 8:08:41 AM

The Tower

Valecor gives a wicked grin as he delivers the news, knowing the kind of reactions the villains would have to it.

   Well first things first I'll tell you what happened when I spied on Det. GC and Snow when I followed the detective to Snow's residence. It turns out Snow needed the detective's advice on who to pick for that dungeon of yours, and so they picked Samus Aran and Simba. The detective apparently choose them both to test you guys and as a small bit of revenge for Ridley and Zira trying to eat the detective during one of his confrontations with Scipion it seems. That's not all I did at Snow's place, the other reason i was there was to recruit him, which worked like a charm. So as a result the games belong to the villains now, but the arrangement of said deal makes it so that the games went on as normal, that way we'll continue to be off the radar for now.   

He has more to say but he pauses so that the group can take that all in.

The Arena - Update 5

Hades just glares in annoyance at Mettaton and Tuxedo Knight when Mettaton tells Knight that Hades is just another one of Knight's hallucinations.

Later, feeling inspired by Dennis, he double-dips his Egyptian nachos as well.

ITT: World of Supers
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Jun 9th 2019 at 8:31:29 AM

At first surprised at what Valecor said, Zira and Ridley bursted out of laughter.

"Simba AND Samus here? And that loser Gamechanger is the one to have summoned them? This is rich, hahahahaha!"

After calming down, both muttered something to Nyarthalothep, who nodded his head, making the 2 villains smiling even more.

"I seriously wonder how did you manage to convince that ugly president." said Pharynx. "I'm actually impressed. Do you have anything else to tell us?"

TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 9th 2019 at 8:58:50 AM

The Tower

   Now, I've been recruiting a bunch of villains sure, but it's more or less at random or just me coming across them by chance. I do plan on slipping into Samus and Simba's world when the two of them are summoned, and I also plan on going to the Smash Bros. world as i know it's a nexus in which various universes are connected and that we could probably use some Smash Balls. Now, I do have the power to bring back the dead, so are there any people from those worlds and related universes you want me to find for you guys?   

ITT: World of Supers
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Jun 9th 2019 at 9:12:55 AM

Obviously enough, Zira was the first one to ask for Valecor's resurrection power, wanting Scar's return. Drawcia was the next one, wanting the return of her long lost sister Paintra, killed by Kirby. Lastly Risotto asked for the resurrection of all of his men, despite the Jojo universe seemingly being not connected at all with the Smash one . Giegue and Cetrion thought about resurrecting their respective mother, Maria and Kronika, but quickly threw that idea out of their head. For Cetrion, her point of view towards her mother have changed and she knew there was greater virtue than her plans, while Giegue didn't wanted to put his adoptive mother at risk espcially since it was still present inside of him.

TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 9th 2019 at 10:31:34 AM

The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon World - Spacial Rift

Valecor purposefully went to Spacial Rift, knowing that Palkia was the one who caused Darkrai to lose his memory. He finds the space dragon asleep and casts a nightmare on him to incapacitate him for a few hours. Going into the dream world, he casts a nightmare on Dialga and Arceus as well.

He then explores the dungeon and finds Darkrai asleep. He enters Darkrai's mind and sees a memory blockage, which he then tears the obstruction to shreds.

Coming out of Darkrai's mind and into the real world again, valecor watches as Darkai awakens as his memories flood back.

   My memories... it's all coming back! Cresselia... my attempt at causing the Planet's Paralysis... that accursed Palkia attacking me in the portal... everything!   

He looks up at Valecor.

   Who are you stranger and what do you want?   

   I am Valecor, a being of nightmares. Like you I too seek a world of darkness. But I'll explain later, right now I bought us a limited amount of time by taking out Palkia, Dialga, and even Arceus with nightmares. Would've done so with Giratina as well but he doesn't seem to be in this world at the moment.   

An interdimensional portal opens up nearby.

   That's our ticket out of here. Now let's go!   

Nodding, Darkrai follows him into the portal.


The two emerge from the portal and into the base, where one of Valecor's shadow clones merges with him. It turns out the shadow clone was responsible for the portal.

The Tower

Valecor nods.

   Very well then, I'll bring back those people and have them be with you guys here instead of my base. Well I'll be off then as I have things to do, so see you for now.   

And with that he drops into the shadows and leaves.

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ITT: World of Supers
TroperNo9001 Forget President Snow, I'm going to Snowdin! from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Brony
Forget President Snow, I'm going to Snowdin!
Jun 9th 2019 at 11:25:39 AM

The Database Library, Basement

"First, she kills a Spanish Inquisitor with her suns, and now Gara?!"

6k1 calls Crazy Dave again. "Are you sure that sprout I ordered grew into a Sunflower?"

"Yeah! Why ya ask?"

"She's been acting... unusual lately."

She then explains to him about the similar-looking flower who fakes his innocence at his unsuspecting foes.

"Whoa... that is crazy!"

"I know, right?"

"Lemme guess... that lil' flower ya got there's actually him."

"Well... Flowey's origin's... a long story. What if that Sunflower's actually a dangerous subspecies instead?"

"Like an upgrade plant?"

"Yeah... a branching upgrade perhaps? Do you think she'd be effective against zombies that way?"

"Er... I think so, yeah! Jus' send her to me after the season and I'll test her out in my lawn!"

"Will do, but first..." She looks at the feed and sees the blind Zombie rescue Shang Tsung from being wedged between a boulder and a cliffside. "Let's see if she can kill that zombie over there."

"...or maybe not. Jimin's coming for 6k1, and Ich and I have bounties on our heads..."
TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 9th 2019 at 1:31:59 PM

The Arena - Update 6

Hades calls upon the Star Spirits and uses Lullaby on Mawile, which he kills immediately.

As Hades' cooking literally blows up in his face, deciding he's had his fun he melodramatically says in an obviously fake voice    Oh no, I'm dying! Help me!   , stumbles around in a wide circle before spinning around and falling on the ground with a big dopey grin on his face as he allows himself to die, fading away into nothing a few moments later.

ITT: World of Supers
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Jun 9th 2019 at 3:39:33 PM

   "I cannot believe it. He just... gives up like that. He's even less credible that Pyrrhon right now."    said Medusa as she saw Hades's theatrical death.

"From all the deities of your universe, you are the only one who is actually serious." replied Cetrion. Medusa let out a faint laugh.    "On the contrary my dear Cetrion. There is actually another deity who take it's role very seriously. Althought we doesn't share the same goal, we have common ennemies..."   

As she spoke, a strange little eldritch creature came out of a portal before resting on Medusa's shoulder.    "Do not be fooled by it's appearance, for even Hades fear the Chaos Kin."    said the godess, smiling as she petted the creature.    "After all, we both despise him and Palutena. We've made an alliance for future plans in our realm."   

Meanwhile, as Zira began to sing a reprise of "My Lullaby" for celebrating the return of her king and Risotto went to prepare several rooms for the members of la Squadra, Drawcia couldn't help but imagine how she could teach Paintra how to properly paint insanity and madness. Of course, Tuxedo Knight's run will make a fine example. The others quickly noticed that Ridley, however was gone.


A huge monstrous laugh could be heard in Brinstar's caverns, as Ridley told his gigantic friend Kraid about what he had in store for the hunter. As they continued to chat with their language, Kraid told Ridley that he should actually join him in Panem. Ridley happily agreed, but as they were about to leave the planet, they turned around to see their rivals. The crazy Phantoon, rival of Kraid, the first tribute to be ever nominated by Scipion was carrying the monstrous aquatic ambitious Draygon, rival of Ridley. The two demanded to leave the planet with them as well. Ridley reluctantly accepted. The 4 generals left the planet, leaving their leader, Mother Brain behind, as they thought that she was useless, giving her 2 pathetic performance back at OG!Season 241 and Season 29.

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TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 9th 2019 at 5:26:48 PM


Valecor leads Darkrai to his lair via the portal at the lobby, then goes back to the labs.

   Take me to where Simba is from.   

The Pridelands

Valecor arrives at the Pridelands. Sensing a soul that feels similar to Zira's, he goes to its source at a volcano. At the base of said Volcano, he resurrects the soul he sensed and out walks Scar.

   My body... I'm alive!? Who are you?   

   I'm Valecor. Normally I'd ask you to join my team of villains, but your wife is waiting for your return so I'll bring you right to her.   

   Zira!? Oh how I longed to do a duet with her again... Very well then, let's get going.   

After going through the portal back to GASK, a new one is quickly set up and they go straight to Scipion's Lair.

The Tower

Scar and Valecor step out of the portal and into the room.

   Now where's my lovely Zira?   

Monstro Town

The airship lands and the crew starts refueling and restocking on supplies for the trip to Bowser's Castle.

Valecor:   Wait, I sense an evil presence...   

He follows a row of house until he stops at one of them.

   Bowser, can you bust this door open?   

A piece of cake. watch this!

Bowser charges up a punch and punches the door off its hinges and into the starry room behind, which the villains soon enter.

???:   Who dares disturb my home!?   

The villains look up to see a big purple demon with four elemental crystals.

   I am Valecor, leader of a team of villains. and you are...?   

Culex:   I am Culex, Dark Knight of Vanda! and you are villains you say?   

   Yes. Will you help us?   

Culex:   I'll give you copies of my elemental crystals, but only if you prove your worth by beating me in battle!   

   Been a while since my last fight, so I could use some training. Bowser, do have a camera or something to record the fight with? it would make for a good training video for your minions to watch.   

Bowser whistles twice and a Lakitu appears with camera on a stick.

This Lakitu helps record the kart races, so I trust he'll be a good enough recorder for this thing!

Dimentio warps nearby.

Dimentio:   A fight hmmm? Ah ha ha ha ha ha... perhaps I'll lend my abilities here as well.   

Nodding, Valecor turns to Culex.

   We're ready!   

Culex:   En garde!   

With one of Bowser's Lakitu recording the thing on camera, they start the fight.

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ITT: World of Supers
VengefulBale Spooktober Day 21: Oogie Boogie from Halloweentown Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Spooktober Day 21: Oogie Boogie
Jun 9th 2019 at 7:12:35 PM

Meta's Emotional Journey

Meta Knight's grief increased through the following days. Lucina's death took it's toll on his sanity and drove him to make increasingly horrible actions. He killed Mettaton for disrespecting Lucina beyond the grave. Much later, he came into contact with a sentient crab named Mr. Krabs who gave him a job offer.

Mr. Krabs: Aye. So yer name's Meta huh, well I got a job for ya! You see there's this little stinking rival of mine named Plankton and he's always trying to steal me formula of the Krabby Patty. he went as far as hiring a bunch of cutthroat scoundrel bounty hunters I need you to silence any.

Meta Knight: Fine. I'll do my best, Mr. Krabs

Soon enough he took care of Joe who attempted to steal the formula, with cold unceremonious apathy. Afterwards Boss Music shoved his face into a grill, causing part of it to be burned, leaving him angry. That night he was assaulted by the zombie who stabbed and paralyzed him, putting his sanity through the floor, he retaliated by non-lethally beating up the zombie and stealing his gold. He soon spent the night crying, angry that he was losing it all and had abandoned his morals for nothing, as all he did didn't help him cope with Lucina's death.

Meta Knight: Why must this happen to me, why did it have to be her who had to be killed?!

Soon enough a mysterious entity appeared before him, telling him a few words.

???: Meta Knight... Despite your recent conflicts and actions, I have chosen you to wield the Legendary Keyblade, you must be it's guardian and protector

Meta Knight: How can I be worthy after all I've done? How could I gain such a honor?

???: You'll find out soon, Star Warrior.

The entity then vanished, leaving Meta Knight to rethink his actions, eventually he began to look at the sky and talked to his nominator, Bale.

Meta Knight: If you are up there, I want to say that I forgive you for this, it's not your fault that Lucina died, I hope we can become friends if we meet again. Mr. Bale.

Meta then went to sleep, hoping things will get better soon for him and everyone else, and promising himself to bring Lucina back

He was a really spooky villain
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Jun 10th 2019 at 4:39:09 AM

"SCAR!" Zira screamed in joy as she ran towards her king.

"Wait. That thing is Scar?" said Pharynx mockingly. "No wonder why he lost to Simba, even a deer seems stronger than him." "You shouldn't underestimate him, he is a true genius." replied the lioness, restraining herself from jumping at the changeling. The other members greeted him and Zira told him about Simba soon coming here and what she had in store for him. The couple grinned evily.

Unknown place, in Darkrai's homeworld

   "Everything is going as expected..."    muttered a strange entity as it saw Darkrai was getting away.    "A shame that my apprentice wasn't able to control Valecor's powers. We could have use it for greater purposes. Oh well, I'll ensure that everything will not go to waste..."   

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TroperNo9001 Forget President Snow, I'm going to Snowdin! from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Brony
Forget President Snow, I'm going to Snowdin!
Jun 10th 2019 at 6:03:27 AM

The Database Library, Basement

6k1 spends the next few hours processing everything that has transpired for the past few days before calling Crazy Dave. She recaps to him about the Sunflower, the Zombie, and Shang Tsung's brief alliance, and how the former tried killing the latter, as she predicted. She tells him that the Sunflower will be on her way once she's been revived, and that she'll return for the next Battle Royale: Season 52.

"Take good care of her, and make sure she comes back to me in perfect health."

She ends the call and checks the Earth Prime calendar. June 12 was marked with both the Philippine flag and the gray Cancer symbolA/N . It may be only a few days early, but she knows exactly what tributes to nominate for those two holidays.

She gets to work and writes the letters. For the first one, she writes it in both English and Filipino. She struggles with finding the right words for the translation, but other than a few grammatical errors (which she had to double check with a translator), she finishes it. For the second one, she pens it in English, leaving spaces between the lines to transcribe it to the Alternian alphabet. She was about to sign her name when a thought comes to her.

I already nominated the wriggling day celebrant back in the Original Timeline! Maybe I should change things up a little...

She marks a huge X on the letter and starts anew. This time, she uses legal jargon while following the same format as the previous one. She chooses her words carefully, as one wrong word might have her at the hands of the legislacerator instead.

She mails the finished letters and sits back, waiting for her tributes to arrive.

I hope Tirona doesn't beat me up for this, like Galekh back in Season 37...

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"...or maybe not. Jimin's coming for 6k1, and Ich and I have bounties on our heads..."
TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 10th 2019 at 7:58:37 AM

Det. GC's Place

The shadow clone that was at the guard's tower previously goes to GC's place to see what he's up to and sees him open another portal. Cresselia isn't in sight.

Well, time to check on Samus. Don't want to bring her over if she's on a mission.

He enters the portal. The shadow clone follows suit.

The Tower

   Figured I'd give you a status update while I'm here. I just had one of my shadow clones enter Samus' world as Det. GC is going to check on Samus. I'm hoping to find anything of use there. If you're able to contact Ridley right now, tell him that the detective is coming to his world and to try not to harm him. Anyways, the shadow clone of mine that's in Mario's world right now is currently fighting a big demon by the name of Culex in order to prove ourselves worthy of his help. Don't worry, I'm having the fight recorded on video for everyone to watch later. My main self is currently at my lair and will send a shadow clone off to Kirby's world soon. That is all.   

Fight Against Culex

fitting music

Culex:   I am matter... I am antimatter... I can see your past... I can see your future... I consume time... And I will consume you!   

Shielding themselves from the elemental attack with Valecor's dark energy crystals, Bowser's shell and Dimentio teleporting out of the way, the green crystal casts a spell that causes Bowser and Dimentio to fall asleep. Valecor, being made of nightmares, is immune and uses his powers to wake the two up. He points at the green crystal and whispers a plan to them, and they nod.

Dimentio grabs Bowser and teleports them high above the green crystal and drops Bowser, who turns into a spike ball and slams into the crytsal, grinding against it as he spins in place. seeing that the crystal is starting to crack, Valecor summons a dark energy crystal into one of the cracks, expending the crack and causing the crystal to shatter.

Valecor's Lair

Back at his lair, Valecor looks at Darkrai, who has made quick friends with Freddy Krueger. He then makes a new shadow clone, who grabs a few glass jars with the lids to go with it.

   Well if I'm going to Smash after going to Kirby's universe, might as well use these jars to collect any remaining spirits.   

A portal to GASK opens up and the clone enters it before another portal appears at the GASK labs to Kirby's universe, which the clone enters.

ITT: World of Supers
VengefulBale Spooktober Day 21: Oogie Boogie from Halloweentown Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Spooktober Day 21: Oogie Boogie
Jun 10th 2019 at 9:29:29 AM

Giving Meta Knight a Rest

Meta Knight and BTS confronted each other to see who will be the winner of the season, just as they fought, BTS' members said some words to Meta

RM: I want to ask you a question Sir Meta Knight, do you think Lucina would accept you after all you've done?

Jin: Would she like to know about all the people you've killed in cold blood?

Suga: Would she, Meta?

Meta Knight was shocked by their words and began to reflect upon his actions and realized they were right, in shame of his actions he only had a few words to say

Meta Knight: No she wouldn't... What have I become?

Meta then laid down and allowed himself to be striked down, as atonement for his crimes. After being killed he was transported to Bale's place

Bale: Well, you didn't win, but at least you got 2nd place, and I got to congratulate you for that. In fact, I'll be kinder and bring Lucina back to life, y'know to make up for putting you in this mess.

Bale then revived Lucina, who immediately ran off to hug Meta Knight as they both reunited.

Lucina: Meta Knight! You're alive!

Meta Knight: Milady! I am sorry I couldn't protect you.

Lucina: That doesn't matters now, what matters is that we are back together.

Meta Knight: Thank you, Sir Bale, I don't know how to repay you.

Bale: Well, my birthday's tomorrow and I was organizing a big party, so I will let you two go. But for now, rest well.

Bale then sent both back to their world, and immediately summoned 2 pokeballs from which 2 Pokémon came out: Corviknight and Drednaw

Bale: Okay guys, you now are in charge of next season, don't disappoint me!

And thus he sent them off

He was a really spooky villain
Mhazard DAIRUGGER from Hong Kong Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Jun 10th 2019 at 9:51:05 AM

Mhazard's Home Base

Upon recovering Ribey, or what's left of her from the arena, Scientist Hassel begins to blame himself for experimenting on Ribey.

The relationship between Hassel and Ribey remains ambiguous, some said Ribey was his love, other said that Ribey was like a daughter for him. Either way, Ribey really means so much for him.

"Ribey... it's all my fault, everything is my fault..."

He immediately begins to repair Ribey, but this time, he can only recover Ribey's CPU, and the rest of the Dark Soul Ribeyrolles chassis was completely destroyed due to excessive overheating.

"If anything, Ribey, you haven't failed me, I failed you..."

He carefully installs Ribey's CPU into a brand new Ribeyrolles chassis, waiting for her to recover. Only this time, she seems to have recovered her past memory.

"...I seem to remember something... strange... Yes, it sounds weird, but... I'm really more than a machine, and err... I wasn't called Ribey to begin with."

"Hassel, have we met each other a long, long time ago?"

"Do we?"

"It's me, I'm Sayaka, the Magical Girl of Justice. But... if you still prefer to call me Ribey for whatever reason, it's fine. Not that I can change your habit, can I?"


"I'm thankful that you went out of your way to put your trust onto me. Surely, Kyoko probably couldn't recognise me at this state, but, it's a good start, isn't it?"


"Relax, and keep going, you have a Magical Girl on your side, leave it to me, and my swordsmanship will solve everything."

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Cute girls are cute.
dave_the_assassin Darkseid, THE God of Evil from Apokolips Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Jun 10th 2019 at 10:00:27 AM

Dave's Home Base

A portal appears in the Main Hall, and Dave steps out of it. He checks on the status of the season.

"It's over already?" he mused in surprise. He then quickly summons Roxas and Tatl's bodies. Looking at them, things seem to have been rough for them.

"Oof. I'll take care of their bodies later," he says, before transporting them somewhere else for safekeeping. He then summons another portal, and from it enter Master Xehanort.... in Terra's body.

   "What do you want from me? Have I been chosen to enter these games again?"   

"Yes, you have. Your main task is simple."

He then whispers something to the Seeker of Darkness. Terra-Xehanort's lips curled into an evil smirk.

   "Very well."   

He then follows Dave into another area of the base; an underground port. The leader of the base summons an blue aura, and a large portal appears. A small ship appears from it.

   "What is this ship? It doesn't appear to be anything special."   

"This, my friend, is the SS Nomadic. She served as a tender ship, a ship bringing passengers to larger ships which are unable to enter the shallow port she is stationed on. She's a relic from a far older era, the last of her kind. Try to take care of her, will you?"

Dave then summons a portal to the Arena in the front of the ship. Summoning a boarding ramp, he gestured for his guest to enter. "I've arranged for the Nomadic to be able to temporarily move on her own until someone destroys her or the season ends. Just remember the plan, alright?"

The man before him nods, and the ship departs for the Arena.


After checking on the recap of the previous Season, Dave sighs. Roxas' performance was an absolute disaster, while Tatl.... Someone has possessed her, until Shang Tsung does her in. Summoning the sorcerer's body, he checked the bodies' conditions. Reports during the season had assumed Calamity Ganon had possessed the fairy, but judging from the remnants marring their bodies, he knew better. He quickly summons several of his private scientists and performed exorcism spells.

It turns out that the being possessing the fairy was a split piece of the consciousness of the Demon King Demise. Trapping it under a spell and transporting it to a place only he knows, he then arranges for the bodies to be resurrected and returned back to their worlds for now.

Dave's thoughts, however, is still on Demise. How did that piece split off, and why would the Demon King bothered doing that anyway?

He decides that the fatigue from his travels have catched up to him, however. "Oh, well, I'll just sleep on it for now. Maybe I can get a clearer head on this when I wake up."

Dave then enters his private quarters, and rests on his bed. Sleep overtakes him quickly.

"What I cannot control, I must destroy. [...] You will BEG for the sweet release of Death!"
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The tower

   "Very well."    said Cloud of Darkness    "If you need help against Culex, you can ask us, as he is from the multiverse as us."    It turned around to GLaDOS, sending the message to Ridley. As she received the answer, she sighed. "Ugh, too late. Ridley already made his move..."

Some hours before. Near planet SR388

The Space Pirate Mother Ship detected an unknow ship travelling near the planet. Alas, thanks to the technology of his ship, Ridley immediately recognised the detective inside it. Still angry at the nominator for daring disrespecting him, he was quickly joined by the 3 other generals, wanting to cause some chaos before leaving the dimension.

As several smaller pirate vessels began to attack the detective's ship, Phantoon, being an eldritch monstrosity, grew to a gigantic size, taking the vessel with it's tentacles, leaving the pirates vessels to cause even more damages. Finally Ridley came out of the ship himself and fired a devastating plasma beam, destroying a good portion of it. The remaining parts, with Gamechanger still alive inside of it fell towards the homeworld of the metroids. Ridley didn't care if the nominators was eaten alive by them or not, all that matters is that he has shown that fool to not underastimate him. Satisfied, the 4 generals resumed their journey.

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As the detective finds himself on the planet and is surrounded by Metroids, Samus appears and shooes them away. She offers him a ride in her spaceship, which he gladly accepts. As the detective explains the whole situation to Samus, they fly right by Ridley and the others, close enough that Ridley can see both Samus and the detective inside, with the detective giving him the finger. Before Ridley could react the ship enters a portal and the portal closes behind them.

Meanwhile, the shadow clone of Valecor arrives at the space pirate base and meets Mother Brain. She tells him that she's mad that Ridley didn't invite her for whatever fun he's having and that he's underestimating her. Valecor responds by saying that once he's done taking a brief look at this world, he'll take her with him. Satisfied with that answer, she lets Valecor explore the base. He eventually finds documents on Phaaze. Curious about it, he gets into a spaceship ad flies off in the direction of where the planet was.

The Kirby Universe

Valecor senses a soul similar to Drawcia's and moves to its location, reviving it. A newly resurrected Paintra floats out.

   Hello there Paintra. Your sister Drawcia told me to find you.   

   Drawcia? And what about our younger sister, Vividria?   

   Don't know about her, do you know where she is?   

   yes, follow me!   

They go to Vividria's place.... upon which they see Vividria painting a picture for Kirby and they hug.

   She's friends with that pink pest!? She's no sister of mine!   

   Well then, I guess you'll have no qualms if I do this then!   

He uses his powers to cause Kirby and Vividria to falls asleep before they start tossing and turning from a bad nightmare.

   What did you do?   

   I gave them both a nightmare. Vividria's is her being eaten by one of her own creations and Kirby's is him killing and eating all his friends.   

She lets out a delightfully evil laugh.

   I like you, you're fun!   

   Now, I have one more place to go to before I can drop you off to be with Drawcia, so let's get going...   

He pauses, sensing something.

   Wait, I feel a faint presence in the far distance... it's similar to Kirby's, but much more sinister. Let's check it out, then move on to where I was originally going to go.   

Nodding at him, the two of them leave off towards the strange signature.

Fight Against Culex

Dimentio, seeing that the red and blue crystals use fire and ice attacks respectively, teleports in between them. The two crystals then fire their elemental attacks at him as he teleports away, causing them to shatter as they're weak to each other's attacks.

Now that's there's one crystal left, the three of them fire their respective attacks at it, with Bowser using his fire breath, Valecor using a electrical attack with his mouth-beam, and Dimentio firing one of his stars at it. The crystals shatters from the combined attack.

Culex claps his hands.

Culex:   Well done. But there's one opponent left... me!   

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Ridley let out a faint laugh as he saw Samus's gunship with Gamechanger inside of it. Of course, the poor weak little nominator has to call the hunter for help to . As he saw the middle finger, he laughed even more, wondering how pissed off the detective was.

Soon enough, the pirates landed near the tower and Ridley introduced Kraid, Phantoon and Draygon to the others. "What about your leader, Mother Brain?" asked GLaDOS, disappointed that the other mad AI wasn't here. Medusa replied for the pirates.    "Like me, Scipion nominated her twice here. But in both of her runs, she died at the Bloodbath. A shame, as she was one of the few being to almost kill Samus herself. Since Valecor is in your world, he could maybe teach her a few tricks, as well as recruting more villains, like the Ings, the X parasites or even Dark Samus."    Ridley smiled at the thought. After all, even if some of these villains manipulated his troops, their common ennemy was the same, he wasn't against an alliance with them, as long as he could make the hunter suffer.

Quickly enough, Kraid and Ridley began to argue with Draygon and Phantoon about wich duo was the best. They decided to settle this by joining the next season. As the group look upon the list, Risotto frowned when he saw Giorno's name. Althought he knew that the boy will be the one to defeat the Boss, the assassin couldn't forget that him and his friends were the one responsible for the death of his men.

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The Kirby Universe

The two arrive some distance away in space where the source of the presence is. Valecor sees some debris with some ancient symbols on it and he realizes what's up.

   Ah, I think I know who this is. Hold on...   

Channeling some of his dark powers, Valecor summons a giant humanoid with a mask with glowing red eyes and those body and clothes has a dark color scheme. The figure goes up to valecor and actually kneels in front of him before the body dissipates away to reveal a white orb with rainbow veins and a red face.

Valecor turns to Paintra.

   I'll explain later when we're at the tower with Drawcia, but this is Void.   

The three of them then enter the portal to the Smash Universe.

The Smash Bros. Universe

Upon entering the universe, Valecor tells the two of them to collect Smash Balls, explaining what they look like. As they're busy doing that, Valeocr locates and finds three wandering spirits and stores them in the jars. After they've got all the smash Balls they can carry, a portal to GASK opens up and they enter it. After waiting for the next portal to get ready at the labs they enter it as well to the tower.

The Tower

They arrive at the tower, upon which Paintra immediately goes to her sister and tells her everything. After setting down the Smash Balls and the glass jars, he gestures to Void.

   This is Void. He's known as the origin of "Matters of Dream, Dark, Soul, and Heart", so he's basically a creator god of his world, albeit an evil one. He's influenced by whatever is used to summon him, so I used my own evil energy to gain ourselves an ally. Apparently he's also rumored to be an evil relative to whatever Kirby is.   

It was at that moment the spirits decided to wake up in their jars.

???:   My subspace... what happened to it...?   

???:   I am a being of chaos! I demand you release me from this prison!   

???:   Settle down now Dharkon, these are our captors, who knows what they could do to us!   

???:   Shut up Galeem! what could they do to us? Feed us to that hades guy? For all they know he could gain our powers!   

Samus' Universe

Valecor arrives at where Phaaze once was an uses his dark power to collect the remaining Phazon like a magnet, trapping it in a dark energy crystal. He then sense the soul of what he came there for and uses some the Phazon to bring Dark Samus back to life. Managing to understand her, he tells her that he's planning on reproducing a supply of Phazon for future use and the current situation with Scipion.

A while later they're back at the space pirate base. After explaining what's going on with Mother Brain, all three enter a portal to GASK base to drop the Phazon off for them to study.

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As Ridley and Kraid convinced some pirates lackey to disguise themselves as their rivals, just to annoy them, they received the modified list of tributes. Althought they were suprised that Mother Brain replaced Gilgamesh they quickly smiled evily. That was the occasion for MB to prove herself as the true leader of the Space pirates, just the fact that she won't die at the Bloodbath would be something.

Update 1

While Nyarlathotep cheered for the alternate Great Old One, Risotto frowned even more as he heard Giorno's theme coming out of nowhere.    "So, that's the music most of my men heard when they were killed by his gang..."    he thought to himself. He turned around to see Medusa, Death and Lemmy looking angrily at Darkhon and Galeem's jars, knowing that they were responsible for turning them into spirits.

Before Sheep Man appeared to do the flop and the attack on Yuuka, the 4 generals were satisfied that at last Mother Brain survived the Bloodbath.

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The Arena - Before the 1st Update

Just before the games began, Mother Brain arrived at the arena from GASK, ready to prove herself.

Elsewhere a portal caused by the Thanos double-snap opens up and a gentleman version of Cthulhu comes out. Seeing the games, he enters it out of curiosity.

Fight Against Culex

After over an hour of using their best attacks, Culex leans down in front of them, his body bruised, covered in his own blood, drawing in tired breaths. He leans his head back and gives a hearty laugh.

Culex:   Well I used up all my strength, so congrats, you beat me! As promised I'll give you copies of my crystals, plus a little extra as i had fun with the fight!   

Culex summons the four elemental crystals and gives them to the villains, who are also tired fromt he battle but not in bad a shape as Culex is. Culex then gives them charm that has mini versions of said crystals on it.

Culex:   That is the Quartz Charm. It boosts attack and defense and helps prevents instant knock-outs. Now I'm going to rest for a while, so see ya and good luck!   

Nodding, the villains leave Culex's place and the doorway vanishes behind them, leaving nothing but a rock wall. They enter Bowser's airship and it soon lifts off, heading to Bowser's Castle.

The Tower

Valecor looks at the jars.

   If that's Galeem and Dharkon, the other one must be Tabuu...   

Galeem speaks to the group.

   I've been fighting this guy for years, trying to compromise with him, but we fight every time as we always disagree!   

   I seek a multiverse of chaos and destruction! No way I'd budge on my plans Galeem for your "world of order"!   

   Now listen. The multiverse is made of infinite universes. What would happen if the infinity were dived into fractions like say, eighths? There'd still be an infinite amount of universes for each part! So that should be plenty of space for not only both of your plans to work, but they'd be enough space for you to be able to not harm us don't ya think?   

   ...Hey, he does have a point. Perhaps we should finally set aside our differences Dharkon...   

   What!? As if! There's no way I'll work with someone like you Galeem no—   

Angry, Valecor roars in an incredibly demonic voice as a black mist springs forth from him and envelops Dharkon's jar. In three sudden flashes of light that lights up the entire room the jar disappears for a few moments, then the flashes of light occurs again as it reappears. Dharkon's voice makes it clear that he's genuinely terrified of Valecor now.

   Ok ok, I'll b-be willing to co-co-cooperate! J-just please don't do that again to me!   

Valecor turns to the others.

   All I did was send him to a pocket dimension created by the nightmares I'm composed of, nothing more nothing less. That's actually the first time I used that power. Anyways, methinks it would be wise to send these two into that dungeon of yours after that first batch of villains I send to it, don't ya think? A healthy dose of both loyalty testing and disciplining in general to be on the safe side! Without restoring their bodies of course as I don't think I need to remind you how dangerous they are with their powers.   

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