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YMMV / X Men S 2 E 4 Red Dawn

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  • Complete Monster: Omega Red is a sociopathic former soldier of the Soviet Union who was turned into a Super Soldier by his superiors, whom he attempted to betray before being locked away. Released from his confinement 25 years later by Russian generals seeking to conquer their homeland, Omega Red happily leads brutal assaults on many cities, throwing the survivors into prison camps, after which he attempts to kill the current leaders of the Russian government. When the X-Men arrive to stop him, Omega Red takes the little sister of Colossus hostage, sadistically draining her life force in front of him. Frozen after failing to kill survivors of his attacks, Omega Red is unthawed by the US government, who send him to recover a submarine carrying nuclear missiles. There, he betrays his allies and tries to fire the nuclear warheads at 15 of the world's largest cities and conquer whatever of humanity is left. After being defeated, Omega decides to settle with "simply" wiping out Hawaii just to spite the X-Men. A fanatical madman convinced that the Soviet Union is the pinnacle of human civilization, Omega Red represents the mass-murdering mania that the Soviet Union was known for.

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