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YMMV / Wolfblood

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  • Bizarro Episode: Maddy Cool.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Jimi lashes out and bullies people because he can't seem to make his father happy.
  • Narm: The green-screen effects when the wolfbloods use Eolas might count as this to some viewers.
  • The Scrappy: The Three K's in general, but Katrina seems to be the one fans despise the most, due to her unrealistically low IQ for a secondary school pupil and how she is just the Dumb Blond girl in the group.
    • This is more explored in seasons 4 and 5. Katrina shows initiative in running the Kafe, and allows Jana to live with her after her fallout with Segolia early on. Though initially scared of Wolfbloods after seeing the Wild Pack transform with the full moon, she quickly accepts Wolfbloods and are willing to keep their secret.
      • Kay and Kara are not so accepting, believing Wolfbloods to be monsters. They upload the video Katrina took of the transformation online behind her back, and then attempt to persuade Katrina to get away from Jana, first through kidnapping and then persuasion. When the Wolfblood secret is revealed to the world, Katrina welcomes Wolfbloods and humans, although her grandfather doesn't agree.

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