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Tear Jerker / Little Nightmares II

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While Little Nightmares II is primarily a horror game, it still has ample time to make you sad as well as scared.

All spoilers on this page will be unmarked, as per Wiki Policy! You Have Been Warned!

Chapter 1
  • Among the dozens of corpses in the Hunter's traps, you'll occasionally see childrens' bodies. A small child getting lost in the woods would already be a nightmare, but a child getting brutally killed by a maniacal hunter? Heartbreaking.
  • Finding Six in the Hunter's shack. She's just sitting in his basement, morosely listening to her music box and not doing anything to escape. It's pretty obvious she's given up on coming out of this alive. And judging by the chalk marks on the wall, she's been in there a long time.
    • Additionally, imagine you're Mono in the scene that takes place after Mono bursts into Six's room: You've been alone in the wilderness for who knows how long, fighting tooth and nail to survive. Then you find out that someone other than you and the vicious monster hunting you has survived. You go up to them, hoping to make friends and they pretend to take the hand you offer them - only to push you to the ground and run right past you. Ouch.

Chapter 2

  • As terrible as the Bullies are, you have to feel a little sorry for them with everything the Teacher makes them go through. From what we see of her lessons, she's incredibly strict and very fond of smacking her ruler down right in front of the children to threaten them into obedience. That's not to mention the draconic punishments she inflicts on them, like putting them on leashes and making them draw the eye-symbol over and over while wearing a Dunce Cap. At the start of the School-section you also pass through a room that contains a chair with some loose ropes hanging from it and some instruments of torture lying right beside. Yep, the Teacher definitely Would Hurt a Child.
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  • After Mono manages to save Six from the bullies who kidnapped her, as Mono tries to reach out to make sure she's okay, Six visibly flinches and curls into herself. She may have seen her fair share of horrors, but Six is still just a kid.
  • One of the glitching remains is found in the room with the large staircase, sitting on a ledge. When you absorb it, you discover it was sitting on top of a noose.
  • A brief moment of happy tears - Six gets her yellow raincoat that we know and love.

Chapter 4

  • The overall state of the Pale City. The adults are mindlessly watching the static in their TVs while their houses fall into disrepair around them. Some of them casually commit suicide as Mono and Six walk by. Turning the TVs off does nothing to help them either, as they've become so addicted to watching they'll just find themselves the next screen, even if doing so will kill them.
  • Six getting kidnapped by the Thin Man is just as horrifying as it is gut-wrenching. As Mono and her try to hide in a different room, she accidentally gives her position away. She does a Futile Hand Reach towards Mono, who is too slowed down by the Thin Man's powers to help her and has to watch as she's taken, with only a spirit of her remaining.
    • After aimlessly wandering through the Pale City for a while, Mono eventually finds Six in another TV and tries to pull her out, but the Thin Man interferes and snags her right back up.
    • What makes this whole situation even worse, is that Mono previously used his powers to open the door the Thin Man was sitting behind. Thin Man most likely wouldn't have gotten out or come after them if he didn't. Mono probably felt responsible for what happened to Six, which makes the failure of his second rescue attempt all the more heartbreaking.
    • Six is very clearly terrified throughout this whole ordeal, even breaking her usually stoic demeanor to scream for help.
    • Also more tearjerking, is this being the one time that Six reaches out her hand towards Mono for help, and Mono is in too much pain (or too scared, it's a little fuzzy) to grab her hand before she's snatched up. The one time your partner needed your help, and Mono couldn't help her.
  • Following his second failed rescue attempt, Mono narrowly escapes the Thin Man and gets caught in a subway collision. The event is implied to have severely injured Mono, as he walks with a noticeable limp whilst clutching his arm afterward. Watching Mono trudge on despite his evident pain and weariness is most likely to tug at players' heartstrings, as it serves to emphasize just how determined Mono is to rescue Six, no matter the cost.

Chapter 5

  • Monster-Six trying to protect her music box and recoiling every time Mono calls out can be hard to watch, despite her grotesque appearance.
  • The VERY infamous scene where Six catches Mono with her hand, only to drop him down a pit, betraying himnote . After all they've been through, after everything he's done for her, she just abandons Mono to a Fate Worse than Death without looking back. And there's no reason why.
    • The Secret Ending makes it much worse via Six's starvation sounds kicking in after she escapes, so essentially Mono would have been betrayed by someone he trusted regardless.
      • Assuming Six does it deliberately? She does seem to look at her hand in surprise as Mono falls, implying that either Shadow Six made Six do it... or Mono just genuinely slipped and Six realizes she has to go on without him.
    • One interpretation is even sadder. When Six was taken by the Thin Man, Mono only cowered in fear. When he found her again, he destroyed her precious music box, clearly causing her great pain. After growing to trust and care for Mono, Six felt betrayed and betrayed him in turn.
  • Mono is forced to live inside the Black Tower and slowly evolves into the Thin Man as he grows up. If this is implying a Stable Time Loop, Mono will be eternally forced to fight and kill himself, with nothing he does being able to prevent it.
    • A not-so-fun fact about this scene is that it's one of the few scenes of the game where you can see the Thin Man's face (which is usually a bit obscured by his hat or not seen very well from an angle)... and he looks positively miserable. Justifiable considering what just happened.
  • A notable detail in the game. There's a button that allows you to call for Six throughout the game. Anytime she's taken away from you, by the Bullies or the Thin Man, if you press the button, Mono will just solemnly shake his head.
    • In other parts of the game where they're separated but Six isn't kidnapped, Mono will still call out to her. It's possible to make him do this even after she drops Mono down into the fleshy depths of the Signal Tower. One can interpret it as Mono trying to beg Six to come down and help him, only to get no response and realize the harsh truth.
  • Go to the internet. Look up any fanart showing Mono and Six being friends. Do all that, while knowing what the game's ending is.
  • For April Fool's Day, the official Twitter account was hijacked by an unknown entity, implied to be Mono, announcing a "new game" called 'Cooking Mono.' While the event was at first humorous, the entity quickly began to break down, using distressing combinations of emojis and having their text slowly corrupted, eventually forced off the broadcast as they made their most blatant scream for help.
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