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IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Oct 13th 2021 at 4:50:37 PM

Pietro looks mildly surprised when Mettaton reveals herself to be female, then shrugs.

"Huh... honestly, a female Mettaton doesn't even crack the top 50 weirdest things I've ever seen in this freaking place. Well, unless that's not the only thing different about you," he says. "Anyway, I don't just know about the Mettaton you're talking about. Believe it or not, I was actually there when he died."

He grabs a nearby pebble and skips it across the ocean.

"And like I told Alphys, bringing him back is gonna be way easier said than done. Even if you rebuild his body, unless you can do something about a certain curse that's keeping him dead, all you're gonna have is a fancy mannequin."

KrampusTheTherapist Laxin from Trapped in your basement. LET ME OUT Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Oct 13th 2021 at 4:58:14 PM

Laxin dodges the cuts, using a combination of the force and dodges to prevent himself from getting hit. He flourishes his lightsaber and gives a brief sideways glance to the still injured McNinja. With a grunt of frustration, he begins to storm down the hallway toward Vergil.

Moving his gaze to match Vergil's, the man is frozen in place. Unable to move or act, Laxin simply stares with such hatred and fury. As Vergil is frozen, forced to stare into the sith's eyes, Laxin's eyes ignite in a fiery blaze. A maddening laugh echoes, but not from outside of Vergil, from within. Laxin's voice crawls within his skull, his mind.

   "I can feel the anger within you, the fear. Face your nightmares, and burn."   

Nightmare Manifestation

Vergil disappears from the Yamato, a brief flickering, like dark mist, but it was undeniably the dark side taking physical shape. This energy does not linger long, dissipating into the air in only a few moments. Wherever Vergil was now, it certainly wasn't within the arena.

As for McNinja, Laxin doesn't even so much as give him a glance. Laxin turns away from him, and for a moment this could be considered an act of mercy. That was until McNinja was raised into the air. An immense pressure built up around his entire body, his limbs slowly snapping and bending inward. It would be excruciating pain, his entire body being crushed into a ball of flesh that would drop to the floor.

Laxin deactivated his lightsaber and placed it onto his belt. He took a deep breath, and as he began to exhale the part of the ship he was in and the places nearby would begin to tear apart. Metal snapping and bending, releasing an unholy sound. Holes in the hull, crackling electronics, even the piece of metal below Laxin's feet was torn.

However, the sith still floated, standing on nothing as the destruction unfurled around him, completely unbothered and unfazed.

"I am altering the deal, pray I do not alter it any further" - Darth Vader
KiriK The Tough-Talking Man of Stardust from across time and space Relationship Status: Singularity
The Tough-Talking Man of Stardust
Oct 13th 2021 at 5:23:46 PM

Welp, Doc's dead.

Mega Man X struggles to get up, wincing in pain.

"You... won't..."

He aims his X-Buster at Laxin, building up a Charge Shot.

Vergil's Nightmare Manifestation takes the form of... Sparda Manor. His home, before it was destroyed, and he was lost.

"What is this...?"

Lost in the moment, he wanders into the house. Eventually, he comes upon a fireplace, overlooked by a portrait of his family.

He holds up the Yamato and looks into its hilt, recalling when he had last seen this room.


He had bested Galactus, devourer of worlds. Fresh off that high, Vergil stepped into Hell to challenge Mundus, the demonic overlord who had burned down his home and killed his mother. He failed, and was tortured, both mind and body, until he was turned into Nelo Angelo. In this form, stripped of free will and barely even aware of himself, he was sent through time to battle his past self, the terror of knowing this same event set him on the course to challenging Galactus in the first place causing what little hope remained to be crushed.

And then, back in their own time, Dante struck him down. Vergil was free... but he was also crumbling to pieces, his body decaying, unable to support his will to survive. He found the boy who had taken Yamato - who he would later discover was his own son, Nero - and took it back by force. Then, he came into this very room in which he now stands, and impaled himself on his own sword. The blade which had the power to split open the walls between realities was also able to split Vergil into two people. His human half, his pain and trauma, his conscience, all became V... while Urizen formed from his demonic half, lust for power, and hatred of Dante.

Vergil lowers Yamato to his side, looking up at the family portrait.

And then, a footstep hits the wood behind him.

The Nightmare Manifestation calls forth an image of someone's closest ally, forcing them to kill the illusion to be free. And who is the one person who knows him better than anyone else? Who appeared to save him from his lowest moments, even in a dream? Who has always been close by, always there... always there for Vergil?

Who else... but Dante?

"Well, Vergil... here we are. Home at last."

"I have no recollection of this place," Vergil lies.

"... You know when you said that? When you were at your lowest. When you were barely even my brother. Are you... falling that low again, Vergil?"

"No. It was a test, and you failed. The real Dante would never act so concerned for me."

Without even turning around, Vergil parries a lunging Stinger delivered by the illusory Dante, holding up Yamato in a reverse grip so that the Devil Sword Dante grazes past him.

Vergil slashes at "Dante" with Yamato, but "Dante" chuckles and leaps out of the way, conjuring his own red Summoned Swords before switching to Cavaliere. He rushes forward, launching Vergil into the air with an upswing of Cavaliere as the Summoned Swords proceed to fly up with their own slashes to keep Vergil airborne. "Dante" then switches to Gunslinger and pulls out the Coyote-A shotgun. The swords automatically recall to him, then shoot out towards Vergil like crossbow bolts, juggling him even longer until "Dante" charges forward with the shotgun to deliver a Stinger-esque thrust followed by a pull of the trigger to send Vergil flying.

Vergil recovers in midair, but "Dante" switches to Trickster and teleports right up in his face, blitzing him with slashes before switching to the Bifurcated Weapon King Cerberus and smacking him about with its nunchaku form, then immediately switching again to the Balrog - his own gauntlets and greaves to match Vergil's Beowulf - and spiking him into the ground with an overhead punch. Still above Vergil, "Dante" switches to Gunslinger and fires a fucking missile straight down at Vergil with the Double Kalina Ann dual-wielded rocket launchers. The explosion launches Vergil back up into the air while "Dante" lands and pummels him with Balrog some more, the gauntlets heating up with the intensity of his attacks until they literally set ablaze, allowing "Dante" to finish his combo with a flaming Shoryuken that packs the power of a railgun!

In the Arena, a combo of such magnitude might have ended Vergil right then and there due to balance factor, but this is not the Arena. Vergil lands on his feet.

"My turn."

Bury the Light - VS. Dante Version

Raiden focuses. Going into a hyperfocused state, he slices through the missiles, which fly past him before exploding behind him epically.

He throws Monsoon's magnetically-controlled sai daggers at one of the flying Pirates. If they hit, he will instantly yoink himself to the one struck like a reverse Mjolnir and switch back to his HF Blade to perform an air combo, much like the combo "Dante" is performing on Vergil in the Nightmare Manifestation right now.

Raiden Kills: 3

"Oh, really?" asks Sam, apparently Tempting Fate on purpose. "And who is this man-eating boss of yours?"

Sam Kills: 10

Blade Wolf yelps and gets grabbed, but in midair he grabs a Heat Knife off one of his legs with a second grasping cord located in his mouth, and attempts to just shank the Space Pirate with it, slashing him up to the face if that isn't lethal. Should this work, he will orient himself to ride the Space Pirate's body to the ground.

Blade Wolf Kills: 2

Charlie's response to this ponderance is to preemptively manifest a Marionette claw on her right hand.

"... Andrew."

That was not an inquisitive tone. More of a 'back off or I'll rip your face off' tone.

".. Hm. Be right back. Have fun, you two!"

F!Mettaton forms a rocket thruster on its underside and flies off in search of Alphys.

   "... So..."   

Gremlin Chara grabs some of the sand off the beach - "sand" which Pietro might suddenly notice comes in a lot more colors than just "sand-colored" - and playfully chucks it at him like she's having a snowball fight. Nothing will happen if he gets hit, perhaps aside from damage to his dignity.

"Mara, huh?" Callis grimaces.

"I lent her energy during a big fight when I unleashed my current ultimate transformation in the Arena for the first time - probably a mistake. But let's not talk about her."

She sighs. "Yeah... I dunno how often I just sit down and... chat with a stranger like this."

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"There's only one reason you lost, DIO. One simple fact. You pissed me off."
BombonBombin El regreso del Profe Layton from England Relationship Status: In love with love
El regreso del Profe Layton
Oct 13th 2021 at 5:24:40 PM


Nice moves.

Samus could hear a voice from behind her: a man with a guitar on his back, hawaiian shirt (even with that cold), pink suspenders and m u s t a c h e is at a considerable distance of her.

And a nice armor, too. Good art work with recycled materials. I like it.

A gentleman never says "no" to a good puzzle!
Bolded1 SPARKING LIKE THE MORNING SUN from behind you!!!!!!!! Relationship Status: My elf kissing days are over
Oct 13th 2021 at 5:32:50 PM

It's alright, yeah, let's talk about something else.

Heh, it's pretty therapeutic. Talking like that help you pinpoint issues easier, get advices, all that stuff. I talk a lot, whenever I feel some doubt. Luckily for me there's people who are willing to listen to me rambling day long.

Really when you're in doubt, grab a friend, do something with them and talk about it. If they're really your pal, they'll listen. But a stranger works sometimes, like with me! she says, patting herself down.

But I'll admit. Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit nervous like that, I jump around space and smash meteors until my head's cleared. It's... well, not as good as talking it out, but it evacuate the stress pretty well. Not sure if some of my buddies would approve of the hobby, but I'm careful and, well, our ideas of "fun"... they happen to diverge, yeah. They're still good buddies.

Let her grant death. To the old gods of Lordran. Deliverers of the First Flame.
Whoma When you have no applicable avatar lmao from Here and there Relationship Status: It's complicated
When you have no applicable avatar lmao
Oct 13th 2021 at 5:45:54 PM

The doll is kicked away.

It sits limp and indignant, before suddenly shooting upright, standing on its feet almost as if alive.

And it speaks. It's voice is distinctly feminine, almost... young?

"Honestly, what kind of weirdo goes around kicking mystery dummies they find laying on the floor? Either solve this Legna-damned puzzle or stop trying to hit me! I'm playing by the rules here, you don't want to know what happens when I decide not to."

The doll raises and wags a finger. "So keep your dang feet to yourself ya weirdo. If you can't handle some-"

The sound it makes, instantly interrupting its sentence, is identical to the previous, but rather than notably not very high in volume, is almost ear-shatteringly loud. This volume allows one to hear a vastly enhanced depth of detail within it, betraying... something. It's a something that is impossible to parse, and will drive anyone hearing it to a sudden and potentially horrific realization of the scale of the world around them, and their position relative to it. Nothing monstrously potent so as to drive its recipient insane, but certainly awful to anyone not already familiar with the understanding.

"-Then maybe don't go kicking me around! This is a puzzle, not a game of kickball, and even if it was, I'm not a fucking ball!"

The instant it finishes speaking, the doll goes limp again, hitting the floor with a soft thump.

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New body who dis
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Oct 13th 2021 at 5:47:20 PM

Pietro watches as F!Mettaton flies away, only to be struck by the thrown sand. Before he can say anything, however, he notices that the sand was multicolored.

"The hell?"

His gaze flickers to Chara.

"Did... you do something to the sand? Because I sure don't remember it looking this colorful before."

KrampusTheTherapist Laxin from Trapped in your basement. LET ME OUT Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Oct 13th 2021 at 5:48:57 PM

Laxin, without missing a beat raises a dismissive hand toward Mega Man X and unleashes another torrent of force lightning, whilst simultaneously continuing to tear the ship apart. This lightning does not stop, and will not stop until Mega Man X either gets away or dies.

Regardless, Laxin's presence grows stronger, the dark side taking physical shape around him, his eyes glowing with enough red light to pierce through his helmet. Force lightning crackled off of him, forming a near-transparent sphere of electrical dark-sided energy around him. It served as a sort of energy shield, but a physical body could pass through it without issue. However, they'd be subject to an immense concentration of force lightning as a result.

Projectiles, unless immensely powerful, would be deflected away in an instant. Laxin rose higher into the air, slowly rising to the hole that was in the ceiling. Above, on the roof of the ship, what little was left within the troop transports activate their respective shuttles and fly to getaway. Laxin briefly looks up, an annoyed expression developing beneath his helmet.

"I am altering the deal, pray I do not alter it any further" - Darth Vader
BombonBombin El regreso del Profe Layton from England Relationship Status: In love with love
El regreso del Profe Layton
Oct 13th 2021 at 5:52:18 PM

Hub Centralis

I knew it! Yet another creepy doll.

Layton and Luke cover their ears when the noise sounds again.

What the... Hear me well, doll: That guy there is the Professor Layton, an eminence in puzzles. He can solve anything you throw him!

Luke, it's not wise to be boasting around.

He gives a step forward.

I am waiting.

A gentleman never says "no" to a good puzzle!
Bolded1 SPARKING LIKE THE MORNING SUN from behind you!!!!!!!! Relationship Status: My elf kissing days are over
Oct 13th 2021 at 5:54:23 PM

   this shit is weird haha    He says, sounding flat even when laughing.

   do i practice cpr hmmmm nah i think mouth to mouth on a conscious. thing would be sexual assault and im not having a fucking lawsuit on me but i also think those sounds are annoying   

Kamorra raises his hand and instantly creates a ghostly sword, about as big as Layton. It looks wispy and evil, like it's been fashioned out of mist. He hold it impressively and...

   wrong one shit   

It vanishes, and instead, after a few seconds, some tape appears on the palm of his hand.

   thanks sis   

Kamorra kneels down and attempts to apply the tape to the doll's chest tear, inwardly knowing it's a bad idea but not caring much.

   id give you a mommy kiss but mines dead   

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Let her grant death. To the old gods of Lordran. Deliverers of the First Flame.
DevilPsyco from The Underworld (pretty deep down in the ground) Relationship Status: In another castle
Oct 13th 2021 at 6:02:22 PM

The two flying Pirates actually look rather awed at the way Raiden no-sold their missiles. So much so that one of them gets hit (though also because the daggers' magnetic proportions attracted them to his jetpack) and he gets violently combo'd into an imminent demise.

The other flying Pirate now moves in, trying to grab Raiden by his head, shake him wildly, then throw him down to make him crash into the ground, aiming to break all of his bones and make him easy pickings right after.


   "Me."   , a voice suddenly says, and if Sam turns, he'll see Cyber Ridley's spiked tail attempting to impale him from behind.

Cyber Ridley


It's not lethal, so it does hit him in the face, and he lets Blade Wolf go to hold his face and shriek in pain.


Blade Wolf wouldn't even need to orient him, he just crashes down on the ground. Which, due to his jetpack, results in an explosion. Not a huge one, but still pretty strong, especially if Blade Wolf may not expect it.

It's strong enough to blow up the Space Pirate himself though. But maybe that's a mercy kill at this point.

Golden Freddy doesn't respond verbally, but it does stop twitching. It looks Charlie straight in the eyes, even though its own show only a void.

"hrm... what is it?", a voice suddenly groans from elsewhere in the room, sounding tired and half-asleep. If Charlie looks at it, she'll see Andrew lying on a spare bed. As himself. Not conjuring up Golden Freddy.

If Charlie then looks back at the foot of her bed to try to make sense of the situation, she'll see that Golden Freddy is just gone. As if it hadn't been there at all.

Floating City

Only the finest of dining, yes

Sitting in a quiet hotel dinner room, Frisk, Chara, Alphys, Kris and even Flowey are all sitting, enjoying some food and drinks in a classy way. Chara gets to enjoy as well as Frisk and Chara switch every now and then so that both can taste the dishes brought to them.

"I must say, this food is exquisite.", Frisk says with an overly posh tone of voice.

"Indeed. And the drinks are splendid as well.", Chara says with the same kind of posh tone.

  • You have no idea why they're talking that way, but you play along just for fun. You also feel like you should take Susie to this place someday, she'd love the food.

"Truly, this is a magnificent establishment.", Flowey says, wiping his mouth with an overly fancy little napkin.

Alphys, being the only one not really playing along, just softly chuckles in a sheepish manner. When Frisk had suggested she take a break for a moment, she didn't quite have this in mind. She definitely didn't expect the kids to act as if they were rich for their own amusement.

In the year 202X, all is devastation...
keepingitchasing Roush-Fenway's Next Star Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
Roush-Fenway's Next Star
Oct 13th 2021 at 6:21:21 PM

Kali 'Wonder Girl' Holiday

The Roush rookie was trying to remember each people's rooms including Katarina which she lives down the hall and the girl who gave the royal magic academy student omurice named Tia has roommates that lives next door so she could try to find a room that could easily be right next to Katarina and this Tia person, despite being a bit of a idiot on and off the race track because of her heated antics to her new rivals. She insisted that once there is some weird stuff that monsters or creatures that she have never seen before so it must be one quite of a awkward moment for her if she just have that scenario played out.. Then she tapped her chin, thinking about living next door with Katarina or not so she decides to think about that.

"Say, you said that you and that Tia girl are neighbors? So, I could need a room that is near you and that person." Kali suggested, giving away some sort of a idea in order to have Katarina check out her sim racing skills do if she has the time to do it.

"He won the battle but he ain't going to win the war" - Martin Truex Jr., Martinsville 2018
KiriK The Tough-Talking Man of Stardust from across time and space Relationship Status: Singularity
The Tough-Talking Man of Stardust
Oct 13th 2021 at 6:23:10 PM

X screams and cries out in pain, his Charge Shot going completely off its mark.


Vergil dashes forward with the Yamato, leaving a flurry of slashes in his wake that stunlock "Dante", then rushes the other direction with another flurry. Now behind the copy of his brother, he does a single horizontal slash from behind before switching weapons to Beowulf and delivering a single punch, then switching back to Yamato with the same horizontal slash, this time following it up with a flurry of additional slashes, lifting himself and "Dante" into the air with a rising, spinning uppercut. Once airborne, Vergil performs Beowulf's spinning heel kick attack, the Lunar Phase. He then cancels it into another aerial slash with Yamato, before following that up with a Mirage Edge Stinger. The impact sends "Dante" flying, but Vergil teleports to him with a Beowulf divekick to force the launch trajectory to a downwards angle, rises back up using a Mirage Edge High Time, then combos him through the air with a continued Yamato assault.

"Go to Hell!" Mid-combo, Vergil sheathes the Yamato and performs one of his signature Judgement Cuts, dropping to the ground while the projected slashes keep "Dante" airborne. He uses Over Drive to launch two Sword Beams from Mirage Edge that make an X shape in the air behind "Dante" after slicing through him. Then, he takes a step back, calling down a barrage of Summoned Swords on "Dante"'s head with Heavy Rain Blades as he draws Mirage Edge backwards. Finally, he throws Mirage Edge at "Dante", using Round Trip to have it spin in place with a vacuum that sucks "Dante" in and continually slashes him up while Vergil hunches over with the sheathed Yamato, gathering his power and focus...

"Now you meet your end."

Mid-swing, Vergil and Mirage Edge vanish. Right as "Dante" falls, innumerable lines cut across the very fabric of space around where Vergil was, creating a 'shattered glass' effect around reality itself and freezing time. Vergil reappears on one knee with Yamato's sheath held upright in front of him, the world around him resembling warped glass.

And then, he sheathes his blade.

"Dante", the house, and the very dimension around Vergil... shatter to pieces, leaving him standing aboard the Battleship Yamato right where he was before.

Vergil proceeds to effortlessly step in between Laxin and X, catching the Force Lightning on Yamato's edge. X seems to have died or at least lost consciousness anyway.

"This. Is.    POWER,"    he declares, reentering Sin Devil Trigger.

The alien presence and the other AI Laxin had sensed - Thel 'Vadam and Hatsune Miku, respectively - arrive on the scene. However, they just sort of... stop, at a certain distance, staring at Vergil with wide eyes.

Charlie doesn't look away. She freezes as a chill runs down her spine.

It's you, isn't it? she thinks.

She quickly recalls that Golden Freddy tends to kill people who stare directly at it too long and forces herself to turn to Andrew, pointedly not turning back. "Andrew... Andrew!" she practically cries.

"I saw... I saw... at least... I think... I saw her. Cassidy."

The flying Pirate's trick works successfully, except for the 'break his bones' part. Some metal goes crunch, though.

Raiden is actually angry at this point. "Do you not realize my body is 90% mechanical?!"

Raiden Kills: 4

Sam turns around and parries Ridley's tail stab with the HF Murasama, sending himself hurtling backwards from recoil - and potentially right into the face of the Pirate who had been insulting him. Not with enough force to be fatal, but it might knock him out if Sam's robot arm hits his head.

"Ooh... you're a big one, ain't ya?" he quips. "But I've made short work of bigger."

That was another taunt, which will have the same effect on Cyber Ridley as it did on the other Space Pirates if he acknowledges it, forcing him into a duel against Sam.

Sam Kills: 10

Blade Wolf kicks away from the falling Pirate and lands on the ground on all fours.

Blade Wolf Kills: 3

   "Maybe you just weren't paying attention. If you're familiar with my lamer alternate, you might have caught on that we're... kinda very deeply connected to souls. Because of that, I can tell something: The sand around us isn't really sand, it's Soil."   

Gremlin Chara squats and scoops up another handful of the stuff.    "It's essentially the crystallized Determination of a person. Totally harmless if you don't mix together enough of the same color."   

   "I don't know how this curse you mentioned works, but hey, maybe this stuff could force Mettaton's soul back onto our side. If it were that easy..."   

Her mouth turns into a ∧ shape.    "And now I've made myself sad."   

Floating City

F!Mettaton does the usual entrance thing of exploding through a wall.

"Mesdames et Messieurs! I have found someone who knows of my counterpart's fate! If you will be so kind as to accompany me to his location, I shall provide us with a ferry."

... How did she know to play along?

"Thanks for that. I might do that too."

Callis falls silent, seemingly out of things to say, until...

"Hey, you, uh... wanna play a game? Like volleyball or something?"

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"There's only one reason you lost, DIO. One simple fact. You pissed me off."
Bolded1 SPARKING LIKE THE MORNING SUN from behind you!!!!!!!! Relationship Status: My elf kissing days are over
Oct 13th 2021 at 6:26:45 PM

Sarah looks neutral, then lean down to the left, grab a previously-unseen beach ball, and hold it overhead, with a "don't think of asking" face.

Alright, let's go!

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Let her grant death. To the old gods of Lordran. Deliverers of the First Flame.
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Oct 13th 2021 at 6:37:29 PM

"Soil? Man, I never knew this beach was also some kind of garden," Pietro remarks

He scoops up a handful of Soil in order to get a closer look at it.

"If this stuff could reverse the curse and bring back Mettaton, I'm guessing there'd be a hell of a lot more to it than just dumping it onto his body."

ReynTheLord E from The City Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Oct 13th 2021 at 6:44:43 PM


Samus, with hair trigger reactions, turns to face the man, pointing her spear at him, before slowly lowering it, noticing that she's, one, holding it completely wrong, and two, not in any danger from this person... yet. She thinks over what she has to say, before saying "I appreciate the compliment, but. What you said means you were watching me for quite some time." Samus quickly clears her throat. It's been a while since she spoke this much. She quicky asks "Who are you, and where are we?"

DevilPsyco from The Underworld (pretty deep down in the ground) Relationship Status: In another castle
Oct 13th 2021 at 6:49:36 PM

"... no. But thank you for telling me.", the flying Pirate says before launching some acid shots down, now intend on melting some metal.


Not expecting that, the Pirate gets knocked over and knocked out. Ouch.

Cyber Ridley, meanwhile, is affected by the taunt.

   "I'll show you I'm too big for the likes of you!"   

Letting out a feral roar, he immediately flies towards Sam, attempting to grab him by his head. If successful, he'll then continue into an unavoidable combo where he viciously slams Sam on the ground a few times before flying over the ground and dragging Sam along, scraping him across.

Should that all work out, Cyber Ridley will finish his combo off by throwing Sam upwards and launching a fireball at him, intent on finishing him off.


Blade Wolf will be able to see that there's no other Pirates left, save for the one who just got knocked over and the one attacking Raiden. And then there's Ridley of course.

The cage is now unguarded.

Andrew now wakes up a bit more, rubbing one of his eyes and leaning up on his side. For someone who shouldn't even need sleep, he sure seems to take his time waking up.

"Cassidy?", he mutters, still not sounding fully awake. "Tell her I'm not home right now, I'm tired."

He then lays back down for a moment... before suddenly opening his eyes wide and sitting upright in an instant.

"What!? Cassidy!?"

He quickly looks around, almost looking nervous for some reason. That nervousness gives way to confusion though.

"There's nobody here... are you sure you weren't dreaming?", he asks, now getting out of bed, looking concerned as he realizes that Charlie is genuinely scared.

In an alleyway outside of the hotel, Golden Freddy manifests again. It looks to the side.

"I said what you told me to say, mister. They'll know to look for you now.", it says to someone near it, standing in the darkness, visually concealed. The being nods silently, as if to say it did good.

Golden Freddy begins to fade as the silhouette of a girl starts to form out of it.

"Once they find you, you can bring them to Mike, and then Ev will finally be completely free.", the girl giggles. "And then we can go back together!"

As she does a happy little dance, the being just looks away, pulling a hat over their eyes. Yes, this would do...

Alphys is startled by F!Mettaton's sudden appearance and spits out her drink. Kris and Flowey are equally startled, the former choking on some food for a bit.

Frisk and Chara, meanwhile, aren't startled at all and turn to look at her as she speaks as Alphys and Kris are recovering from their shock. They all listen as she speaks.

"... how did she know to p-"

"Wait, really!?", Frisk asks, looking excited.

"You goddamn bet we're coming with you.", Chara says, smirking.

"Aww, but I was having fun.", Flowey protests.

"We can still play again later."

"But I want to-", Flowey begins to say before realizing what just happened, turning his head fast enough to break the sound barrier while gawking at Kris.


Chara laughs a little.

"Told you he can talk."

"W-well, anyway, if that's the case we'll be glad to come with you!", Alphys says, smiling.

In the year 202X, all is devastation...
BombonBombin El regreso del Profe Layton from England Relationship Status: In love with love
El regreso del Profe Layton
Oct 13th 2021 at 6:55:15 PM


The man laughs a bit ashamed. Noooo... I wasn't watching you for so long. Simply I was watching your training, and I liked your moves and armor.

He extends his arm to greet her.

Everybody call me Super Pamp. My friends and me were chosen by the Wisedom Tree to protect the nature. In my world, we come from a place called Brazil, more precisely near the Pampulha National Park, hence my superhero name.

As for where we are, all of my friends, even the Tree, were sent by a superior force into a place called "The Arena" to continue our mission, altough I don't know too much about it either.

And well, who are you?

A gentleman never says "no" to a good puzzle!
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Oct 13th 2021 at 7:07:51 PM


Brazil, Former Country on earth, southern hemisphere, near the equator. Not likely to have a climate like this. Named after a national park, for a superhero name. Their friends, and a certain tree, were sent here from earth, to this place called the arena. And, given Samus's distance from earth before her ship was damaged, it is unlikely that she is on earth, despite the near identical atmosphere Interesting.

She notices the offer for a handshake, and turns it down, saying "My name is Samus Aran. I'd accept your handshake, but... I'd rather not risk... something... possibly acting up and hurting you. The gesture's appreciated, still." Samus, as an equivalent to a handshake, lowers her guard somewhat, putting her temporary shield and spear away, offering a nod.

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Oct 13th 2021 at 7:23:03 PM

Raiden rolls out of the way of the acid shots and onto his feet. He throws an EMP Grenade at the Space Pirate, aiming to make his jetpack short out.

Raiden Kills: 4

Sam casually cartwheels past Ridley's attempted grab. "Olé!"

He goes for two quick slashes from behind followed by an uppercut that, thanks to the taunt's damage boost, will be able to drag Cyber Ridley into the air before Sam spikes him back down with an overhead swipe. Even if it doesn't do a lot of damage overall, it simply has the necessary force to move Ridley's mass.

Sam Kills: 10

Blade Wolf activates his stealth camo technology, turning practically invisible as he goes to inspect the cage.

Blade Wolf Kills: 3

Charlie looks back, seeing Golden Freddy is gone, but then fixes Andrew with an incredulous look. "Andrew, you and I both do that! Appearing in a person's vision one moment and disappearing as soon as they look away!"

"In that case!"

F!Mettaton pulls out a teleportation device from nowhere and presses a button on it.

   "Yeah. Like I said, we'd have to gather up a bunch of Soil of a single color and-"   

F!Mettaton, accompanied by everyone who was in the restaurant, appears nearby, interrupting Gremlin Chara.    "Eep!"   

"Heh. Let's just try not to pop it."

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"There's only one reason you lost, DIO. One simple fact. You pissed me off."
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Samus, eh? How beautiful name.

He smiles after his handshake got rejected.

That's OK. A handshake it's not necessary right now. By the way, you are a heroine, too? It would be nice to meet a colleague in this harsh place.

He nods too, answering to her salute.

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A gentleman never says "no" to a good puzzle!
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Sarah smiles, genuinely amused by the idea. Pfff, the one who pop it... hmm, needs to buy some food for the other, 'right? Don't worry, lobsters aside, I don't partake in food that's très chic! Sarah get up and step out of the chair, scanning for a suitable battlefield.

She ultimately settle for drawing a line in the sand, a couple meters away.

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Let her grant death. To the old gods of Lordran. Deliverers of the First Flame.
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Pietro nearly jumps in surprise when F!Mettaton and the others arrive via suddenly warping through space and time.

"You'd think after all the times Botar's done it, I'd be used to these surprise entrances by now..."

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Alex jumps away in startlement.

"GAH! What puzzle?!"

"If you don't want to get kicked, maybe don't make such awful fucking noises! Jesus christ! It feels like someone took an acidic screwdriver to my eardrums!"

He seems pissed that the doll woke up just to chew him out before proceeding to go limp again.

"Solve this mfing puzzle..."

She nods twice.

"Yooou... can..... stay here!" she says, kicking open the door to a nearby room. It's dark inside - not dark dark, just 'the lights aren't on and the windows are covered' dark. The accommodations are simple. A small stove, two beds, minifridge - little bathroom to the side. Basically, what you would expect from a small mediocre hotel room.

There's a bang from the room she pointed to as Tia's.

Vague Astil

Nagato sense the data fuckery caused by the unveiling of another doll.


Peering through the data stream and observing the events in Hub Centralis for a moment, she decides that "... I dealt with this last time. ..." and proceeds to do fuck all other than passively observe from her current position.

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And that works.

The Pirate has just enough time left in his life to regret recent choices before he crashes down onto the ground, jetpack exploding upon impact.


Cyber Ridley gets slashed upwards, then spiked downwards. But it indeed doesn't end up doing much, and the moment Sam lands again Cyber Ridley will attempt to ensnare his leg with his tail. If successful, Cyber Ridley will then send him flying towards Raiden, attempting to slam them into one another.


Once he's close enough to the cage, he'll be able to see that there's a woman inside, her hair blonde and she's wearing a lab coat. She seems to be knocked out, probably from the impact of the fall. Or she was already knocked out, given that she didn't scream for help when the Space Pirates were taking her.

"W-well, yeah, b-but that's not what I meant, Charlie.", Andrew says.

"Cassidy... passed on to heaven long ago with the others. Years ago. She wanted to stay with me, but she was unable to. I guess my unfinished business is why I was left behind all on my own, but..."

He shakes his head, looking genuinely sad.

"Well... if it was her, and it wasn't a dream, it at least couldn't have been my Cassidy...", he says softly, sounding fragile, like he misses her a lot.

"Wow what the-"

"-fuck?", Chara asks as they arrive with Pietro and Gremlin Chara. The group looks around, momentarily confused, then Chara notices his counterpart and looks unamused.

"Oh, it's you."

"Oh, it's you!", Flowey says, sounding a lot more enthusiastic than Chara did.

"Wait, Pietro?", Alphys asks. "What are you doing here?"

Frisk says nothing, just looking around.

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