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Sep 26th 2018 at 12:28:40 AM

Pokken was at EVO.

For one year, almost two, until Justin Wong sniped the spot for Marvel.

Otherwise I just don't think the competitive western fighting game community cares for them. Even those that are recognized as mechanically sound and deep just don't draw most serious traditional fighting game fans to them, and if a game doesn't maintain a strong audience nor attract prominent, popular players early, it's dead in the water in terms of recognition, and EVO won't care to feature it.

I'd say a strong IP helps, but Dragon Ball has had decent arena fighters for years, and with Fighterz around nobody's going to drop it to play one of those. Dissidia Final Fantasy is another prominent IP that has some crossover with the fighting game community's interests, but it's so atypical, and had its beta and release date right around some juggernauts like Monster Hunter and Dragon Ball Fighterz which likely drew away any early adopters.

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powerpuffbats Sunny Little Dragon from Green Hill Zone Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Sunny Little Dragon
Sep 26th 2018 at 8:14:12 AM

I've wondered what is it about Fighter Z that made it really popular.

I liked the game myself, but I don't think it's the greatest fighting game ever.

I always start my semesters off with a Yang!
Sep 26th 2018 at 8:54:01 AM

It's a Dragon Ball fighting game, a "real", serious, big boy one, seemingly the first evernote , revealed at the same time Dragon Ball Super was ramping up, which made the already immensely popular IP nearly as relevant to the world as it was back in the 90s

That reveal happened to coincide with the time the western FGC's greatest darling wasn't looking so hot, and it had an extremely similar structure to it to boot, which drove a lot of casual and even serious Marvel fans in Dragon Ball's direction almost immediately

Arc System Works, the equivalent to that weird sleeper hit movie director you've heard nothing but good things about but have probably never watched any of his movies because they're foreign or just a bit too weird for your tastes, made it, and it was made clear it wouldn't be nearly as convoluted or complex as some of their other titles, so that was a great excuse for a lot of people to hop on board; and it got glowing praises from pretty much everyone who put their hands on it before it came out, without any of the disasters that befell Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

TLDR: It was in the right place at the right time.

ZeroDozer Incinerate! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!! from Santo Andrť, SP, Brazil Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
Sep 26th 2018 at 8:57:44 AM

It was the same studio responsible for Guilty Gear, am I right, Hashil?

Speaking of Fighting Games, how is Fighting EX Layer faring?

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vicarious vicarious from NC, USA
Sep 26th 2018 at 4:11:49 PM

Yes, and GG is super cool to me

About Fighting EX Layer, I was able to play some during a video game bar event and it looks and plays great to me. Itís dope and I donít see much competitive play or showcasings unfortunately.

Actually playing Cross Tag has changed my mind about my misgivings about the game. It was tricky to learn from coming from BB control scheme but itís interesting

Rinsankajugin HIIIHOOO!!! from XT, Oinotna Nas Relationship Status: I know
Sep 26th 2018 at 10:28:36 PM

Ya think Arika would be up to making a sequel to Super DBZ after work on FEXL is done? I always liked how that game played, and it was pretty fun customizing the character's skill trees.

Art Blog Let's get jiggy
Sep 27th 2018 at 2:54:04 PM

Skullolady has been added to SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

agent-trunks from Every-where, but there
Sep 27th 2018 at 6:14:15 PM

There have been at least 5 or 6 prior but don't worry about those

Unless you're counting the Butoden series, then I'm not sure where you're getting those numbers. Only fighting games I can think that can live up to the pompous FGC's standard would be Hyper Dimension & Super DBZ.

Ya think Arika would be up to making a sequel to Super DBZ after work on FEXL is done? I always liked how that game played, and it was pretty fun customizing the character's skill trees.

If they get rid of the incredibly stupid input to the transformations or just get rid of transformation altogether, I'm done for it. It did have a somewhat cool roster.

Skullolady has been added to SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

I'm never going get the appeal of this thing. Really don't see why they couldn't just use the other female characters.

slimcoder I'm No One Special. Just a Passing Pro Wrestler.
I'm No One Special. Just a Passing Pro Wrestler.
Sep 27th 2018 at 6:19:06 PM

Iím kinda on a Baki frenzy at the moment so just humor me here. tongue

To whoever has read or watched the series would a Baki the Grappler work as a Fighting Game or just have itís lead Baki &/or main antagonist Yujiro as guest stars in like say Tekken?

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Sep 27th 2018 at 6:42:31 PM

There basically already is a Baki fighting game.

Garouden is an adaptation of a series of martial arts novels by the Baki mangaka, and its fighting game is basically exactly what you'd expect out of Baki, but without the IP itself.

It's really weird but also really cool and really not for everyone, but everything I've seen about it makes me think it could be pretty crazy at higher levels.

Yujiro even appears as a guest character, and is just as busted as he always is.

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Nov 8th 2018 at 11:48:19 AM EVO 2019 accounced(only the event itself, not the game lineup)

speaking of the lineup, here is my prediction:

Tekken 7

Soulcalibur VI

Dead or Alive 6

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Blaz Blue: Cross Tag Battle

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

Fighting EX Layer


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Nov 24th 2018 at 2:43:08 PM Jeanne from World Heroes announced for SNK Heroines

Dec 2nd 2018 at 10:49:01 PM

The Cosmonaut Variety Hour on why he likes fighting games and how you can get into them.

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RAlexa21th Magical Girls, henshin! from California Relationship Status: I <3 love!
Magical Girls, henshin!
Dec 2nd 2018 at 10:53:22 PM

No EVO is complete without 2 Smashes.

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wintersnoozer Rainmaker from Chicago Relationship Status: I know
Dec 26th 2018 at 9:51:57 PM

Trying to decide between purchasing KOF Orochi Saga Collection or Garou MOTW on PSN. Would anyone strongly recommend one over the other?

agent-trunks from Every-where, but there
Dec 26th 2018 at 10:02:50 PM

I personally enjoy Garou more bcuz of the parry system

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Dec 26th 2018 at 10:12:49 PM

The Orochi saga's got a ton more characters and a lot of fans think it's the best part of KOF's storyline.

Mark of the Wolves is the prettiest looking Fatal Fury game and is my second favorite of the series, and is a better game in my opinion than any one title in the Orochi saga. If you're trying to get more value get the Orochi games, if you want a better experience over all get MOTW.

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agent-trunks from Every-where, but there
Dec 26th 2018 at 11:53:19 PM

The Orochi Saga (& KOF in general) feels like quantity over the quality & Garou has quality over quantity.

If Garou has another brownie point going for it, it actually avoids the dreaded SNK Boss Syndrome. The sub & main boss has the appropriate difficulty. But it's been ages since I last played any KOF & even more so when it comes to the Orochi Saga & Garou, so it's not like I know what I'm talking about.

Vertigo_High Touch The Sky
Touch The Sky
Dec 27th 2018 at 1:13:17 PM

Nah you're right, grant and Kein are pretty fair for SNK bosses. Garou is a good game yeah but KOF orochi, stiff and janky as it likely is does give you better value for your buck. Buuuut Garou MOTW plays really well.

I love hotaru's theme in Garou, it's so nice to where losing to her doesn't even make me mad since it's so pleasing to listen to.

Rinsankajugin HIIIHOOO!!! from XT, Oinotna Nas Relationship Status: I know
Jan 17th 2019 at 5:03:39 AM

So, I guess this is happening:

A trailer for a Power Rangers fighting game leaked. It seems to use the same assets as the mobile game Legacy Wars, but with actual fighting controls? Also, a thing to note here is that the video was recovered by Polar Panda's sources, the same people who said Lloyd might come to Smash.

I guess keep that in mind, I dunno.

Art Blog Let's get jiggy
Feb 26th 2019 at 10:29:56 PM

EVO 2019 line-up: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mortal Kombat 11, Soul Calibur VI, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Under Night In-Birth and the new Samurai Shodown.

So no DOA 6 (not a surprise after the Evo Japan fiasco) and Melee is finally shut out.

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Feb 26th 2019 at 10:34:05 PM

Meanwhile, with the Melee fanbase...

I know people probably ran this into the ground with MVC Ultimate last year, but it's still funny.

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slimcoder I'm No One Special. Just a Passing Pro Wrestler.
I'm No One Special. Just a Passing Pro Wrestler.
Feb 26th 2019 at 10:35:23 PM

[up][up] Oh right Samurai Shodown is coming out.

Do we have a release date yet?

Feb 26th 2019 at 10:38:48 PM

Early summer.

Dang. Jigglypuff really did kill melee

Feb 26th 2019 at 11:01:19 PM

I'm digging what they've shown off, so far.

[up][up][up]LOL unsurprisingly the fanbase is basically having the exact same reaction as Marvel's last year.

Though in this case Smash as a franchise at least still has rep with Ultimate.

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