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Trivia / Little Nightmares II

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  • I Knew It!: Upon being asked if the game would be a prequel, the developers answered that they didn't want to disclose it, as details would have less impact otherwise. Many immediately and correctly guessed it to be a prequel on the grounds of guilt by omission, as if it were to be a proper sequel they would have given a straightforward answer. Eventually, one of the developers outright confirmed it was a prequel.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The team considered co-op multiplayer, but it was dropped after it was felt it would’ve clashed with the atmosphere of the game.
    • Six was almost not included in the game at all but her popularity led the team to include her.
    • Concept art showed that there would've been two additional monsters: a lunchlady in the school and a barber in the city. In the game itself, the corpse of who may or may not be said lunchlady can be found within a secret room in the school, and a painting of the barber can also be seen there.
    • An extended sequence involving hanging beds and Patients in their beds was shown during the first trailers, with a headless body coming to life in the hospital. This was apparently cut from the game but a remnant of it is seen as a transitional platforming setpiece in the data files.
    • There was more of a theme and some unused locations to the Hunter's Wilderness stage in early art, including what appears to be an early version of his shack and trees full of taxidermy cotton stuffing, a watchtower in a barren wasteland, flat prop buildings held up by trees, and a giant stuffed moose. The Hunter's death scene was originally different too, getting his foot caught in a bear trap before the kids shoot him with his own shotgun, and it may have been possible to spare his life as with the Doctor.
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    • The Doctor had a much more ghoulish design and seemed to have more of a role in the bigger plot, with his hospital being used for connecting children to the signal via TV sets.
    • The Signal Tower's true form was WAY more viscerally terrifying, with full-on bodies becoming disproportionate, heads spilling out of heads, headless viewers chasing Mono down a long twisted hallway, and in one concept, turned into a giant grotesque baby. In addition, originally it seemed Mono was supposed to desperately fight a snowstorm to get there and save Six.
    • There was a concept and a model for an eyeball in a TV set to explain why there are sets of empty clothes lying around. It would flicker on and look around before briefly turning off, forcing Mono to hide from its light.
    • A character similar to the Comics' Hanged Man would've appeared on a cooking show set similar to the one seen on the TV in the Maw (though it seemingly does appear in the comics as part of one of the stories briefly). Another set is also seen in concept art, depicting a living room setting with a boom mic above the dummies sitting on a couch.