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YMMV / You Again

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  • Tear Jerker: One particular scene with Joanna's time capsule video being broadcast at the reception proves pretty gut-wrenching. It's a bitter blow for everyone: Joanna is tearfully forced to face her past as a cruel high school shrew , Marni's old wounds are re-opened, her parents are shocked that their daughter was bullied under their noses, and Aunt Mona must watch her niece be humiliated. And if Will lividly unplugging the screen is any indication, he's not happy that the love of his life, the woman he almost welcomed into his family, bullied his beloved sister without him knowing.
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  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Ramona. Unlike Joanna, Gail wasn't a bully and never did anything to intentionally hurt Ramona. All Gail ever did was put her best effort into everything she tried and came out on top. Ramona's resentment was just petty jealousy that she had no right to blame Gail for, and she had no reason to push her into the pool.


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